inFAMOUS: Second Son Was a PS4 Launch Game: “We Weren’t Ready;” “We Love Being Part of Team Sony”

There have been rumors floating around about the possibility that inFAMOUS: Second Son used to be slated for the launch of the PS4, but it has never been confirmed until yesterday night, when Sucker Punch Productions Co-Founder Chris Zimmerman gave some more details about the reasons for the delay and the relationship with Sony.

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GarrusVakarian1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

So glad they decided to delay it and make it into what it is now instead of rush it for a release window like some other games.

If it wasn't delayed, we might never have had visuals like these -
(Thanks for the GIF's Abriael ;) )

GamingNerd0131624d ago

That I agree my friend and y sony exclusives r simply amazing and wroth the 60$ price tag where MS games r half ass made game and rest r DLCS ala FM5 And KI.

Applejack1624d ago

Wow, those are some of the highest quality GIFs I have ever seen! The delay was totally worth it to maximize the quality of the game. I hope Driveclub will also be worth it but when I saw the trailer for Watch Dogs, I was disappointed so hopefully that turns out well.

NewMonday1624d ago

with this game Sucker Punch is breaking into the big league to stand alongside ND.

jackanderson19851624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

something like "don't bite the hand that feeds you"comes to mind, of course they're gonna say that publicly... privately though never know... not saying that they're a bad company to work with but every company has employees that hate it on the inside but on the outside it's great

still infamous was the original reason for me getting a PS4 and will remain as such till it comes out... have the digital prices been announced yet?

curtis921624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

it's true... when anyone says ANYTHING positive about ANYONE, it's always a lie.


GarrusVakarian1624d ago

I think you're a great guy.


jackanderson19851624d ago

never said it was a lie, but you're very rarely going to have a subsidiary of a major company come out and say "oh they're awful just plain awful"... it was an unnecessary addition to the story could have went with "we asked for a delay, they accept, now look it's much better"

curtis921624d ago

@jack, wouldn't they just not say anything at all then if they disliked being with Sony?

kenshiro1001624d ago

Are you speaking English?

Jury1624d ago

This is why I support the playstation brand. Sure they want our money, but they want us to have great experiences.

Their competition just wants your money anyway they can

FullmetalRoyale1624d ago

Sony has adopted the "you catch more flies with honey" theory. It has paid off gloriously.

I'll GLADLY give you my money if you treat me with respect.

bjmartynhak1624d ago

I remember reading an interview before the PS4 launch that pretty much confirmed that it was intended as a launch title.

Glad for it. Killzone is an awesome MP game, but as with Driveclub and Infamous, could improve a lot with extra time. Well, Sony needed a big gun for launch, and it wasn't Knack. The lamb for the sacrifice was Killzone.