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Submitted by zayne 2821d ago | article

10 Reasons why GTA IV sucks

So listen up! Forget 'broken' cars or a combat system that actually makes the combat playable (thus ruining it for us ultra-hardcore players). Here is why GTA IV sucks... (Grand Theft Auto IV, PS3, Xbox 360)
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BigKev45  +   2821d ago
GTA IV is great
10 reasons why this article sucks - 1 - 10 - sucks.
SonySoldiers   2821d ago | Spam
Timesplitter14  +   2821d ago
GTA4 diserves a 8/10 for being mindless and simplistic. Do you honestly believe it matches Metal Gear or Zelda games? No. That would be just wrong.
HelloBabe69  +   2821d ago
yeah it does. The more you play the game, the more awesome it is. It's crazy of what they put into a game like GTA IV.
vickers500  +   2821d ago
How about "10 reasons I think I'm cool for calling out a video game that mostly everyone enjoys, just to be cool and rebellious".
Timesplitter14  +   2821d ago
@ Vickers500
How about you play some of the top hardcore games instead? GTA4 is king of the casual games, that's why it gets so much attention. It's the kind of game that makes Jack Thompson happy.

There are impressive, mind-blowing and very deep games out there. Try them. Then GTA4 will look like pewp
thisguywithhair  +   2821d ago
To me most of the reasons he gives can be fixed be either not sucking, or being more patient. Sounds like someone needs to grow up and learn to properly complain.
BeaArthur  +   2820d ago
Timesplitter14...and these fantastic games that only "cool underground" people like you know about are? You are going to go tell him to play some "impressive, mind-blowing and very deep games" but then not mention any? You make me laugh.
monkey602  +   2821d ago
Seriously who here needs to read aticles like this? By now the majority of people have played it for themselves and most likely loved it. No matter how many reasons fools can come up with GTA 4 doesnt suck.

And yes I do realise the guy who wrote this one in perticular loved the game.
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bourner  +   2821d ago
problem is that the game is good but bot as good as everyone thought it was going to be . no one wants to say its bad but its not the best game i have ever played. no tanks, jets, jet packs,parachute and the cheats are long and annoying . they have taken out what makes gta
waltercross  +   2821d ago | Intelligent
Yeah GTA4 is great but not as
good as it could have been, overall
SA was better, the biggest thing
that was upgraded in GTA4 was the
physics, and It's online play which is
pretty good.

Besides, what the heck do you spend
money on??, I have over $1.2 Million
and nothing to spend it on, guns and
ammo is cheap and so is ring tones etc.
permutated  +   2821d ago
As much as I hated GTA4 this article sucked.

Anyhow, about people being "wrong" who don't like GTA: I think that's false. I've loved every GTA but GTA4 and just because I don't like it, doesn't make me wrong.
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cloud360  +   2821d ago
people will complain about GTA5

GTA is same gain again and again

its liek FF series
"err ff is always turn based"
SonySoldiers  +   2821d ago

PS3 IS dev friendly!!!!!

Related image(s)
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ppp  +   2821d ago
it freezes on my xboX360 so i sold it
waltercross  +   2821d ago
Do you mean FF=Final Fantasy?, That's not always
turned base, The combat in FF12 was very unique.
MK_Red  +   2821d ago
Funny how now that GTA4 is become the highest rated game of all time, everyone is attacking it. I understand some of the sarcastistic stuff but the thing is that most of the criticisms apply to many other games as well.
The Closing  +   2821d ago
It hasn't taken the crown of highest rated games after all, which is a good thing. I think gamers are complaining of fear it might because such a thing would be very disrespectful seeing such a game get that title.
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heyheyhey  +   2821d ago

seriously, here we have a nice, enjoyable mission- why did R* feel the need to add a wanted level at the end of almost every mission

it does NOT make a mission more fun- just more frustrating
Bigrhyno  +   2821d ago
Hmmmm, I didn't really have a problem with wanted level at the end of most missions. And if I did, it was usually a very small radius.

