Official Eidos-Montréal Online Store Opens, Sells Exclusive Deus Ex and Thief Merchandise

Eidos-Montréal has partnered with Treehouse Brand Stores to create a self-described "one-stop shopping destination" where fans can buy a range of branded merchandise from Eidos-Montréal games including including hats, hoodies, official soundtracks and exclusive art books.

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ChaosKnight1543d ago

I....must have that Adam Jensen jacket.

curtis921543d ago

Reviewers give the store 5/10....


Love Eidoes Montreal!

starchild1543d ago

Haha some of them probably would if they could.

morganfell1543d ago

The coat has actually been available for a long time here...and is now sold out:

A guy on Youtube actually did an unboxing of it in 2012.