Late To The Party: The Wonderful 101 - Zero1Gaming

Kimo finally catches up with this absolute gem on the Wii U. A must have for all Wii U owners.

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for we are many1444d ago

Better late than never. This game is so much fun and is better than most of the hyped up games of late.

DryBoneKoopa851444d ago

Wonderful 101 is an amazing game! More people need to play it. I love that Nintendo pushed something original out for Wii U owners.

LoaMcLoa1443d ago

Best game of last year IMO

Rumb13stiltzkin1443d ago

I absolutely loved every moment of this game.

deafdani1443d ago

Wonderful 101 has become my favorite game of all time. And I've been gaming since I was around 6 years old (31 now).

That could change once X releases (Xenoblade was my favorite game ever until I played W101 :P ).