10 Reasons why GTA IV sucks

So listen up! Forget 'broken' cars or a combat system that actually makes the combat playable (thus ruining it for us ultra-hardcore players). Here is why GTA IV sucks...

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BigKev453533d ago

10 reasons why this article sucks - 1 - 10 - sucks.

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Timesplitter143533d ago

GTA4 diserves a 8/10 for being mindless and simplistic. Do you honestly believe it matches Metal Gear or Zelda games? No. That would be just wrong.

HelloBabe693533d ago

yeah it does. The more you play the game, the more awesome it is. It's crazy of what they put into a game like GTA IV.

vickers5003533d ago

How about "10 reasons I think I'm cool for calling out a video game that mostly everyone enjoys, just to be cool and rebellious".

Timesplitter143533d ago

How about you play some of the top hardcore games instead? GTA4 is king of the casual games, that's why it gets so much attention. It's the kind of game that makes Jack Thompson happy.

There are impressive, mind-blowing and very deep games out there. Try them. Then GTA4 will look like pewp

thisguywithhair3532d ago

To me most of the reasons he gives can be fixed be either not sucking, or being more patient. Sounds like someone needs to grow up and learn to properly complain.

BeaArthur3532d ago

Timesplitter14...and these fantastic games that only "cool underground" people like you know about are? You are going to go tell him to play some "impressive, mind-blowing and very deep games" but then not mention any? You make me laugh.

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monkey6023533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Seriously who here needs to read aticles like this? By now the majority of people have played it for themselves and most likely loved it. No matter how many reasons fools can come up with GTA 4 doesnt suck.

And yes I do realise the guy who wrote this one in perticular loved the game.

bourner3532d ago

problem is that the game is good but bot as good as everyone thought it was going to be . no one wants to say its bad but its not the best game i have ever played. no tanks, jets, jet packs,parachute and the cheats are long and annoying . they have taken out what makes gta

waltercross3532d ago

Yeah GTA4 is great but not as
good as it could have been, overall
SA was better, the biggest thing
that was upgraded in GTA4 was the
physics, and It's online play which is
pretty good.

Besides, what the heck do you spend
money on??, I have over $1.2 Million
and nothing to spend it on, guns and
ammo is cheap and so is ring tones etc.

permutated3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

As much as I hated GTA4 this article sucked.

Anyhow, about people being "wrong" who don't like GTA: I think that's false. I've loved every GTA but GTA4 and just because I don't like it, doesn't make me wrong.

cloud3603533d ago

people will complain about GTA5

GTA is same gain again and again

its liek FF series
"err ff is always turn based"

SonySoldiers3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago ) 20 FPS!!!

PS3 IS dev friendly!!!!!

ppp3533d ago

it freezes on my xboX360 so i sold it

waltercross3532d ago

Do you mean FF=Final Fantasy?, That's not always
turned base, The combat in FF12 was very unique.

MK_Red3533d ago

Funny how now that GTA4 is become the highest rated game of all time, everyone is attacking it. I understand some of the sarcastistic stuff but the thing is that most of the criticisms apply to many other games as well.

The Closing3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

It hasn't taken the crown of highest rated games after all, which is a good thing. I think gamers are complaining of fear it might because such a thing would be very disrespectful seeing such a game get that title.

heyheyhey3533d ago


seriously, here we have a nice, enjoyable mission- why did R* feel the need to add a wanted level at the end of almost every mission

it does NOT make a mission more fun- just more frustrating

Bigrhyno3533d ago

Hmmmm, I didn't really have a problem with wanted level at the end of most missions. And if I did, it was usually a very small radius.

Also, I am sick of people posting articles like this.

theyellaboi443532d ago

seeing that ppl just flip out cell phones on this game and call the cops on your ass