Also, I am sick of people posting articles like this.
theyellaboi44  +   2820d ago
Its logical
seeing that ppl just flip out cell phones on this game and call the cops on your ass
IzKyD1331  +   2821d ago
this guy isnt telling how GTA IV sucks, hes telling how HE sucks and is just complaining cause he keeps getting owned by everyone he plays with
ali312  +   2821d ago
I bought the game on launch day and sold it the day after. The game is average to say the least, the reviews were obviously rigged for the fear of Rockstar balcklisting them. Out of the 15 people I know who purchased the game on both the PS3 and 360 about 8 people were dissapointed. The graphics are average ( when compared to Assassins Creed and Call of duty ) and the gameplay was quite awful at times ( Online play is not even a patch on Call of Duty ). If you are honest with yourself you would admit the game is not the best out there and there will be others that will replace it. Im expecting alot of disagrees but im just being honest.
Bigrhyno  +   2821d ago
I am not a fan of Call of Duty 4, but I will agree that the online for GTA is horrible. But come on... bad graphics? I was utterly amazed when I put the game in at how well it looked in such a big and open world. I know assassins creed was open world too, but it isn't exactly the same size, and not as much is going on. Now don't get me wrong, the graphics could be better... but I still was pretty impressed.
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OldGamer  +   2821d ago
I won't touch online...
until I've mastered the single player game. I'm assuming this will help me.

If not, oh well. I'm not much of an online gamer anyway. But I'm glad I have the option this time around.
Bad_Karma  +   2821d ago
Agree 100%
happy i didnt waste 40 quid.
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2821d ago
I agree with you.

I was greatly disappointed with GTAIV.

While its not a great game its a fun game to play. I suggest taking breaks from it to make game more pleasurable espically free roaming and stuff
The Closing  +   2821d ago
I told myself this game was going to be the same stale repetitive game as the others with broken game play, but sadly I gave into the massive hype. I really should have known better. I too ended up selling the game only days after the poor decision of purchasing it.
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waltercross  +   2821d ago
Yeah GTA4 could have been
better, to me graphics was average
on a next gen console.

GTA4 is also plaqued by countless
bugs and glitches.
Judge Mental  +   2820d ago
I couldn't agree more! I think this is the worst GTA yet! I even had far more joy out of GTA 1.

The graphics are OK and the game itself is ok. The problem is when you compare this bland boring game to the others in the series.

Well, there really is no comparison.

I bought this game based of the hype of early review and cannot express my incredible disappointment. I would sell it if I didn't pay 65 dollars for it.

I would have gave San Adreas 9.5/10, and this turkey a 8/10 at BEST.
InMyOpinion  +   2821d ago - Will write for food.
poos3  +   2820d ago
guys IM GOING TO BE THE 1STTO BE CONTROVERSIAL gta 4 IS great game but it didn't live up to the hype and is not the best gta of all time that goes to GTA SANADNREAS every 1 that has played it know this the only ppl that habour racist traits would gta sanadreas was not a master piece it was a amazing masterpiece.
OldGamer  +   2821d ago
My main gripe with GTA IV?
The motorcycles handle LIKE CRAP!! The missions that require you to follow someone on a bike can be extremely frustrating! I wish they would have made bikes a bit more forgiving.
Everything else, I can deal with. I've mastered driving cars and copters. Brucie races are great fun and very easy once you learn to drive.

Rainy days in May are for GTAIV.
Bigrhyno  +   2821d ago
Haha, I can agree to that. I didn't really understand peoples complaints with driving, but ya... those motorcycle chases can be difficult.
HelloBabe69  +   2821d ago
it's realistic handling.
waltercross  +   2821d ago
Yeah the motorcycles do handle
worse then the Helicopters even.
Never knew driving a motorcycle was
harder then flying a helicopter.

some say It's realistic, so they say so, I
find it funny though that the NPC's drive motorcycles
with no issues.

