Thief Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Joseph at Skewed and Reviewed has posted a negative review for the latest Thief game. He cites many gameplay issues and a generic look to the town and characters for the reasons he did not like the game as well as issues with the in game menus.

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curtis921594d ago

Must suck to have to be so superficial about games that you can't enjoy them. I don't ever want to review games.

I like enjoying games. This one's been a blast.

starchild1594d ago

I'm enjoying it too. Reviews really are pretty much pointless to me. If I listened to them I would always be led astray and miss games I would have otherwise liked.

Garethvk1594d ago

I think while tastes differ, more often than not game reviews as a whole tend to be fairly accurate. If it was not for reviews, many would not know of the issues that games like Aliens: Colonial Marines had before they invested $60.00 dollars.

Garethvk1594d ago

I trust him, he has always been very fair and unbias. That is why I assign him some prime games to cover when I am busy with others over some of the other staff. He is a fan of the series and this game did not pop for him. Many other reviewers also have had issues with the game.

mojoGAMES1594d ago

Could you please point out how I am being superficial? I gave some honest opinions about what the game was doing right and wrong. Unfortunately for the price point, there is too much wrong. I would have been extremely disappointed had I shelled out the $60, especially considering how groundbreaking the series was 10 years ago. Then, to blatantly rip off a level from a previous game.

I am enjoying it too, it has been fun and is a good start to a series reboot, there are just too many flaws for the current price point. Find one thing in my article about the game that is inaccurate, and we can talk. But you cannot expect me to build up a game so much without mentioning the things that are wrong. I wouldn't be doing my job if I did.

It's not a perfect game. Hardly any are. It's fun, but I would still recommend waiting until the price drops before picking it up.