Watch Dogs on PS4 "isnt giving its place" to PC, says Head Creative Director

Following the huge surge of info on Watch Dogs this afternoon, Jonathan Morin took it upon himself to answer some questions on twitter.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1540d ago

after watching the trailer like 5 times now, i think the game looks great. i think we all just been spoiled by The Division so much lol..

Plus if the game had a visual downgrade it would have been mentions in Previews ;)

Dark111540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Yeah you keep telling yourself that

meanwhile ..

the same thing happened to Far Cry 3.

ExitToExisT1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Saw that gif a few hours ago. The difference is really worrying. I hope the pc version will look like e3 videos.

morganfell1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

That gif is the only place in the video it looks like that. The daylight sections do not look great either but that gif is misleading regarding the night portions. The rest of the night looks like this:

Look at the video:

No matter what people say it was downgraded. Two years ago I said on this site that Ubisoft faked the E3 video. I even pointed to the video showing Aiden moving on screen and the guy wasn't even using the controller on stage. People attacked relentlessly me for those comments and daring to suggest it was fake.

Now look...

ProjectVulcan1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

"isnt giving its place"

Not. Sure. What. That. Means.

Please be awesome PC version :(

Fluke_Skywalker1540d ago

Wow that's bad, surely that must be the PS360 version!

Longshot281540d ago

People keep posting this,but nobody will confirm where the new version footage came from.

AgentSmithPS41540d ago

It's not about PC VS PS4, it's about the suspicious closeness of 1080p PS4 and 960p xb1. It seems possible that the reduction of visual quality, weather effects, etc on PS4 was caused by ubisoft trying to make both versions as similar as possible.

Maybe they were given a generous "donation"?

UltraNova1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


This guy gets it!

One question it me or GTAV on PS3 is off equal graphic quality if not better?

NewMonday1540d ago

now I understand why Pachter said the game was going to be a disaster.

from today on I will only get Ubisoft games used.

if it was a CGI trailer like Batman Arkham Knight then most gamers will check their expectations

but time and again they showed the now revealed to be faked "real time game play" and deceived the public on purpose.

they now sick to the bottom and challenge EA for the worst video game company crown.

SonofGod1540d ago

I blame last-gen. This game should have been next-gen and PC only.

Irishguy951540d ago

Shoulda been exclusive to PC if they were trying to push the graphics. Infamous and Forza have had similar downgrades.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

@ everyone worried about pc version it supports 4k resolution, nuff said. Also I'm wondering if a 4770k + 2 780ti classifieds can handle 4k.

Edit :this game is made by ubisoft ? Damn I guess I can forget about 4 k res considering ubi makes horribly optimized pc ports that don't support hyperthreading, or sli. To this day still can't get assassins creed 4 black flag to run decent:( far cry 3 had to turn sli off Aswell as hyperthreading to get it to work. I hate ubisoft with a passion.

Visiblemarc1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Yeah, but is this possible? That looks like Carmageddon footage.

Even IF that is last gen footage, it still looks worse than many open world games on ps3/360. GTA 5 comes to mind immediately...and while GTA 5 has a weak framerate it still wouldn't explain not even *meeting* it's graphical fidelity at 30fps on next gen.

webeblazing1539d ago

lol it not about pc version looking better. its about xbone version being close to the ps4 version? lol fanboys cant even enjoy new games that coming out to their console with hardly any games.

AliTheSnake11539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Did you know where that gif came from ? Did you even see the full video ? The big difference in the gif is that the spotlight is bright and BIG, which made the road look muddy and ugly. This is the video, which has other shots at night :

The game looks pretty impressive to me.
Stop riding that bandwagon.

Avalanche1539d ago

why are you showing me a video of "Cruising world" for the n64?

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1nsomniac1540d ago

It looks like garbage. Watch it again, & again if you have to until you loose the silly rose tinted spectacles!

Simple fact of the matter is old-gen GTA V looks better than new-gen Watch_Dogs & that's embarrassing, not only for gamers but for Ubisoft aswell.

Your argument for Division makes you look even worse because not only are you ignoring what has happened to Watch_Dogs but your also ignoring the fact The Division will likely see the exact same fate.

I_am_Batman1540d ago

I'd say wait til it's finished and then judge. I honestly don't care too much how it looks graphically as long as it looks fun to play (which it does).

Not every game has to set a new graphics benchmark.

1nsomniac1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

For me it doesn't look fun any more that's the point. The streets are lifeless not only in the environment's but the sudden lack of actual life in them.

If you consider that fun all the better for you but I call it mindless acceptivness (& yes that's not even a real word!).