Still a fun game though, I Passed it and play
online often.
darkstar  +   2821d ago
I agree, wanted levels after every freakin' mission suck. It's frustrating enough to do some mission's multiple times. Add a 3 or 4 star on to that, and thats almost grounds for controller smashing.
Jdoki  +   2821d ago
GTAIV is a mixed bag. On one hand I love it, but then I start thinking about Vice City and and how much more there is to do and how it fun it was.
The Dude  +   2821d ago
I'm @ 70% on the last mission.
GTA4 is a great game there is so much detail in the game. I have throughly enjoyed the 35 hours I have invested in the single player campaign. GTA4 is way better than any of its GTA3 series, I should know played them all on the ps2.
Baka-akaB  +   2821d ago
Lol the mere mention of "The Warriors" and awesome melee combat system is proof enough this article is a joke .
Play B3yond  +   2821d ago
u never played the warriors but that games one of the best games ever
Realitystrike   2821d ago | Spam
waljaber  +   2821d ago
it's over hyped,,, GTA4 deserve 6/10 really.
hay  +   2821d ago
GTA4 is overhyped, yeah, has major flaws, but it's still really great game.
Judge Mental  +   2820d ago
Agree, mediocre in every way.
Strife Lives  +   2821d ago
Awesome awesome game, except
No car customisations. . And the radio stations felt better in San Andreas and Vice City. Also. .all that child porn crap on the radio is fricken annoying. .I get sick hearing it. It so shouldnt be there. The game rocks though,and the physics are awesome.
khellendros1  +   2821d ago
Why is it necessary to have an article like this for every high profile game that comes out. They did this for Halo3,GTA4 and few others and it's just dumb. Yes they were incredibly over hyped and I'm not a fan of Halo or GTA but that doesn't mean they suck. I better article would be "Top 10 reasons why they don't live up to the hype."
hay  +   2821d ago
Those 'x reasons' articles are all about clicks nothing more.
pow3r of t3h c3ll  +   2821d ago
10 reasons it sucks
1)its just GTA3 in HD
2)its just GTA3 in HD
3)its just GTA3 in HD
4)its just GTA3 in HD
5)its just GTA3 in HD
6)its just GTA3 in HD
7)its just GTA3 in HD
8)its just GTA3 in HD
9)its just GTA3 in HD
10)its just GTA3 in HD
HelloBabe69  +   2821d ago
wow get a f*cking life
ambientFLIER  +   2821d ago
Well, sub-HD on the PS3, actually :P
Alvadr  +   2821d ago
The person who wrote this obviously doesnt hate GTA hes just having a laugh..

Reason 5 - You cant hijack a Boeing... LOL
Reason 6 - FFS People indicate.. HA HA

I also put that he cant find Lazlow walking the streets.. Ha Ha, I actually drove through star junction just to see if he was there during his radio show, you never know ur luck and with the depth of this game it wouldnt have surprised me!
GavinMannion  +   2821d ago
Thank you
I was starting to lose hope in humanity after reading these comments.

The article is satirical people, I swear most of these comments were written about the headline and now the actual article...
Rhezin  +   2821d ago
yeah on ps3
it is. LOL you f!cks don't get any new episodes for that game. Once you beat it, its done that's it GO TRADE IT IN. HAHA the experience continues on 360 with not one but TWO pieces of episodal content. OWNED
zayne  +   2821d ago
Love the way you act as though u even got a clue what the dlc is... :P
ape007  +   2821d ago
this is one of the biggest dissapointments in my life.Im a pure gta fan and I trusted rockstar north (DMA, since their first classic game only few gamers knew it BODY HARVEST on the n64), and before I play this I was expecting it to be the greatest game of all time,I guess I was wrong rockstar has nearly crippled the game and took all the fun away with crappy controls,driving,poor framerate,city design,difficult cops,poor camera,annoying cell phone ,weak character,crappy missions,bikes are nearly impossible to drive in dirt or in rainy weather, bugs and glitches that rarely seen in a videogame and the city doesn't feel alive like the past gta games,the game just doesn't work, rockstar should delay this for another year (Im not kidding)
#21 (Edited 2821d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Extra Guy  +   2821d ago
You must have an amazing life for a small thing like this to be up there with the greatest disappointments ever.
Jim Crowslaw  +   2821d ago
that was hilarious man, lmaoo
Judge Mental  +   2820d ago
I am absolutely blown away people believe this game is great.


Why does this game bore me so much I ask? If this game is a 10/10 it shouldn't bore me should it?

Where are the bicycles, the planes, jets, dirtbikes, parachutes? Where is the adventure?

Where is the replay value? I see NONE whatsoever!

If it wasn't for the few redeeming qualities (and I stress the word few) I would have traded it in right away. Unfortunately, I paid 65 bucks for it and refuse to throw away a bunch of money on it.

Sad thing is, I haven't play it in 2 weeks. Old A$$ games like Baldur's Gate 2 are much more entertaining at the moment.
#21.3 (Edited 2820d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
HelloBabe69  +   2821d ago
I don't see how everyone says they're disappointed. At first I kind of thought it was a little boring but when i started getting into the game it became way more fun. The multiplayer is also extremely fun if you actually get into it (except when you join a free roam match with a lot of people all they do is shoot eachother). Multiplayer is pretty much all i play. Me and my friends starting cop chases are a blast. Every time I play it, I discover something new in the game. They just tried to make it on the more realistic side of everything. I don't see how so many people are dissapointed with the game when i think it really deserves that 10/10. No other game tops GTA really right now and I don't think any game will for a while, especially with all the detail. All the gaming sites know what they're talking about.
Nevers  +   2821d ago
Kids voices online into Japanese School girl voices pleeeeeeez!!

