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Submitted by ChaosKnight 708d ago | opinion piece

North America Is Killing The Xbox One

Hardcore Gamer: The Xbox One isn't dead; it's far from it, despite the silly web chatter. Those screaming of its downfall are clearly blind, or stupid -- I haven't decided yet. Despite the wailing naysayers, the Xbox One is, in fact, one of the fastest selling consoles to date. However, the issue isn't whether it's successful, or even whether its success will hold against the PlayStation 4's increasingly impressive numbers. (Xbox One)

ChaosKnight  +   708d ago
First California Condors and now this!? Shame on you, 'merica.
Mr Pumblechook  +   708d ago | Well said
"European people are often too busy smoking cigarettes, drinking unpronounceable liquors and bedding beautiful socialites."

You funny 'Muricans. I get that there is much love for Microsoft because they are home grown. As Europeans, we don't have our own national console to favour, so we just go for the one that's the best.
darthv72  +   708d ago
this is what came to mind when i read your post:
vigilante_man  +   708d ago
I did not have much hope for this article but it tackles some very interesting issues.

Whether you agree with the content or not a better than average article written with some thought, not just for hits!
PoSTedUP  +   708d ago
you can be the fastest selling console, and then the sales just plummet. thats what ppl are screaming. now, who's the stupid one? gah i hate "jounalist", im so glad im not one anymore.

edit@below- yeah, the fact that it got a huge marketing campaign on tv, stores are promoting it like crazy and giving incentives, and the sales still dropped around WiiU #'s and below ps3 sales. im not saying its dead; im callin it how i see it. im sure MS are certainly concerned, hence the price drop and giving titanfall away for free.

if i were MS i wouldnt try and lose money trying to get people to buy it when ppl may just not want it because the ps4 is cheaper and better. i would just ride it out and milk as much money as i can untill i have a good reason. similar to the ps3; they rode it out, dropped the price here and there and didnt spend too much money on marketing. they made the most money they could that way and lost a lot less than they would have. same with vita, why risk spending heavy money on marketing when the clear issue is that people dont want it as much as the 3DS. milk the vita for what its worth and make back what you can. the PS4 and 3DS sell themselves. ppl know that the X1 is out, 360 took a huge chunk of the market. there is a reason why the sales delined. i think they need a new SKU, a more powerful one. that TV stuff isnt cutting it, netflix youtube and hulu are on the ps3 and 360 and PC, thats all the majority really want as far as tv goes.

eh sorry for the rant guys.
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LogicLee  +   708d ago
That's very true. Console success is hardly determined by the initial sales. It takes years to properly conclude whether it's a failure or not.
LogicLee  +   708d ago
Wonderfully said, man.
fermcr  +   708d ago
Microsoft really screwed up their console.

I suspect European sales of the X1 are not very good... American sales are ok for now (I predict after Titanfall their sales will go low) and in Asia (I suspect very poor sales). I'm curious to see American sales for February 2014.

Microsoft can only blame them self for this.

EDIT: @uberpwnyexpress
Microsoft has to convince me and most other gamers to purchase the X1... and until now they haven't. That is one of their problems.
If you haven't figured out until now how Microsoft screwed their console, then just forget it.
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Bernlock  +   708d ago
screwed up how? Do you own one yourself or forming an opinion based on nothing
4Sh0w  +   708d ago
Stupid statement. Now watch when sales are higher than ps4, for a month or two and silly journos imply ps4 is dying. I bet he will flop flop, call the media biased, say only in 'murica, say 101 other excuses just like flip flop on paying for online, and res gate so far this gen.
BX81  +   708d ago
I strongly disagree with your comment. The console is fine. Now if you wanna say they screwed up the original message they sent out then I can agree with that.
Minute Man 721  +   708d ago
Original message as in restriction of ownership? Weaker hardware?
BX81  +   708d ago
@Minute man

Out of all the consoles one has to be weaker. That doesn't make it a console not worthy of buying. I have both a PS4 and XB1. For me I have had way more fun on the XB1. Now since were talking of the original message, people love to bring it up and that's it. MS saw what the gamers wanted and changed their policies. So yeah it started bad and MS made drastic changes to make the XB1 more consumer friendly.
WilDRangeRrfc  +   708d ago
Well let me tell you why your opinion is wrong,I have PS4 love it I don't own X1 but soon as Gears Of War releases I will buy it.And there will be millions like me,same for Halo pal
Omni-Tool  +   707d ago
Could XB1 be this generations Pippin?