I_am_Batman1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I understand your disappointment. And I'm not accepting anything mindlessly. I'm not saying I'll buy this game no matter what. I'm just saying wait til it's finished and we get to see more of how it ends up.

Omegasyde1540d ago

I agree as I am concerned that the streets look lifeless.

My main gripe for GTA was that you rarely see an npc walk down the street in online. Let alone if you were in the game online and there was no player by you, you wouldn't see a vehicle spawn until you moved closer to the other players.

The only exception to this rule was during story-driven missions in regards to vehicles, but even then the streets are like a ghost town.

malokevi1540d ago


YOu got 6 disagrees for making the most sensible comment here. I'll give you an agree.

If the game is as fun as it's been made to seem, then there isn't a problem. We should wait until we have the final game in our hands before we start jumping to conclusions about visual quality. Fun is what matters most.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Word up! @1nsominiac

NewMonday1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

".. The streets are lifeless not only in the environment's but the sudden lack of actual life in them"

exactly, a big part of the game shown months ago is mingling and hiding in plain sight amongst the big crowds.

irepbtown1539d ago

Dare I say GTA IV looks pretty similar? And that was 2008...

I do hope the new footage is from last gen gameplay, how a next gen game can look like that is astonishing.

This is what I was expecting, or something similar:

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heisenberguk1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

It looked awful in places, the car had no resolution, shine or reflection from the bodywork whatsoever when it was going up the ramp. The car models in GTA5 look as good or better!!

PFFT1539d ago

I think GTA5 looks better than this. I am really disappointed. So that means that the game was never truly finished and that WHOLE, its done but we will delay to polish the game was nothing more than BULLS*IT. Cause call me crazy but most developers delay a game to make it better in terms of graphic quality and to squash bugs. Dont know about the bugs BUT the improvement in the graphics quality are extremely absent.

Lior1540d ago

After seeing the trailer, I beleive the E3 footage gameplay was from PC and the new trailer is from the console version

DeadMansHand1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

If you think the Division will look like that stuff we saw at E3 I have a bridge to sell you in China.

Ubisoft are the kings of Bullshots. What we saw at E3 was on a very high end PC and in no way represented actual console fidelity. Look at what they did with Far Cry 3 on PC. The differences were night and day. This game was in development before they even knew for certain that next gen (this gen, now) consoles were even going to be released so soon. This game is made for last gen and will have some current gen added features like textures and updated lighting but that's it. It will NOT even be close to what we all saw on the monitor in E3. Even PC users will not see that fidelity. We will get something along the lines of the remastered Tomb Raider.

AnEwGuY1540d ago

Which bridge, specifically? There are thousands, after all. -_-

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1540d ago it be all lies!

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891540d ago

With ubi you can't even trust the pc version. I'm pirating every ubi hgame before I but it from now on 67 dollars I spent on assassins creed iv black flag still can't play it with gsync + sli or without gsync + no sli. Just unreal useless devs when it comes to supporting pc after it releases.

Tempest3171539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Well gsync is a brand new tech, I wasnt even aware that you could buy supported monitors, had to DIY woth a kit last I checked, and youre the first person ive heard with an issue with ac4 sli. Are you sure its not an issue on your end? I have played quite a few ubi developed titles over the years (most recent being fc3) and the only one I can pick out as being shoddy was splinter cell double agent. Ubi is not a dev I shy away from for pc ports.

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wastedcells1540d ago

I agree it doesn't look bad by any means. On PS4 anyway. But I do agree in that delay they must have figured the game would just run better if they turned the graphics down. They delayed it like a month before release. They must have had frame rate issues or something because a delay that late in the game and the fact that they couldn't change anything at this point without major delays leads to the obvious. Less characters on screen. Removing effects. Basically playing with the engine to get a smooth 30fps and maintain 1080p and whatever xbone is. Sucks but still it's a first gen (next gen) game. Once they figure out the hardware and scrap the ps360 version the next one will look more like the division no doubt. Let's just hope its a great game and wait for better graphics next round.

irepbtown1539d ago

Lets hope that The Division doesn't get the same treatment... I'm genuinely worried about that. Watchdogs and The Division are two of the games I was looking forward to the most, I'm not so sure anymore.

wastedcells1539d ago

The division is next gen only so it won't be the same kinda fuct up this is.

SaturdayNightBeaver1540d ago

it would have been as damn good as Division , but for some reason game is extremely dumbed down in graphics for the newer versions , i wanna know why , maybe cause of weaker consoles or something , who knows.

Patrick_pk441540d ago

Are you expecting The Division to be the same from the E3 footage? Videos showed at press conferences and game shows are bullshots.

Venemox1539d ago

After seeing the downgrade Watch Dogs received, you still think The Division is going to look that good (Both Ubi games)?

