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Microsoft Hopes Titanfall's Robots Can Save the Xbox One

Sales of Microsoft’s new game console, the Xbox One, started strong with some 3 million sold around the world from its Nov. 22 launch to the new year. Since then, though, the consoles have piled up on store shelves. (TitanFall, Xbox One)

TomShoe  +   546d ago
I do agree that Microsoft needs this game if they expect to not fall behind over the summer, especially with Watch Dogs coming out in May with it's PS4 exclusive content. From previous ntkrnl leaks, a lot of big Xbox One games seem to be coming out around the holiday season, and Titanfall is supposed to tide everyone over until then.

It'll be interesting to see if all of the hype was legit or manufactured. However, we won't know if it will until the "shiny shiny new new" vibe wears off and people actually start scrutinizing the game. I'll give it 2 weeks, then start looking at people's opinions.
Sammy777  +   546d ago
dude theres nothing changing xbx 1 fate . Titanfall died after the beta. I dont understand why devs have beta for public when they are trying a new concept. Trust me mgs would outsell both titanfall as well as infamous and quote me if infamous sells less than this one .

As more multiplats are out, news of rez disparity and frames disparity would only make situation worse for xbx. M$ should drop Kinect to get as much mojo possible out of the box
MorePowerOfGreen  +   545d ago
Stupid thing to say. Go fanboys! These Titanfall articles will save XB1 articles are moronic. XB1 doesn't need saving and it has a line up that destroys the competition. PS4 is running on hype fumes. This envious fanboy Titanfall scenario is nothing more than sour grapes malicious attacks.

The only thing needing saving is Sony as a company(can PS4 save Sony? We will see after MSFT shows what devs have been ranting and raving about relating to knowledge of MSFT secrets impressive enough to hurt the competition)
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Kingthrash360  +   545d ago
^^^ what in the world are you talking about...???
a line up that destroys the competition? ps4 hype fumes? MSFT secre...oh, its you green. you got larger goggles now. i didnt recognize you.
DoesUs  +   545d ago
"Stupid thing to say. Go fanboys! These Titanfall articles will save XB1 articles are moronic. XB1 doesn't need saving and it has a line up that destroys the competition."

A machine that destroys the PS4 in game lineups, yet is getting hammered in sales, obviously the consumers agree with you...oh hang on.

"PS4 is running on hype fumes. This envious fanboy Titanfall scenario is nothing more than sour grapes malicious attacks.

Smell them fumes POG, you'll be smelling them for the next several years 8)

The only thing needing saving is Sony as a company(can PS4 save Sony? We will see after MSFT shows what devs have been ranting and raving about relating to knowledge of MSFT secrets impressive enough to hurt the competition)"

Yeah? No. No secret sauce, no super duper "stereo drivers" just run of the mill overpriced hardware. I've literally yet to see any devs ranting and raving, if by devs you mean Misterxmedia then knock yourself out 8)

Let me tell you, i work with alot of developers...and they hate it, HATE it!

Enjoy the rest of the generation, scrapping it out with the WII U for sloppy seconds.
Cerbus  +   545d ago
I see POG is still as moronic as ever. Keep up the good fight.
Tedakin  +   545d ago
Titanfall died after the beta? Pre-orders skyrocketed after the beta.
Pogmathoin  +   545d ago
Sammy, the moment you use $, Fanboy! Moregreen, your under attack....watch out..... seems like you are being tag teamed by Sammy and Kt with his usual originality....
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otherZinc  +   545d ago

I've yet to read a more ridiculous comment than yours.

Try this: TitanFall will sell more than every new release in March.
TitanFall will sell 2million on XBOX ONE alone.

Also, the XBOX ONE doesn't need saving, it's profitable! On the other hand; Infamous Second Son needs to save SONY as the company is at "Junk Status".

We all know, Infamous was never a system seller, ever. It will sell nowbbecause all there's to play on the PS4 are Indie games.
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gamer2013  +   545d ago
You Xbox haters need to get a life.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   546d ago
Piper Jaffray (PJC) analyst Michael Olson says Titanfall will likely help sell about 500,000 Xbox Ones in March, and sales of the game alone ought to be much higher. “Barring any technical issues with the launch, Titanfall is capable of selling 4 million units in March and an additional 4 million units after,” Olson says.

500k X1 in Mach is pretty big. 8 million copies of Titanfall is a bold statement but a realistic one. Considering its on 360 as well.

Either way it sounds like X1 will have a much needed sales boost and Titanfall will sale pretty well.
Sammy777  +   545d ago
If it even moves 100,000 Xbox One units i will stop posting here for a month. Titanfall xbx one version will hit a million but won't move any console. The game being an MP game would find it difficult to hit 5 million on all platforms

Quote me on it, Infamous globally would outsell Titanfall and move more units than Titanfall also
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aiBreeze  +   545d ago
The price cut in the UK plus the inevitable good reviews combined, I think you'll see a a noticeable spike in Xbox One sales. I'd go as far as saying 100k Xbox One units will be sold in North America alone in March however 500k worldwide I think is a very optimistic estimation.