The XB1 seems to be having an identity crisis. It's like a teenage girl with low self-esteem in high school trying anything and everyone just to find her "click". Yeah, she may be easy but you wouldn't really brag to your friends about her either based on reputation alone. (just making a point about the console, not real people. Chill...)

Now, I'm not hating on MS. I respect them as a company because they have come a long way since DOS. And, before I'm called a "Sony FB", I can hate on PS4 just as equally but that would be off topic.
Lior  +   708d ago
Why do most americans have stereotypical views about Europe
orionone  +   708d ago
Same reason most Europeans have stereotypical views about Americans?
G20WLY  +   708d ago
Saying "most Americans" is, in itself, stereotyping lol! You mean "some" ;)
Boody-Bandit  +   708d ago
Lior don't take too much offense to it. Here in America we are equal opportunity stereo typers. In that would do it to everyone including ourselves.

I would break you out a list but it would go on forever. Personally I don't have nothing against anyone regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

I'm a rare breed.
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Aceman18  +   708d ago
i am one american that has no desire to purchase an X1 until i see a configuration, and games other than Quantum Break that would make me want to purchase one.
Sammy777  +   708d ago
MS should focus more on PC gaming and how to make a solid OS for Tablets when PC is done a few years down the line.
The_Infected  +   708d ago
I think maybe Microsoft should just do a better job with their console and price.
ChaosKnight  +   708d ago
$500 for an Xbox One, Kinect and Titanfall isn't a good deal?
Sammy777  +   708d ago
even if they launched xbox one at the same price, the outcome would have been the same . I mean if 2 products are priced the same but one is a superior console, then why would you NOT BUY it over the other.

@chaosnight..500$ for a console which can't do 1080p native and Titanfall is an MP only game and Kinect lol
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The_Infected  +   708d ago

"$500 for an Xbox One, Kinect and Titanfall isn't a good deal?"

Yes it is a good deal but the free game is for a limited time only.
No_Limit  +   708d ago
Great deal. Not doubt about it. If I didn't have already have my Xb1, I will definitely wait on this bundle.
MrSwankSinatra  +   708d ago
@ChaosKnight sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone has an interest in titanfall let alone kinect for that matter.
BitbyDeath  +   708d ago
MS does need to start focusing on PC soon though as Valve are now starting to sneak in with intentions of stealing the entire gaming platform from them.
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No_Limit  +   708d ago

As long as Valve will continue to run on PCs and Windows, I don't think MS cares one bit, TBH.
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BX81  +   708d ago
@ Sammy
Wolfenstien devs said both ps4/xb1 versions are 60 fps and 1080p.
SteamPowered  +   708d ago
You just contradicted yourself. Why would Microsoft focus on PC games if PCs are done in a few years? PC will not be done, ever.
I dont think you realize how many PC gamers there are out there....
HighResHero  +   708d ago
Yeah, I would go with 7 too if I was building a new rig.
Also agree that people have no idea how many PC gamers there are. A quick look at Steam stats alone should wake people up:
GOG is also growing rapidly and has a large community, along with others.
BakPAin  +   708d ago
MS has already said that they will support PC more! Not to mention DX12 @ GDC.
HighResHero  +   708d ago
Or they could could make a solid OS for laptops/PCs, for people that don't feel like downgrading to tablet specs. Otherwise people will have to switch to linux/steam, etc.
Windows 8 was a slap in the face to a lot of people, even though you can restore most of the Windows 7 functionality manually. They should probably get their act together and make products that people want instead of continuing to force things down people's throats.
That said, my gaming laptop has Windows 8 and I will make the best of it, but not everyone wants "tiles" or even touch screen functionality at all.
If their next OS isn't a step back in the right direction, I might have to skip it entirely.
I would really like to see them redeem themselves with the next Windows OS for a number of reasons.
SteamPowered  +   708d ago
Exactly. I don't like windows 8 making my pc act like a cell phone with apps and crap on screen.
I am building a HTPC with my tax money and I will definitely buy windows 7 for it.
MightyNoX  +   708d ago
From the article:

"So why is North America killing the Xbox One? They’ve assembled a device that breaths ‘Merica, appeals to a range of folk that rarely exist outside of the States, and their attempt at remedying the issue by offering the Titanfall bundle in Europe is more of an insult toward those who dished out full price for the console than anything."

