DICE explains Battlefield 4 'Carrier Assault' mode

Haven't played Battlefield 2142? If that's the case, the upcoming 'Carrier Assault' mode in the Naval Strike DLC for Battlefield 4 will feel like a fresh experience. Inspired by 2142's 'Titan' mode, Carrier Assault challenges opposing sides to sink their enemy's aircraft carrier.

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ArchangelMike1477d ago

Awesomeness! Bugs notwithstanding, this promises to be the best mode yet, maybe even better than Obliteration!

whitefang19881476d ago

I don't if this has happened to everyone on ps4 but personally since the last update ive not had a single experience of rubber band, bad hit detection, even the frames are smooth staying at 60 on conquest. Because of that I jumped on hardcore for the first time, wow how much fun is that! I used to go on it on bf3 but it seems so much better now, if you haven't tried it I'd definitely suggest giving it a go

ArchangelMike1476d ago

Yeah I tried hardcore, but man, I am definately NOT hardcore. My KDR fell through the floor :(

skoorydook1476d ago

Still get it really bad playing Conquest Large on Hainan Resort, otherwise it's now all smooth