Game Design - Is it Time to Downsize?

Matt shares his opinion on the current AAA design philosophy, as well as how a small-scale attitude could reduce development costs and deliver more immersive game worlds.

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KingKevo1596d ago

Simple answer: Yes.

But who would want to if they get the opportunity not to, right. So until anything changes we're gonna see more studios closing and a lot more stuff that becomes more mainstream (like BS Infinite and it's lame gun gameplay) in order to sell more copies so that it's still profitable.

I just don't get some of the stuff people are doing. It's like they are just throwing money out of the window for no reason.

Two examples: Like why does Beyond need Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page, who are both great, but WHY?!
And why does BF and CoD need an SP that is still relatively long and requires actors, composers, a lot of people etc. to create it. Most people do not care and even if they care, the SP is just plain stupid and bad. It's hard to enjoy and costs a s**tload of money and time that would be more appreciated if it went into the MP or co-opreative game modes.

I just don't get it, but I guess AAA games are getting closer and closer to becoming what Hollywood films are for the film industry.

They should be VERY careful about that!!

3-4-51596d ago

I don't want a world to be 10x bigger, I want it to have 10x more stuff for me to do.

The size of the town/village/city/world doesn't have to increase, they just need to make it more detailed and populate it with things that actually mean something within the game and not just empty nothingness.

crazysammy1596d ago

I would agree that there is too much of a sense of "bigger is better" in game design right now. Open world is the big buzzword with this upcoming generation and some companies do not have the money or manpower to pull off some of these multi million dollar budgets. Bigger can work if the idea is big enough. It always comes down to not just the creativity, but the ability to see that vision materialize.

dcj05241596d ago

Bigger is better if EVERYTHING is bigger. As in bigger more content. Bigger more detailed graphics bigger more in depth story ect.... so if done properly bigger is better. Problem is most developers think bigger is just making the map bigger which is only ONE aspect of the game.

isarai1596d ago

I honestly think advertising should be greatly lower in the budget, i also think they should stop trying to push devs to meet crazy deadlines instead of doing whats best for the game. Another aspect that really needs addressing is trying to compensate time with # of devs, most big studios these days have an absurd amount of devs to make the process faster. people have a huge misconception that the level of graphical detail corresponds with how much money is put into it when in fact it has very little to do with it, in fact with less limitations on the hardware end development becomes far easier on the dev end and it becomes far easier to create stunning graphics. if ICO/SotC can be made by a 23 man team in 3 years from scratch, or sniper elite V2 can be made with low budget AND sold for $40 new, then i see absolutely no reason why others need so much money and workers to make games that honestly are far shittier than lower budget titles i've played