So by not offering a Titanfall bundle in the US, Microsoft basically believes domination of the US market is not a question of 'IF' but 'WHEN'?

Interesting...I still think reversing the NPD trend should be their first priority.
Why o why  +   708d ago
It would cost them more to subsidise NA than it would the UK. I'm sure EA would of put a block on that. They're already losing out by going exclusive.
Ketzicorn  +   708d ago
And the funny thing is the Titanfall bundle is offered in the US.
MightyNoX  +   708d ago
^ apologies, "A titanfall bundle price cut"
Ra3030  +   708d ago
Microsoft assembled a devise that no one wants anywhere. And giving Titanfall away in any market is just plain desperate. Though I agree with you that it's a total insult and big middle finger to the Merica Xbox crowd.
Microsoft has many issues with the X1. First as a gaming machine though IDK it seems that the PS4 is a little more powerful. Second the Kinect is not a option and on the competition it is. Third we have a 100 dollars more in price that says "please, just go and buy the PS4".
Those are just a few issues that the X1 has going against it when consumers look at the X1 and PS4 side by side and they all favor the PS4 but the issues do not stop with those 3. Side by side the Xbox One is huge with parts that are large. Such as the Kinect and the power brick. 2 things you don't have for the base price of the PS4. With all that said I think I saved the biggest issue the X1 has for last and for me I don't understand it at all. It's the use of the TV options in the X1. Maybe someone with a Xbox One can explain how it's worth the cost. I'm not sure Microsoft has a message on this at all. But let's look at what we have. I/ we all have cable or Sat TV. My TV is cable ready so maybe I don't have a cable box but we'll say everyone does and same for Sat TV. Why in this world would anyone pay $500 to to get a X1 to run their TV through it? I have a TV remote that works fine. I don't see how it's a all in one box that I can remove my cable or Sat. TV boxes. Sure if I go with the X1 I could remove those things but in turn I would need to, to have room for the kinect and the power brick. So I don't see how that's a win. I would also need to pay for XBL and though it's not much but over time it adds to the cost. And depending on my internet provider my bandwidth may sky rocket and that to would add even more cost. So to me side by side with the PS4 I just don't see the Xbox One winning on any level. I was a Xbot with the 360 and the first xbox. It took me 2 seconds to decide the X1 was in no way for me. And based on current sales it looks like many people came to the same conclusions as I did. IMO the Microsoft shareholders have had about enough and a Xbox hardware sell is soon at hand.
LogicLee  +   708d ago
The fact that the Titanfall bundle isn't offered in the US is arrogant. They should focus on making those who spent $500 on day one happier... not the market they've never really controlled.
BakPAin  +   708d ago
Hold on am I missing something here? I just saw TF commercial that said buy Xbox One get TF free. Wouldnt that be same as bundle?
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beebap  +   708d ago
Price cut in uk as well as offering titanfall free in bundle. It was kind of good move but I have feeling it will not work out as well as wanted. As uk last gen was largely xbox 360 but xbox one is doing bad and with the way our prices and currency is microsoft was able to offer price cut so try get market share back to way it was with xbox 360. Interesting to see sales after titanfall is out of course this will spike sales briefy but what system seller is coming after this and when it be a long wait. Uk is also the funny image he described were downton abbey is set. So interesting that uk last gen was microsoft and prob like america would have loved the tv features except for one thing it too late most people are simply passed normal tv now gamers even casual gamers have already enough tech and choices now that tv is about streaming on demand.
NeloAnjelo  +   708d ago
This Is the fault of MS, and MS only.
Eonjay  +   708d ago
Warning! This article features a picture of the hideous Mountain Dew Xbox One. Not cool man.
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dansdooz  +   708d ago
GenericNameHere  +   708d ago

Eww gross. Such a visual mess. Plus, the firs quadrant doesn't even have any designs on it.

