Troy Baker Interview: Actor on The Last of Us Movie, Infamous, Batman: Arkham Knight and Bioshock

Videogame actor Troy Baker talks about his latest role in Infamous: Second Son, the craft of videogame acting, who he'd cast as Joel in the recently announced Last of Us movie, whether he'll be in upcoming Batman game Arkham Knight, the future of the Bioshock series without Ken Levine and his dream for a Nolan North-Troy Baker buddy cop game.

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Applejack1591d ago

Great interview and I loved that last question about Nolan North and Troy Baker working together in a game. I would pay good money for that!

nugget271591d ago

Thank you. He seemed to love that question! It'd be a nightmare to put together but imagine a game with all their characters fighting Smash Bros style. I NEED IT

xHeavYx1591d ago

He sounds like a very humble guy. He is very talented too

miyamoto1591d ago

My goodness
!I love Nolan and Troy's work on PS3 games. They influenced how games are made.
Great story telling is what set PlayStation apart from any other platforms.

Applejack1591d ago

Can't argue with that, well said.

TomahawkX1591d ago

Can't wait to see what he brings to Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V.

Silly Mammo1591d ago

Good interview. Thanks OP