You also think Infamous on just the PS4 will outsell Titanfall on the PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 combined? Highly unlikely, maybe in March but overall sales in 12 months time? I'd be surprised.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to predict that Infamous could sell more. There are 6million PS4s out in the wild compared to the 3million+ Xb1s out in the wild. Do the maths genius and stop calling other people fanboys like you are not in the same category.
nukeitall  +   544d ago

you don't have to be a genius to figure there is about 80 million Xbox 360s that Titanfall will be available too as well compared to the measly 6 million PS4.

Do the math and it is clear what game is likely to sell more. More buzz, likely higher rating, and bigger user base translates to most likely much better sales!
Kingthrash360  +   545d ago
i believe tf will sell well. but sell 500,000 x1's in march? may be a stretch. 8 million copies is possible givin pc and 360 install base. but right now i dont see 500,000 people on the fence to buy a x1. but anything is possible.
for me i'd have to wait for actual reviews...real reviews. if the game isnt getting 9+ scores people may not jump at paying $500 to play it, not if they already have a pc or 360.
after playing the beta myself...i wouldn't give it a 9. i didnt give bf4 a 9 i didnt give ghosts a 7 i didnt give kz 9 either...tf in a whole...and i mean graphics in comparison to those fps, the ai, the details like bullet holes and destruction...to gun balance all dont compete with the competition...its fun factor is sky high though. i'll give it that but after awhile its just gets boring (for me) but thats the beta. it wins i the fun level but all other areas when compared to the fps today it falls short.
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ElementX  +   545d ago
I am tired of all of these Xbox One needs saving articles just as I was with the PS3 articles last generation
Software_Lover  +   545d ago
I agree. It's just as ridiculous now as it was back then. Its' just a different blog every day.
jessupj  +   545d ago
I think Titanfall will give the xbone a much needed spike in sales, but it will quickly taper off to the rate it's selling right now.

The gen's only just started, but clearly the PS4 is a LOT more popular and it's going to stay that way until something drastic happens.

But honestly, I can't see anything MS can do to even just meet the current PS4 demand, let alone surpass it. Even if they brought the price down to $350 (and still included kinect) I see the PS4 greatly out selling it. But shareholders are definitely not going to allow MS to sink more money into the division. They want to see a profit, not lose even more millions so MS's options are very limited.

The xbone is going to do fine this gen, but when I say fine I mean maybe 50 million at the absolute max. It will be profitable for MS, but I really don't see them getting the green light to make another console. I think the xbone will be MS's last console, but maybe that will be a good thing for the industry.
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Allsystemgamer  +   545d ago
Funny thing here is I have Titanfall preordered. But not for xbox one. PC. It's a great fun game but it's no system seller. Any computer made in the past 4-5 years can run it. WITH a controller.
Cerbus  +   545d ago
Agreed, but i did not find the beta fun. It was repetitive and did nothing new to make it stand out from every other FPS.
Allsystemgamer  +   545d ago
I enjoyed wall running around other players and strategically capturing the hard points. While it really doesn't bring anything new the parkour does add a more fun element to objective based games.

To each his own. I enjoyed the beta a lot especially after the flop that was bf4. I've been a huge bf fan but when I can only launch the game on a sometimes basis...there's a problem lol.
curtis92  +   545d ago
It is interesting that on amazon US charts, despite strong placement of titanfall at #3, ps4 is still at #1 with xb1 tf bundle at #11 with regular xb1 system at 20 or 30 something.
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lonewolfjedi  +   545d ago
is it safe to say microsoft has put more pressure on titanfall this one game to succeed than the entire franschise of halo?
and to add to it, titanfall is not even developed by one of ms first party studios.

just something to think about.
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Qrphe  +   545d ago
Kinda surprised no one has shilled out to attack the term "robot" that the article uses for Titans.
Allsystemgamer  +   545d ago
But they are robots lol
Qrphe  +   545d ago
Not accprding to the devs, they're not mechs nor robots because reasons
elm  +   545d ago
LOL, they can hope
Software_Lover  +   545d ago
............... Save it from what?
MightyNoX  +   545d ago
From losing its marketshare in the US.
From losing its marketshare in the UK.
From losing traction worldwide.

Are you blind or willfully obtuse? I'm guessing the latter, if I recall you making a similar comment from way back.
Software_Lover  +   545d ago
You recall? Are you following me?

Market goes up and down. That is the way it is in EVERY MARKET. Selling better than the 360 at this point in time, with actual competition, at a higher price point, is a + in my book. They still need to get that price point right for mass appeal.

Granted, I don't have an XBone as of right now, I have a PS4, but I will be getting one.
kewlkat007  +   545d ago
We are 3 months in and the xboxone needs saving?...moronic article.