Anyways, it seems MS needs to push the Xbone harder. But seeing as how the new head wants Xbox gone, they can't really spend another half a billion on marketing. Will Titanfall help the Xbone get closer to PS4 in the US, or will also releasing it on Xbox 360 and PC be one of MS' biggest mistake early in the bone's life cycle?
BakPAin  +   708d ago
Yeah that was scary ugly. I would be embarrassed to have something like that in my home!!
KNWS   708d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
dansdooz  +   708d ago
Nice article, good read!
PoodlePuncher  +   708d ago
Seems like people constantly overhype the TV functionality. It's not a tivo, you can't record TV with it (unless you already have a tivo or dvr), it's not a cable box, you still need a cable box with HDMI output to get TV on your xbox, it's really not much of anything other than being able to snap TV and getting rid of the process of switching inputs (which is just a couple of buttons so I don't see the big deal). Hell, my TV outdoes the snap feature by offering a better picture in picture mode that I can use with any other device.

That said, I think one big bonus of the Xbox nobody seems to mention is the ability to search for like any show and it shows you what service you can watch it through. I find that a hell of a lot more handy then the TV functionality.
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The_devils_chum   708d ago | Trolling | show
assdan  +   708d ago
If you include the initital sales, yes, the xbox one is selling well. But in 2014, the sales for the ps4 make up almost 70% of the total current gen console sales. That's not pretty. If the sales are incredibly front loaded, it's not good. The ps4 this year, (not including Japan launch) has generally sold around three times more units, and the xbox one is barely trending above the wiiU's 2013. Very few people honestly think the xbox one is doomed at this point, but it's still not pretty for them. If the sales for the xbox one don't start improving with the launch of titanfall, I'd get really concerned.
PoodlePuncher  +   708d ago
I just find it funny how it changed from a "console war" to "it's not about comparisons, Xbox may not sell as many as Sony, but they're still selling."
mhunterjr  +   708d ago
I find it funny that the term 'console wars' even exists. It's an industry like any other industry... An ecosystem, With multiple players positioning for a piece of the pie. It's not a fight to the death. There are no 'victors' ...there are just companies who make money and, occasionally, companies who don't make money. Some make more than others.

I can't think of another industry where consumers manufactured some type of war. Is Marvel winning a war against DC if they sell more comics? Is Exxon winning a war against BP if they sell more gas.

What's really funny is that the idea of a 'war' is just something drummed up to excite consumer passion.
Hicken  +   708d ago
Goalpost shifting. It's a new technique created last generation.
assdan  +   708d ago
@mhunterjr. Really? You can't?
Coke vs pepsi
Android vs iphone
ford vs chevy
There's a ton of them.
LeCreuset  +   708d ago
Says that Xbox is far from dead, and that those screaming of it's downfall are blind or stupid, in an article titled "North America Is Killing The Xbox One."
jmc8888  +   708d ago
Another article written by a half wit who sees numbers and hears propaganda and is flat wrong.

"Those screaming of its downfall are clearly blind, or stupid -- I haven't decided yet. Despite the wailing naysayers, the Xbox One is, in fact, one of the fastest selling consoles to date." -From the article.

Thanks. I'm one of those idiots. Because you see unlike the author I actually realize that it ONLY sold more because of past consoles supply issues. You see unlike the author, I understand the meaning behind numbers. You see numbers as reality, I see numbers as merely one point of reality. Then there's everything else that numbers DON'T tell. Numbers do lie, and people who think otherwise truly are the blind and stupid.

What is fact is that the author doesn't know how to utilize facts.

I don't just look at numbers and go...there...that's the whole story. That's fact.

I want to know how those numbers came to be. What's the context behind them? Because factual numbers+factual context = real facts.

You know I'm an idiot, because I think. Because I question. Because I use that grey matter in my head to actually figure stuff out for myself. I don't let numbers alone form my opinions.

Xbox One is selling about as bad as possible. You almost couldn't get any worse position then what Microsoft currently is. The reason it engenders that it is failing, is because of quite a few factors.

There is another recent console that didn't live up to expectations, and the Xbox One is selling just like it. It too has been said to be doomed, and at least that console has a suite of loved IP's that it's customers buy the console for. So unlike the Wii U, the Xbox One doesn't have Mario or Zelda to fall back on. Nor all the others. It has Halo, made by someone else.

Additionally there is another console that also just launched, and it's sales are massively higher. So we have a good comparison. Three consoles. Two selling poorly. One selling very well and not only massively higher but is still supply constrained just about everywhere.