I think he makes a couple valid points but none of them make GTA4 suck. They are just the sucky parts. Like our "friends". The neediest whiniest gangsters ever set to digital life. I have to "sleep" my phone constantly now just so I can travel w/o interuption to the next plot point.

... I tried killing that lawyer with the bat (figured it was soundless enough) but his receptionist still busted me. I'll try a knife next time.
TruthBTold  +   2821d ago
I hadnt read your post but Im glad someone else is annoyed by the whole "Sims" thing. I didnt know you can change the mode on your phone so they stop calling. Ill do that next time.
TruthBTold  +   2821d ago
The only thing I dont like about GTA4
is how people call you when you're in the middle of a mission or on your way to a mission you want to do and then they call you to go out but you tell them no and then you get the thumbs down from them. Its too Sims to me, I like freedom in GTA4 not keeping up with your friendships, it just doesnt go well with what GTA4 is all about. Pick up hookers, kill people, rob banks, steal cars but be sure you stay up to date with your friends. Sorry but it gets annoying in the game.
bioshock  +   2821d ago
it dint try anything new
except for cell phone......i expected a alot of action sequences after SA ....
vegetassj51  +   2821d ago
yea and they already had a cell phone in Saints Row.
vegetassj51  +   2821d ago
The thing that gets me mad
is that it is missing alot of things that made San Andreas great like customizing cars, going to the gym, bikes real bikes i loved riding those,the hair cuts the clothes in this game they only have a small selection and not many good ones at that, could u buy houses i can't remember, u know i have not flown a plane can u fly a plane in this game. well that is just a couple of things that get me made about this game, I mean the more i played it the more i think of San Andreas and how u could do so much more i mean they took out to much stuff, Don't get me wrong its still a good game but it could of been way better.
waltercross  +   2821d ago
Yeah GTA: SA had more to do

Working out
many different kinds of clothing
buy new property
MUCH better music
Turf wars
Much bigger areas.

But GTA4 has ups to

Better physics
Better graphics
more dating sources

both had an equal story, but SA's
seems a bit longer, that can be a plus.
jones smokey  +   2821d ago
but this gy has a point, the should not have taking away the jets, jetpacks, f16 fighter jet, chain saw, parcute, the rocket lunchers that has automatic aim, the tanks that u used n gta3, all the cheats that gta3 had and so many other things,...this gta is more serious but at the end of the day i still find it fun to play, the multi player is awsome all tho i find it irratinig it takes long to start a match, with the facts people can chooes their teams some people mess with it alot that u just have to start a new game,compared to cod4 the online expericenc is a lottle bit off, arranges every thing for u propley that u dont have to start a new game because of some 13 year old kid taking the piss with the f^&*ing team selction, ...any way i just hope they put all the thinngs back that was in gta3when gta5 comes back, at the end of the day i still play gta4 but if gta5 is as downgraded as gta4 then i guess its time to stop playing gta because i have had fun with every gta that came out. =!
wildcat  +   2821d ago
As much as I love this game, I have to question why Rockstar would not include a key weapon like the flamethrower. With the new animation engine and all, it'd be perfection.
#28 (Edited 2821d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
meepmoopmeep  +   2821d ago
suck? NO.
overhyped? YES
over-scored? YES
Nanisimo  +   2821d ago
1 thing why GTAIV sucks!!
Because you have a lot of money and you can't spend it!

GTAIV is a 8/10 game, not a perfect game!
TruthBTold  +   2821d ago
your right
Ive been waiting to see what else I am able to purchase apart from hookers, hotdogs, hamburgers, and weapons. I want to buy a new crib with a garage where you can have your car and a helipad for a helicopter even after you turned your console of and back on. What are we supposed to do with all that money? Maybe we'll find out after we beat the game.
waltercross  +   2821d ago
I Beat the game, I have over $1.2 million
and still I see nothing big to buy, so many
options to make money but very little option
to spend money.

Hookers(there cheap, max is $70)
Discounted weapons are cheap, so is armor(also did you
know there is loose armor and weapons, EVEN health laying
all around the city, so this actually encourages
people even more not to spend money.

Strippers ar cheap($250 for 3 dances in a row).

Ring tones are cheap($100 each)

all my weapons are maxed out and I Still
have well over $1.2 million.
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