How deluded can you be.

JsonHenry1539d ago

I'll be getting the PC version. They can say whatever they want but they would have to go out of their way to make the PC less than superior compared to any console version. (assuming your PC is up to the task)

This sort of PR talk is not comforting in the least.

Long story short- PROVE IT! I'll believe it when I see it.

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Corpser1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Now I'm worried about the pc version lol, are they downgrading it to closer to ps4?

gapecanpie1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I hope that's not the case. Most of the the time the weak consoles are holding PC back. sigh!

T21540d ago

Hilarious joke. As are you aware most of these games wouldn't even be made if not for consoles. How's that for holding back

DeadIIIRed1540d ago

The only thing holding my PC back is my wallet

tee_bag2421540d ago

@ joecanada

Console came into existence because of PC's. Silly child.

Alucard_4201540d ago

@tee_bag242 joecanada's statement said it was because of consoles that games like that were made, so console were made because of pc, what's your point? why do you have to troll? and frankly why should you care !!! you should be thanking console supporters for making the platforms successful, because if console gamers weren't there, these games would not be inspired to be made, more games give me more variety to play as pc gamers, quite honestly this pc OP progamers BS is just [email protected]

tee_bag2421540d ago

@ Alucard

Mute point. Why does an inconvient fact make it trolling to you? I own consoles too.. So I'll congratulate myself too! Quite frankly, you sound like a blind fanboy incapable of comprehension.

webeblazing1539d ago

nope games would of still been made. i dont get why you think everything revolve around console and that if the wasnt around the world will set fire.

JsonHenry1539d ago


Seeing as how PC gaming sales take up half of all other gaming platforms I am not sure where you draw that conclusion from.

Scroll down. Read 'em and weep.

Alucard_4201538d ago

Well that's you'r opinion, but after reading so many comments on this website, don't tell me a comment like your's was not meant to troll. Second of all I ain't no fanboy, I Own a WII U ps3 ps4 3ds vita and a high end pc. So label me a fanboy if you like, but I sure ain't one, and sry if I despises pc fanboy's more then anything else because the are arrogant as hell. The fact that joecanada got so many disagree's for his comment is a joke so sry for calling you guys out.

Alucard_4201538d ago

FYI ,I prefer gaming on the pc more then anything else tyvm.

Alucard_4201538d ago

@webeblazing I don't think you read my post properly.... I didn't say everything revolves around consoles so plz don't put words in my mouth sir, you don't speak on my behalf tyvm.

Alucard_4201538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Oh and remember all even tho GTA started on PC and PSX, consoles are what made that game huge, so why isn't GTA V on pc??? Sales speak for itself. I'm not happy about that, I skip GTA V because of that.

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deSSy27241540d ago

When it comes to PS4, X1 and PC. No, they wont downgrade it on PC because of PS4 and X1 when it comes to graphics. In modern tools/editors, you can change the graphics ON FLY. So, no..... however, they could downgrade it because of PS4 and X1 when it comes to AI, physics etc or in other words CPU. But, I think, that will not happen yet, but in future (lets say 2016-2018), SURE.

Flyingdog6701540d ago

I'm really hoping the footage we saw was last-gen or an early build of the game, because it looks nothing like the trailers and gameplay demos shown at E3. My bets are that the trailer was using Alpha footage, but that's just me.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1540d ago

Alpha footage at this stage of the game? With less than 3 months to go for release? I'm sorry, but if that were the case... A pre order wouldn't even be considered anymore.

And I really hope that the gameplay is last gen footage. However, I'm skeptical that it ain't. Why would you showcase a highly anticipated title of 2014 with ps3/360 hardware? That just doesn't make sense..

heisenberguk1540d ago

The gamespot footage was PS4, the bloke who had the hour play through and wrote the article on it confirmed it

BattleTorn1539d ago

What's with Ubisoft and putting out alarmingly bad trailers...

Anyone remember the Aisha Tyler trailer, and they later backtracked saying it was old Alpha footage

GiantEnemyCrab1540d ago

So is the XB1 version just a straight port of the Xbox 360 version? Seems like it.

TheTowelBoy1540d ago

I understand people want to believe this is either Ps3/360 footage or maybe alpha stuff, and believe me, somewhere in me I want it to be that. But lets be real, why would Ubi show last gen stuff for the reopening of info on this, their blockbuster new IP, before showing next gen footage? I have this game preordered.. I just hope it isn't this gen footage :(

Ashunderfire861540d ago

Well you forgot that they accidentally show us this early footage that was thought to be the current gen footage.

The story trailer is the 360 build not next gen people!

BattleTorn1539d ago

Like the guy above said, they've done it before...