Insider: Exclusive information about 2.40 and beyond

Whoelse of Sev1512 writes:

Before I start, I need to say one thing. All of the following information has come from an insider I am in contact with and everything isnt 'set in stone'. Things can change a lot, especially when it involves Sony. If any of the information is wrong, its because plans have changed and not because it was made up.

* 2.40 will allow you to access your XMB chat features from every game.
* 2.40 will also include 2D trophies from the XMB where 70% of current titles will support them straight away
* Video Coding and groundwork for the Movie Store (Out Sept)

My insider notes however that not all of the above may make it before Metal gear Solid comes out.

Oh and Super Stardust HD will have Online Co-op sometime soon.

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Violater3833d ago

I just want the link to the original photo used

Amanosenpai3833d ago


XMB after MGS4 = grrr

jwatt3833d ago

Whether it's true or not if we keep posting stuff like that Sony would have to give in.

Agent VX3833d ago

WOW, that chick is totally a Hottie. Maybe in my next life....

meepmoopmeep3833d ago

damn, if only every ps3 came with that hottie... if it did i'm sure it'll "come" lmao

heyheyhey3833d ago


*shakes head* *facepalm*

CrazyMystical3833d ago

really if every ps3 came with that girl do u think half the guys on N4G would be posting news right now

TruthBTold3833d ago

I think my hardware would tend to over heat very often (0P

chaosatom3333833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

She is a HARDCORE GAMER. if u know what i mean.

MJY2K3833d ago

It says before MGS4 ;)

Lord_Ash3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

She got a sexy figure, but...

Amanosenpai3833d ago

"My insider notes however that NOT ALL of the above MAY MAKE IT BEFORE Metal gear Solid"


malingenie3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

This young lady... is my new wallpaper.

On topic: Sev reminds me of Gamesblow. I wonder if there really is that much need for shady, anonymous, self promoting insider sources? Whats in it for them??

KyonoRocks3832d ago

RE: Meepmoopmeep

That was so bad it was hilarious

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whoelse3833d ago

Damn i was just about to submit it myself.

P.S. Its whoelse not Whoelse

Ezcobar4113833d ago

This update is amazing. I hope that if any changes are made, that it will only be to increase what is included.

Rattles3833d ago

we have heard it all befor 2.0 anyone?

Ezcobar4113833d ago

I'm sure that everyone remembers that. The only difference is that Sony specifically said that in-game communication was coming in this update. It is the extent of the communication allowed that is in question. This info helps to shed some light on it. As the writer stated, anything can change about the details, but in-game communication is coming.

whoelse3833d ago

Have you ever heard about Video Coding??

BulletToothtony3833d ago

i have had a ps3 since dec 2006 and i have been waiting for this update since the month after... and i'll tell you what, it sucks to get your hopes up time and time again and nothing.

yes i believed that 2.0 will have it too but ppffff... and now they say 2.4 in my opinion it's either gonna be in 3.0 or attached with home... i rather think that than get the next update and get pissed AGAIN!!!

Mikelarry3833d ago

hope this is true. hey sev long time to see