CCG RETRO Review: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64)

This is review #8 of my review every single N64 game journey. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (SOTE) was a highly anticipated N64 game prior to it's launch. LucasArts was at their prime making great games such as, Sam and Max, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Dark Forces, Super Star Wars trilogy, etc etc. This had many hyped up for their first game on the N64!

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woodchipper891472d ago

Who else has played this game?

Neonridr1472d ago

I did. Being spoiled with previous Star Wars games, I was not super keen on the idea of a 3rd person game set in the Star Wars universe that didn't allow you to use any Jedi powers or a lightsaber.

Story was interesting, and at least it was all based off of graphic novels, so it was in line with the actual timeline.

It wasn't a bad game, a little limited by the tech a the time, but still definitely worth playing. Agree about the whole "fog" thing, it was all over the place. Reminded me a lot of Turok (which you will get to in due time).

That being said, the Hoth level was simply amazing at the time and paved the way for another studio to swoop in and build a whole game around that concept. That studio? Factor 5. Look forward to your Rogue Squadron review down the road.

PoSTedUP1470d ago

fair review. as a kid, i didnt really notice the fog. and i thought the speeder bikes were a good challenge (at the time, we were all masters of the N64 controller so controlls werent an issue for me). i really liked the jet pack levels, the train with C3-PO (i think), and battle of hoth. most of the game was a challenge for me on hard. i wasnt a Huge starwars fan and dont recall playing any starwars games prior to that one (hmm..) so i really liked this one. good review and fair score! keep up the good work. what is your next game? i suppose i can just wiki the order of release tho XD.

woodchipper891470d ago

NBA Hangtime is Monday
Mario Kart is Wednesday
Blast Corps is Friday

DC7771471d ago

Luring wampas to kill snow troopers was priceless.

SteamPowered1471d ago

Actually being a Wampa was some giddy fun too.

rmedtx1471d ago

I absolutely love this game back in the day. They should re-make it for Xbox One and PS4.

ape0071470d ago

this game has a great sense of scale and mystery, also the technological/graphical shock value at the time was huge

ecco02011471d ago

This game was amazing, I remember throwing hours upon hours into it. Probably one of my favorite star wars games of all time. I'm biased though I love my Snes and N64 as much as my new consoles.

PoSTedUP1470d ago

agreed. this was my fav starwars game. many different aspects made it awesome.

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