inFAMOUS: Second Son's Lasts 10-12 Hours; "Steel" Power Was Discarded, Destruction is Permanent

inFAMOUS: Second Son is building up to be a very interesting game, but how long will it keep you busy, especially considering that it doesn't have multiplayer? Sucker Punch Productions Co-Founder Chris Zimmerman gave some more details about duration and more.

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Irishguy951661d ago

”steel”, did “a whole bunch of stuff,” and it was cool but it felt “been there done that,”

Interesting. Steel sounds cool...well, if you could control it like Magneto can. But eh..who cares. If they think Steel is generic I can't wait to see what they're bringing to the table. Still hoping for water

Abriael1661d ago

Personally I doubt they'll do water, exactly because it's the same as steel "been there, done that"

GarrusVakarian1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Like Irishguy said, if they think steel is "been there done that", what will the other powers be? They must be pretty unique.

I'm racking my brains trying to think what they could be. I'm still hoping for glass.

Permanent destruction is a nice addition too, instead of it just disappearing when you leave the area.

This game is sounding better and better by the day. After those livestreams yesterday, im hyped beyond all belief.


maybe plant life. organics. like poison ivy in batman.

Utalkin2me1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I agree i have been watching videos and looking more for what i could induce powers. Sure maybe oil or such. But it rains alot in Seattle so why not some type of water in a creative way, i think it would fit perfect to the game style.

Does anyone think there could be like a wind power? I know it has been done before but it could be kind of cool.

minimur121660d ago

it'd be cool if you could see a cleanup team clearing your mess up, like people loading the dinosaur into a truck and stuff :p

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mohuzas1661d ago

why not add earth and air as well and change the name to Infamous: The Last Airbender

minimur121660d ago


bub's up for funny, nice one :)

specialguest1660d ago

Add the power of Heart and you have yourself a Captain Planet game haha

rayzorn1660d ago

when you said heart powers i was thinking. of infamous care bear. he could have rainbows shot out his chest and he could turn his enemies into friends.

Muffins12231660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Fuckin pissed,hopping for it to be a surprise vut some douchbag puts it in title,could of just put new power or something asshole. Nvm saw discarded and im happy lol

DOMination-1660d ago

Its glass and levitation. Btw he dies at the end

whitefang19881661d ago

For an open world to be 10 hours long doesn't fill me with confidence :-\ still getting it obviously but that'sless than the last of us and that was linear.

CyrusLemont1661d ago

I think it's safe to say that he's talking strictly about the main story, and not the side missions or collectibles. It'll probably total up to about 30 hours to get 100% on each playthrough. Which is all about the same as the past games.

ZodTheRipper1660d ago

Also most people will probably play it at least twice since gameplay changes drastically with different karma. I for one am aiming for the Platinum trophy (platted 1&2 of course) which means at least 2-3 playthroughs.

kingdom181660d ago

Exactly, just doing the main story would make the game go by very quickly. Now I'm sure there are a ton of side missions, and replayability. They said its going to be amount the same size if not somewhat larger than the world of 1 and 2, so if those two lasted for you this should too.

souljah451661d ago

Thats the main campaign. There are also goning to be tons of side missions and random battles etc

Abriael1660d ago

You know how long the main storyline of most open world games lasts?

10-12 hours. They effectively last longer than that because there's more to do than that. Which is also the case here.

whitefang19881660d ago

I hope that's what they mean, because you could say that about skyrim (main story) or mass effect, but then overall game is monumentally larger.
I'm fine with it been 10 for the main story, I just hope the open world is interesting and fun to entice people to spend much more time exploring it.

Abriael1660d ago

They already said there'll be ton to do besides that, like in the previous inFamous games

whitefang19881660d ago

I must have just missed that info then. I'm honestly not trolling, like I've stated in past articles infamous is probably the only ps3 exclusive I never got round to playing so I have no history with the title, everything about it is new to me.

Joe9131660d ago

whitefang1988 I recommend you go back and play those games if you can they are really good.

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TheTowelBoy1660d ago

Don't worry man I think it'll be a great ride. As the others have said Skyrim had a fairly good and same-ish length main story. Now, I wouldn't set your expectations up for that kind of hours put in but you will definitely want another playthrough, I'm sure of it. Together you'll probably, if you do sides, and collectibles, be looking at 50-55 hours or more.

GamingNerd0131660d ago

It's really not 10 hour game as u can do 2 different playthrough good and evil so that their is 20 hours plus with side missions and collectable it can easily be a 40 hour plus game.

Palitera1660d ago

10 on the stats means 50 to me. Seriously, I took about 12 hours to beat BF4. I really enjoy enjoying my games.

curtis921660d ago

Fallout 3 took me 14 hours to beat because I only did main quest stuff. It pays to do more.

Qrphe1660d ago

By that logic Skyrim is 6hrs long

Kryptix1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

That's the main story and side missions in 1 & 2 took many hours to complete. You also have the collectibles and possibly other forms of entertainment. Plus, it takes 2 playthroughs to get the full experience so you're really looking at a package with 25+ hours of content.

I hope at some point they bring back the Mission Creator from Infamous 2 and have the tools be more advanced as free DLC.

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chrissx1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Permanent damage? Sounds real good. This is truly next gen beginings on the Ps4

Neixus1660d ago

Don't take me wrong, i want this game so bad, pre ordered. But permanent damage have been forever. Red faction for example.
So permanent damage isn't really a ''next gen'' The graphics are,though.

Bio_Mod1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Red faction was indeed the forerunner, I do like permanent destruction kinda ruins emersion when stuff fixes itself.

Edit: Not sure about that I remember enjoying it a lot …… but then again I did spend hours just blowing sh*t up ...

Utalkin2me1660d ago

Ironically enough that is all red faction had going for it was permanent damage.

curtis921660d ago

by "permanent damage" in RF, do you mean the buildings you destroyed were just gone and it was if they were never there?

I think the damage that is permanent in SS will be a bit more involved than "object that was here is now not here and there is no trace of evidence it ever was here"

vickers5001660d ago

I don't know if I like the sound of permanent damage. If I blow up a gas station just for the fun of it and just to see the sparks fly, that gas station will forever be blown up? I liked that in inFamous 2 I could just travel away from the area a bit and come back and it would be there for me to blow up again, not to mention sometimes I'll just slack off the main story and go around destroying everything destructible, does that mean there will be less and less things for me to destroy as I play?

orionone1660d ago

Only the yellow and black DUP designated structures and gear are permanently destroyed I think...

ab5olut10n1661d ago

I can see myself taking much longer, especially with permanent destruction ;)

Fishy Fingers1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

That's a lot shorter than I'd of hoped for. Always plenty to keep you busy in an open world game but expected at least twice that.

Farsendor11660d ago

they could be talking about main story not the side quest and other things to do.

Utalkin2me1660d ago

Its main story fishy, excluded side missions and such. Should be roughly the same as the other 2 infamous games.

Fishy Fingers1660d ago

I know, I read the article. I'm talking purely about the main campaign.

Utalkin2me1660d ago

So whats the problem then? Its next gen, exact same length as previous 2 and has so much more. But unfortunately, you're up in arms.

kiz26941660d ago

I don't think i've played an open-world game that had a longer main quest than 15-20hours. Yeah, it might take me 20-30hours to complete the game, but that's with 80% mainly distractions. Hell! Im stil playing AC4 and Ive had it since Xmas.

FanboyKilla1660d ago

i was expecting longer too. and i mean story. side missions dont add much to a game like this. you just end up doing more of the same thing.

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