Opinion: Where Jack Tretton Could Go Next

"The announcement that he’s stepping down as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America came as a surprise and we’ll all be very sad to see him go. Hopefully he will move on to something else that puts him front and centre in the games industry so that we don’t entirely lose his wit, charm and intelligence from the industry altogether.

In the meantime, join me for a revealing trip around my own personal fantasy world of Jack Tretton to explore the top ten things I know he’d be the best in the world at, now he’s set to have some spare time on his hands."

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Blaze9291663d ago

Imagine if he went to Microsoft like Phil. Now that would just crash the internet.

showtimefolks1663d ago


If Jack ends up at MS i would really support xbox brand more because Jack will make sure xbox brand stands for what gamers want. As much as i would hate to see him with MS, the bright side could be that he could actually fix the xbox brand.

He connects with Fans, something most of xbox brand executives don't.

In 3 plus minutes Jack killed any or all momentum xbox one had

but part of me would love to see him at Nintendo too

it still sucks he isn't with sony, we will never know what happened. I hope he left on his own terms. I hope he planned his retirement and wasn't forced out

Giul_Xainx1663d ago

I am kind of glad to see Jack Trenton leave. He lead us to victory but it seemed like he wasn't really about the gamers.

Don't take this the wrong way but his facial cues during press events and commercials seemed to give off vibes of being over stressed. It seemed like he was truly trying way too hard to make a good impression. And I feel that the "fan trolls" really did a number on him where he felt that nothing could satisfy them.

Now that the PS4 is on a hot streak I believe that he feels his position is no longer in need of his direction because it is well off on it's own. The PS Blog person left just months ago and the blog is still going strong. What ever Jack does in the future I hope he enjoys it as much as his time at Playstation land.

showtimefolks1663d ago


yeh no doubt man, i see where you are coming from. The way ps2 dominated and than how bad the start was to ps3, i believe Jack saw this opportunity to leave on top. Ps3 really grew under his leadership in the states

but with PS4 he along with yushida,cerny etc, have kind of built an early legacy. If they keep their heads straight they could really make sure ps4 dominates like PS1-2 did

either way after 19 years of being with sony he has earned to rest. Sony was in a huge loss so it is kind of nice to see sony recovering

he has put them along with others in the right track

3-4-51662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )


Jack Trenton is going to the company that is going to buy the Xbox brand from Microsoft.

* He will then have ultimate freedom to do what he wants with the brand, without having the negative feedback that comes along with being associated with Microsoft.

* It will allow the brand to expand beyond what Microsoft would allow it and also they are paying him about TWICE what he was making at Sony.

That is my guess

josephayal1663d ago

We need more people like Jack, I hope Microsoft/Xbox hires him

Whiskeyjacked871663d ago

This is completely assuming he wants to work for Microsoft. Just saying.

Giul_Xainx1663d ago

You know what? He just might switch over to the green machine.

Does he have a Non-Compete Agreement with Sony?

jgrigs091663d ago

I don't know. Maybe or Maybe not.

prodg521663d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up with Amazon's new game division. They have the money and resources to lure an experienced leader from another company.

Soldierone1663d ago

I believe he left due to money. If true, then Microsoft will more than likely have a shot at it. He was a CEO in a massive company, that means high paychecks. Him leaving due to money then going to EA or Activision doesn't make sense, they won't pay him nearly the same.

Microsoft is the only company big enough with a need for a game related CEO that will pay high enough for him to go. The only thing stopping him is if he signed a contract with Sony to not go there for a year. A no compete style contract.

IF Amazon gets him, they are paying big bucks, and I 100 percent will support whatever console they throw out.

IF he left for any other reason than money, then he could easily end up at EA, Activision, MS, Amazon, or Google.

jgrigs091663d ago

Yea, I don't think it would be anything else. They may have wanted to lower his pay. I'm assuming that because of the layoffs.

ThatBlackDude1871662d ago

go to nintendo they need the american blood