European PSN Maintenance scheduled for Monday 10th March

Sony has announced a maintenance period for Monday, March 10.

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_LarZen_1378d ago

Meanwhile Xbox Live keeps on running and running. Sony with the PS3 had these maintenance all the time...seams not much have improved on the server side with the PS4.

CynicalKelly1378d ago

Hopefully now that everyone needs to pay, they can sort this out in time.

Kivespussi1378d ago

Let's hope sony does something to fix this. I hate it when my saturday evening gaming sessions get ruined by a maintenance.
Now that everyone has to pay to play MP it's almost necessary to keep the servers up and running all the time

metalsonar7131378d ago

maintenance is like a foreign word for xbox live.

3-4-51378d ago

yes. It's one of the things I'll miss most about my xbox 360.

Xbox live works awesome and always has. It's the one thing they've always done right.

InsaneGam3r1378d ago

there is no reason for the maintenance.

BladerunnerZX1378d ago

Its a few hours stop bitching and wining ya brats.