Bruce Wayne’s Had Enough Games

The Late Night Gamer: Big news this week. A new Batman game called Arkham Knight was announced. This may sound a little silly, but I have had every Arkham game in my house for months but have yet to play any of them. I’m sure that I’ll enjoy playing them in a decade or so when I get around to them. The Arkham franchise created a new brand of Batman games and the gaming community loves it. But we’ve already had three games featuring our favorite billionaire and I’d think people are a bit tired of him. I am, and I haven’t even played the games. When there are so many great characters under the Batman umbrella, it’s a crime that only old Bruce has gotten the spotlight in his very own game. It’s time for someone else to step up and be our new hero.

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maniacmayhem1567d ago

Batgirl?? I'm sorry but that is just beyond ridiculous. Just ask Rocksteady to make a Batgirl skin for Arkham Knight and BAM, you're playing Batgirl.

Batgirl is nothing more than a fan service to see Batman in a tight spandex with protruding boobs, that's it. DC finally made her interesting when she became paralyzed from the waist down and provided more of a support role for Batman by becoming Oracle. Now the New 52 decided to erase that huge Bat moment and put her back in the bat suit.

Superman needs his own game after Arkham Knight. A very proper Superman game.

SilentNegotiator1567d ago

There were like, 4 games based off of the Superman:tas, the absolute perfect source material (that universe's Superman isn't over the top powerful, they could have had some great 2D cutscenes, and it established some good villains for him to face in a game)...and not a single great one.

Superman needs a well made game...NOW GAWDANGIT!

maniacmayhem1567d ago

I played Superman: Shadow of Apokolips for Gamecube and I thought it was pretty damn good. It wasn't the best, but for it being based off of the Animated Series it captured everything I love about Superman. I still remember the Parasite fight which was awesome.

There's another Superman game that everyone seems to forget...

It had some great ideas but unfortunately the game was plagued by bugs, poor design decisions, monotonous gameplay and something I despise when used and that's "use heat vision to kill red enemies and freeze breath to kill blue enemies," such a lazy design.

Yes, Superman does need a well made game. He's only one of the most iconic super heroes ever...and he seriously doesn't have a go to game this gen??

SilentNegotiator1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Well sure, those titles were okay. Good even. But not great.

Geekman1567d ago

My name is Oliver Queen....... (Don't act like you don't want the guy I'm hinting at to have a game.)

sinspirit1567d ago

They need to make new seasons first.

SilentNegotiator1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

No. Enough Smallville-type stuff.

sinspirit1567d ago


Except, Arrow is good. Don't judge by looks. Judge by the content.

SilentNegotiator1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Thanks for making the assumption that I haven't seen it, but I have. Several episodes. And it sucks.

sinspirit1566d ago


That's why you think it's like Smallville? Care to elaborate on that or just prove further ignorance?

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ironfist921567d ago

I would LOVE an Green Arrow game, especially given the success of the show.

I hope it becomes its own entity though and doesnt tie to the TV show, but in its own universe, perhaps with hints and ties to the Arkham games.

There was a Queen Industries logo in Arkham Origins trailer, after all.

urwifeminder1567d ago

The last movie was so terrible I don't think I can ever have anything to do with batman again almost as bad as gravity bad space luck.

morganfell1567d ago

Sorry, but the only thing we have had enough of is crappy pretend journalists writing from their parent's basements using the internet to interject themselves into an industry in which they do not work and wreck our hobby in the process. The only plug that needs to be pulled is the one on your computer.

Mikefizzled1567d ago

A thoroughly well constructed burn there. Spiffing job good sir!

chrissx1567d ago

No bruce wayne hasn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.