If you told the average gamer, a year ago, that Microsoft would only be selling about 140-240k units a month depending on who you include and some variability, and sitting right next to the Wii U, they would have laughed you off the stage. But then again if you analyzed the rumors of the XB1 and thought...what if...they were true...then no, you should easily of seen this coming.

1. Because they would have thought no way it would be that bad. Unless the rumors were true. They were.

2. And if it was that bad, they'd be forced to admit that the Xbox One was in serious trouble because you simply cannot hide behind how badly a start it would be.

Here we are and the dropoff of the Xbox One is very similar to the Wii U, yet people are saying everything's fine.

It's not fine, and Titanfall will be hard pressed to do anything other then only supply a small bump up in consoles sold.

Which of course will be inflated, the Microsoft Goebbels way, by focusing on systems shipped rather then sold to actual customers, and by stuffing the channel with a Titanfall bundle, they are assuredly going to have an increase corresponding with the number of Titanfall bundles they ship.

If they ship 100k Titanfall bundles, no doubt then we'll see a CLAIM of an additional 100k sold. But how many of those Titanfall bundle sales just cause a regular SKU of the Xbox One to sit on the shelf a bit longer.

Either way you can bet Microsoft is going to stuff the channel by pushing more XB1 units to retailers then in previous months.
#13 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
jmc8888  +   708d ago
Also as I've said before, Microsoft and apologists can only keep up the 'fastest selling xbox' bs for only a bit longer. Because yes, it is BS, and everyone that says that only showcases how big of a moron they are...not to mention having no brain at all to speak of that they can't figure out such an obviously 3rd grade tactic. Not good.

Because starting around now during the 360 launch, they started getting better production numbers, so the supply constraints stopped artificially depressing sales. The positive reviews of working 360's and the launch of a few good games propelled the 360 forward.

Xbox One has no supply problems, and hasn't since like the 1st week in December, or about two weeks after launch. It is panned by most people as overpriced, underpowered, and has a direct competitor or two on the market at the same time. I'll take Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and GRAW over Titanfall, and I'm most likely buying the PC version of Titanfall. But there is no way in hell Titanfall will provide as much entertainment as I got from those two 360 games the spring after launch.

The 360 had only RRoD headwinds at this point. If your console worked, you loved it.
jmc8888  +   708d ago
So as this day in history during the 360 launch starts counting more and more units sold as supply increased, the Xbox One's fake 'best xbox launch' lead decreases. It won't be long until the Xbox One is rightfully underneath the
'first x months' sales of the 360. It shouldn't take long now. By the end of the year people will see how silly the comparison was at all.

In 2006 there were 8.9 million Xbox 360's sold. Does anyone really think there will be 8.9 million Xbox One's sold in 2014? Now given the what ~145,000 sold in January, that leaves 8.755 million over the last 11 months which means they need to average about 800k Xbox One's sold EVERY MONTH (795k) to equal what the Xbox One did in 2006.

The 360 had a far better launch then the Xbox One, and only by knowing reality behind the numbers do you actually get reality. Go work on wall street and steal a few trillion dollars based off fake numbers, if you're inclined to believe numbers alone mean something. Wall Street fails at that game all the time, and they actually pay you handsomely to fail at it.

But the Xbox One is doing really badly, and the only ones who don't realize it, are the ones that only look at specific numbers, in isolation of everything else.

It's not just about relying too much on numbers without context, but also being too lazy to look up past numbers as well.

8.9 million Xbox 360's sold in 2006. If the Xbox One does not equal that in 2014, it is off to a worse start.

Now again, look at those January NPD 145,000 number look? Annualized, which is a faulty metric, but gives a rough look at what happens if the same numbers are repeated throughout the year. At January's 145,000 rate, the Xbox One is on pace for not 8.9 million sales.....

But 1.74 million.

Now let that sit in your brain. Better then 360, yet the 360 sold 8.9 million, meanwhile the One is on pace for 1.74 million.

So who is being blind or stupid? Exactly.

At January's pace, and I'm sure it will change, but at January's pace annualized, the 360 was selling at a rate of ~511 percent faster.

So let's put that another way. What the 360 on average sold in a single day, takes the Xbox One 5.11 days to sell.

