Top 5 Souls Series Bosses

To celebrate the launch of Dark Souls II, Simon O'Neill of discusses his Top 5 favourite bosses from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

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Mister_G1353d ago

I hope Dark Souls 2 has bosses as good as 'Smough and Ornstein' and 'The Four Kings'.

Kivespussi1353d ago

5. Old monk
4. Ornstein and Smough
3. Artorias
2. Gwyn
1. Sif :(

ocelot071353d ago

I loved the Old Monk boss fight in Demon's Souls. The game summons a real player to play as the Old Monk. Which was just an amazing feature of Demon's Souls. Making that long walk up them stairs wondering if you where going to be fighting against a real person or the AI was brilliant.