With all the rumored games being worked on, software updates making the console better and and Halo not even out yet...

pipe down..The generation is just starting.
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hankmoody  +   545d ago
The system needs saving yet it has the better lineup of games dropping this year? That makes a WHOLE lotta sense.
Fz6soldier  +   545d ago
Really, I didn't know E3 2014 already happened.
ShadowKingx  +   545d ago
i personally dont see this game making me run out and buy an xbone, for the current owners of xbone they have a game to play now and have fun. to me the game just looks like COD with robots IMO. besides if the game is repetitive it will not last long. 3 months tops. i did not play much of the beta at my friends house, i lost interest very quickly but again that is just me.
dodgefate  +   545d ago
if they try any harder they will lose sales on PC for it lol they even changed the commercial from "Only on Xbox & PC" to "Buy Xbox play Titanfall" lol WTF
#14 (Edited 545d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
lonewolfjedi  +   545d ago
lol yes! seeing that at the end of life is better with a titan video. I could only chuckle and think to myself have things gotten that bad and have microsoft gotten that desperate for titanfall to succeed.
#14.1 (Edited 545d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
rakentaja  +   545d ago
How something can save ONE system if it's available for THREE different systems?
kewlkat007  +   545d ago
Yeah PCs and Xbox 360 also needs saving by "Robots" ..
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sebzhd  +   545d ago
Just funny. Titanfall will save nothing, sorry M$, tha game is superior only on PC, why not a real console superior for PS4.
xone, white flag, time to say good buy.
urwifeminder  +   545d ago
Ready to go down in flames on a burning titan what a great couple of weeks in gaming , I am still uneasy about blogs I have read this week I have not laughed this hard in a long time play the games not the staff.
aiBreeze  +   545d ago
If Titanfall fails to shift Xbox One units, Microsoft have a far bigger problem than they thought. The game is the perfect fit for the Xbox, a brand that has established a very strong following for MP FPS games over the years.
Up_N_U  +   545d ago
well if it doesn't then xbox one is DOOMED. and if Mario kart 8 doesn't help the wiiU then...its DOOOMED! mean while watch dogs on ps4 is 30fps.........DOOOOOOMED!....o mg my son just took a shit.....DOOOOMED!
Fz6soldier  +   545d ago
I think one think xbox fanboys don't realize is Nintendo and Sony need gaming. Microsoft on the other hand will drop gaming if it isn't making money.
Fz6soldier  +   545d ago
Titanfall just looks like an ok game to me. It wouldn't make me buy a X1.
Up_N_U  +   544d ago
when you least expect it IGN is going to have articles about kill of the week for titantfall then there is going to be a titantfall 2 all the way up to titantfall ghost. I think Mario kart is going to be the biggest game this year because many people I know are waiting for that game. its just sad to see Microsoft relying on a FPS to save there console instead of saying lets release something everyone will wana play.
CharlesSwann  +   545d ago
People who want the game for the bone already bought the bone. Not going to see more than a baby bump. A cute little thing.
AD705  +   545d ago
it will push many xbox ones but not to the extent everyone thinks it will. No one game will make a console sell millions upon millions like everyone thinks it will.
xboxnation2013  +   545d ago
lol these articles, seems like everyone who doesnt like the xbox or microsoft for that matter wants the x1 to fail. Its not gonna fail, this gen is jus getting started you guys just keep wishing and honesty i can care less what company sells more consoles its not gonna benifit me at all
prettyboy12  +   545d ago
then why the unnecessary rant my friend?
SpinalRemains138  +   545d ago
It doesn't need saving.

It has sold half as many machines as PS4. Considering PS4 is setting records and is a vastly superior machine and service, I'd say the Xbox One is just fine.
prettyboy12  +   545d ago
i dont know about that,ps4 is problaby near that 7mill spot as in the one is still currently at 3mill,but then again ps3 surpassed the 360
memots  +   545d ago
First it doesn't need saving.
Second : This game is multiplat , people need to stop acting like its Xbo only and the second coming.

this game is so overhype that even my wife who doesnt even game saw me play Hawken, asked me if it was titanfall .... Its mind boggling , now out of no where everything that has robot will be associated to Titanfall. I am soooooo sick and tired of hearing about this game that its starting to trow me off from getting it on Origin,
#25 (Edited 545d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gamer2013  +   545d ago
X1 doesn't need Titanfall to survive it has many other games as well including new IP's. This is just stupid fanboy Flamebait garbage intended for clicks.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   545d ago
Does it not bother anyone else that they are pushing a game so much that one of their studio did not even make, rather just paid another studio for it's exclusiveness, to help the console? Microsoft haven't even talked about any of their own IPs recently. All I see is "Titanfall this and Titanfall that".
Geekman  +   545d ago
For the last time people, and I am speaking as someone who DOESN'T like Microsoft, THE XBOX ONE IS NOT IN DANGER OF DYING!
TristanPR77  +   545d ago
Titanfall will give a temporary boost to the xbone but that's about it. The PS4 will also have a boost with Infamous so there is nothing the xbone can do to match the PS4.

When Microsoft come with their numbers, Sony will come with even bigger numbers and that's why Titanfall will not change the xbone position against the main competitor.

The problem is that after Titanfall the xbone doesn't have anything more coming and multiplatform games will be better on PS4.

MGS 1080p on PS4 720 on xbone
Watch Dogs 1080p on PS4 960 on xbone
Even Titanfall is 720 for God sake

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