Yeah I can see how people are being stupid by merely suggesting that a >5/1 sales difference between generations is somehow negative. Especially since the 360 was also supply constrained the first few months.

But let me add some more context, since obviously people that don't understand numbers like the author need help in applying what is good or bad about this number.

If this number is anywhere approaching even 2/1 it's bad news for Xbox One. Even 1.5/1 would be bad. 5.11/1 that's slaughter.

Now I'm sure the 360 vs One numbers will drop from the 5.11/1 over the course of the year. I'm sure Microsoft will drop the price. I'm sure Titanfall will add 50,000 in actual XB1 sales or so. Maybe even 100k or 200k at the most. So those numbers could come down so it's like 8.9 million against 3-4 million.

But that too is horrible, and yes approaches doomed status. But let's not forget we have to see quite an increase just to reach 3-4 million consoles sold this year. They're going to need a price drop.
#15 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
beebap  +   708d ago
It just reached over 3 million a while back but sales have been dropping again badly as in time it took to get another 600 000 roughly as official sales have been released lately ps4 officially sold 1.8 million. Everyone you said had good point just need to calculate better for actual sales for xbox one
DJStotty  +   708d ago
To consider the amount of trouble you went to post all this you must be really hurt? How does it affect you personally how well the xbox one/PS4 does or doesnt do? It seems like your life would be truly affected. I cannot comprehend the pain you must be going through. My condolences dear sir x x
mochachino  +   708d ago
$400,000,000 of their "exclusives" budget was spent in the NFL. Most people outside of the US have little interest in the NFL... Just saying that's a lot of AAA games.
Lucreto  +   708d ago
The price cut in the UK on the Titanfall bundle according to Amazon has failed to move many more consoles.

The PS4 solo console and the Infamous bundle are outselling it at the moment with positions 13 and 33. Titanfall bundle is sitting at number 35 with 7 days to release in the UK.

Titanfall the game is sitting at number 1 but it is not a system seller from Amazons lists.
#17 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Tempest317  +   708d ago
As an american I dont know if this plays a factor in u.k. but after that £30 price drop you still pay nearly $200 more than us for the same console...I feel like that has to be an issue.

Edit: I know the ps4 is also more expensive, im only mentioning the x1 since its the topic.
#17.1 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
beebap  +   708d ago
Our price include taxes and higher rate of living puts the price up for hiring transportation that type of thing. It the price of our electronics you should look up price of phones etc like iphone .we are used to paying this much It because the pound is stronger than the dollar the ps3 was over 400 at launch but now like every other place the most powerful console is still cheaper than xbox one. Whether is price difference is fair or not is another thing as i said we need higher rate for lovong expenses but is our lower wage better than america meaning that can some american be in more poverty than ours.Maybe benefits help keep our prices up I never thought of that but that now economy in uk.
KingDadXVI  +   708d ago
I have to say he was on point for a lot of the blog. Until the last paragraph that is where he disappoints by revealing that he is just bitter that the console was not made for him individually.
urwifeminder  +   708d ago
I don't seem to be having trouble finding games online so I am happy , get caught up in war loose your joy for the games.
DJStotty  +   708d ago
WOW!!!! E3 NEWS REHASHED!! Sites getting desperate for hits these days
cimerians  +   707d ago
It isn't bad for business. It's bad for Microsoft. If you have a PC Nintendo and Sony are good enough to own. You don't need an Xbox One.
DoubleM70  +   707d ago
It's funny the more I play my Xbox one. The more I play games. My Wife loves the cable features and I do to. They work perfectly for her when browsing to see what's on. As far as games plenty of games to play. Let's see so far I got RYSE, KI Strider, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall( Tuesday) Plants vs Zombies. The freaking box has tons of features I'm very impressed. About to try out this project Spark beta looks pretty cool.
Flames76  +   707d ago
Guess thats why Xbox One just outsold the PS4 this past weekin in america,europe,and the UK?Sorry but anyone who thinks the PS4 is gonna dominate this gen is crazy.Both consoles are gonna sell millions so enjoy the games
Godmars290  +   707d ago
Don't know where you got your numbers, but according to this you only got one right:
keegamer80  +   707d ago
I bought an Xbox one on day one! I really enjoy it! It has changed the way I game and watch tv the best is yet to come. The same can be said for the wii u and the ps4. I'm just going to enjoy the games.

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