No demo for Infamous: Second Son

There are no plans to release a playable demo for Infamous: Second Son, brand development director Ken Schramm has told, who believes that a demo wouldn't do the game "justice".

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fluffydelusions1597d ago

I read the article and thought of ground zeroes

Palitera1597d ago

Who needs a demo for this game?!

JoseV761597d ago

Some people would like a demo to see if they actually like the game!

himdeel1597d ago

I was expecting the E3 demo to be available only because demos of Infamous 1 & 2 had those demos available before those games were released.

FamilyGuy1597d ago

They've had demos for the other two Infamous titles, on top of the Sony claimed that "every game released on PS4 would have a demo". They obviously haven't been fulfilling this claim/promise though.

I'm surprised there won't be a demo mostly because they've been showing this area in all the trailers so far that is basically a demo.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1597d ago

We already know what to expect from InFamous SS.

Meltic1597d ago

We have only seen 1 mission in the game. They havent even showed us half of the Seattle city. Its HUGE. SO we dont know what to expect. New more Powers, and they told us that they havent showed the whole neon and smoke Powers yet. Upgrade skills was allso there.


Who is we?? It always surprizes me when games like this do not put out a demo. The way I see it, it can only be good for your game, unless you are afraid that after people demo it, they will not like it.

This practice doesn't make sense to me with games of this caliber.

ExPresident1597d ago

Wait a minute. Didn't Sony say there would be Demo's for all games on the PS Store for PS4? Lie? I'm a Sony supporter but are you kidding me? I'm positive they said demo's for all PS4 titles.

curtis921597d ago

They mentioned streaming a trial of a game as a demo (guessing more like ps+'s 1 hour trial on ps3) but that would involve gaikai which they're still working on with playstation now.

Of all things to get upset about over, this is among the silliest. Personally, I'd rather them focus on the game resume function from sleep mode.

MasterCornholio1597d ago

Your the only one telling a lie here.


ExPresident1597d ago

If I'm wrong I'm fine with that, but I was pretty certain they said demo's for all PS4 titles.

Lord_Sloth1597d ago

IF Sony ever said that (and I can recall no such statement) it would apply only to games Sony makes. Sucker Punch is not Sony and thus does not have to adhere to the same rules as SOE, SSM, and the like.

darkvenom1597d ago

@Lord_Sloth sony owns sucker punch,and I'm also pretty sure sony said demos for all ps4 games.

heisenberguk1597d ago

Cerny said games would have demos when he announced it

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Meltic1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Yeah it releases in 2 weeks. Why a demo now ?. Hold on just a Little bit longer. More news and new gameplays is almost everyday

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