Report – EA Cancels Titanfall Pre-Orders in South Africa Due To Poor Network Performance

MP1st - EA is cancelling pre-orders for Respawn Entertainment’s fast-approaching shooter, Titanfall, in South Africa, according to recent reports.

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urwifeminder1537d ago

Yeah some Titanfall news , bad luck SA just lost the cricket too chin up I will play extra games for you guys.

Ashunderfire861537d ago

So much for 300,000 servers from the almighty cloud! It couldn't even save South Africa from getting Titanfall cancelled.

NewMonday1537d ago

online only will be a big problem for this game

theshonen88991537d ago

I see news like this and I think back to the old days when publishers weren't so terrified of the internet and people could just host dedicated servers for all their mates. If Respawn went with private servers instead of Microsoft's "cloud" people could just run their own linux servers with bots and all, like Valve lets them with TF2 and CS.

Volkama1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

It's a shame for SA (and I'm surprised they aren't postponing Oceania) but it wouldn't make much sense to design such major strategies around such small markets.

Respawn have said they will look into private hosting options after launch, so maybe that will be an option for SA later on for PC at least.

You can quite easily look up what parts of the world have good coverage, and the Northern hemisphere is pretty well catered for.

North America
North-central US - Chicago, IL
South-central US - San Antonio, TX
West US - California
East US - Virginia

East Asia - Hong Kong, China
South East Asia - Singapore

North Europe - Dublin, Ireland
West Europe - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Japan East, the Tokyo area
Japan West, the Kansai area

Oceania (announced, coming soon)[10]
Sydney, New South Wales (announced, coming soon)
Melbourne, Victoria (announced, coming soon)

Palitera1537d ago

The real problem here is the exclusive reliance on dedicated servers. Every country out of their beloved list is doomed to face constant and high lag, which wouldn't happen with lobby systems.

No system is perfect, but I'm always against dedicated servers because it means constant lag, sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but almost everyone will be playing quite away from the server, even I you're in Europe or North America.

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PONTIAC08G8GT1537d ago

I didn't know South Africa was a huge gaming population. I'm sure Titanfall preorders and sales will go way way down (sarcasm). I love how everyone is making a big deal about it not being available in South Africa. Yes it sucks for them, but I don't think MS or any game for that matter targets South Africa as the "go to" country for gaming.

VENOMACR12271537d ago

It's negative press/news for Titanfall so it's a big deal. Anything negative relating to either is always blown out of proportion. Now if the UK or US couldn't play the game, that's a problem because those are two of the biggest markets. Not sure South Africa is a blip on the radar for gaming.

Ra30301537d ago

And so it begins. This is the first of what will be a long list of bad news for EA and Microsoft concerning Titanfall. The game has hyped to a level it can never live up to. And that add to that EA and Microsoft both involved yeah there's that. Lol.....the Titan is really falling now.

Godmars2901537d ago

Its only rumor.

Still, you'd think that they'd have tested worldwide online support well before now.

xDHAV0K24x1537d ago

ur only saying the hype can't be lived up to because it's not on the ps3 or ps4

Criminal1537d ago

I feel bad for gamers in SA. Hopefully, there wont be a new trend.

Nitrowolf21537d ago

well that bites, I guess

Cussing1537d ago

Oh snap, well at least they are being upfront about it rather than selling the game and not being able to support it.

Ra30301537d ago

"Oh snap, well at least they are being upfront about it rather than selling the game and not being able to support it".
Not sure that's exactly true them being upfront and all. If you mean EA then I guess it could be true. But we also have Microsoft involved here. And as I recall a big part of their sales spiel for the X1 was dedicated Azure servers that would solve all MP lag issues and there would be no more hacks and cheaters because the Azure. So I agree it's great no one paid anything for a game they can't use but what about the X1 and other MP games in SA? That would be terrible if even one X1 MP game had issues down there. I hope that's not the case but I guess only one who lives there and has the X1 can can answer that.

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