Departing SCEA President and CEO, Jack Tretton, issues message to PlayStation fans

PSU: SCEA President and CEO, Jack Tretton, has issued a direct message to the PlayStation family following the news that he is to step down from his roles at the heart of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

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TripC501536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Why jump off a perfectly good sailing ship?

UbiquitousClam1536d ago

Maybe he knows something... something we don't... something about the future... sshhhhhh.... *retreats back into the shadows*

PoSTedUP1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

likewise, Jack Trentton. the past 19 years of my life were the best, thanks to you... :')

if Jack were to become CEO of OUYA, id buy an OUYA and support it from day one. gahh im so sad.

maddskull1536d ago

since this is effective 1st of April. what if it is an april's fool day joke.

It would be a good one

blackbeld1536d ago


I hope it's a joke but my feelings says its for real. So sad he leaves. I almost got an heard attack but I managed to control myself after 1min.

Saigon1536d ago

Don't think this is a big deal. this happens, people move on. He was great in his position and maybe he decided to do something different. I am in the same boat with my current position, so I can't wait to find the next job of my dream.

Either way I wish Jack luck and thank him for the last great 19 years.

Peppino71536d ago

Such a heartbreaker. Hopefully he retired for bigger and better things or just to enjoy retirement and play ps4 games!

darthv721536d ago

Okay this is just for fun but if the rumors of Sega getting back into the console market were to be true, they could sure use a guy like jack. he has good charisma and presence on stage that he would be way better than Peter Moore ever was.

Team_Litt1536d ago

"I still see you!"
I dunno why, but that comment cracked me up. I literally laughed out loud.
Give that man a bubble!

Dee_911536d ago

im 12 and what is this?

scott1821536d ago

It's good for his future jobs, they will see how well he did with PlayStation in the US and they will pay him the big bucks. Sad to see him go, he was awesome.

imt5581536d ago

Love you, Jack! Take care!

Best moments @E3 2013 :

the worst1536d ago

Please dont pull a Phil Harrison move and sign over to Microsoft

Omegasyde1536d ago


He's been there a while and probably wants a bigger check.

Either that or personal reasons (like wanting to move to another state or parents are ill).

Great guy and 95% of the time he didn't BS like his counterparts for Nintendo and Microsoft.

ThaBx1536d ago

Yeah u right UbiquitousClam, I'm getting deja vu..... This reminds me of the Sega Dreamcast day's, that's weird there is something going on behind the scenes... Don't believe the hype... Greatness is the Means to an end.......

k3rn3ll1536d ago

I don't think he would have said w/ mixed feelings if it was just "these things happen , people move on. Especially for what he's done for the ps enterprise. It is quite weird considering how well things are going for ps. I say ps not Sony. Sucks we don't ever get context for stuff like this

TheLyonKing1536d ago

Or he might just want new challenges and new ventures he has helped create something amazing and now he wants to move on.

In any case I wish him all the best in life and what he does, truly a great businessman and fan favourite.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1535d ago

All the people saying they love him, will be the first to say they've always hated him when he gets a job at MS.

Kidmyst1535d ago

Hopefully whoever replaces Jack is a Gamer who plays and loves games like Jack.

Adityac1535d ago

Alright calm down people it's not THAT funny...

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Dlacy13g1536d ago

@TripC50 I am guessing with all the re-organization Sony is going through Jack may have been faced with some choices/options that he felt he was better off just taking his leave vs continuing forward.

morganfell1536d ago

I think you are correct. Jack was great but Laydon is a good guy, very personable and actually understands the vision more initimately than Jack.

Here is a brief interview with him:

sonic9891536d ago

well that shawn guy sounds a lot like a robot with no expressions .
well jack said there was an agreement between him and sony about the issue .
so i think he knew that he is departing before that happened with at least 5 months i know that its not a big discovery but the guy will be missed he seemed humble he sounded honest too i just hope that Mr.laydon is a good replacement but i doubt it not in terms of how he will manage the SCEA team but about how he will handle the press conferences like E3

Team_Litt1536d ago

Ah jeez! The guy hasn't left yet and we are already claiming the next guy was a better fit all along? I mean come on, you'd NEVER admit this prior to this announcement.

PS fans have a history of shaming pretty much anyone who dares leave Sony or becomes multiplat. However, dare say anything bad about them 2 days before they announce they are leaving and you will be lynched!

That said, I never liked Tretton. Douchebag in a suit. Those lollipop/3DS is a babysitting tool/no self respecting 20 year old comments he made were in bad taste.

Omegasyde1536d ago


But Jack has been with SCEA/Sony CE for nearly the whole time. I don't think he was forced out as generally is seen as a good PR guy.

I am sure Kaz liked him as well. Now the Sony boardmembers? No clue.

Elzer1536d ago

Titanfall, Direct x12, titled resources, ray-tracing, cloud computation, stacked gpu accessible with upcoming updates! to much for JACK to handle! Shets getting real for the xbox one. Xbox one was suppose to be released in 2014. Now we are here and this is what will come of it!!! "FACT"

irepbtown1535d ago

Maybe he feels everything is going in the right direction, that he can now step away from a perfectly sailing ship and it wouldn't sink, it will continue to ride through every storm.

He has been awesome, especially when it comes to conferences.

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fermcr1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Jack Tretton is leaving Sony, and joining Microsoft.
Just kidding !!!
He's joining Nintendo.

gamertk4211536d ago

Wrong, Microsoft is buying Sony and they have to make room for J Allard to return!

cell9891536d ago

yeah J Allard and his Zune will make the xbone unstoppable right?

Studio-YaMi1536d ago

If that's a shot at being funny,you're far from it,sadly...

Boody-Bandit1536d ago

What if all the rumors Amazon is getting into the gaming industry are true and that's where he is going? I don't know. I don't see Jack leaving for money. He didn't come off as that kind of a person.

I just hope it's not a health issue with him or his family.

Kiwi661536d ago

Damn just imagine what this place would be like if it turned out he was going to work for microsoft it would not be a nice place

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ger23961536d ago

Maybe after 19 yrs, he decide to retire on a high note. Tbh, we might never know why.

TripC501536d ago

Yeah, I think that may be the case. Like retiring after a Super Bowl win. I agree

PS: I'm also getting kinda railed with disagrees above...

Mr Pumblechook1536d ago

He says he leaving by 'mutual agreement' with Sony. There is more to this...

k3rn3ll1536d ago

Yea but why say mixed feelings. Wouldn't he just say he's retiring ? He was only CEO for 8 years or something right? Maybe he was asked to take a pay cut with all the restructuring they are doing. Idk... sucks either way

-Foxtrot1536d ago

Could be anything

Maybe it was stressfull, maybe he was getting too old for it, maybe it's health issues, maybe he wants to spend more time with his family.

Anyway I can't believe he's left, I wish he would of left after E3 and made an announcement at E3 that he was leaving.

No one will ever be as good as him at conferences and even in PR stuff, he was my most liked "suit" in the game industry...because with where he was when he first started he's a gamer at heart, he's been in the gaming industry since he started out.

nukeitall1536d ago

Jack would have said for family if that was the case. He doesn't have another job unlike Don Mattrick either, so this doesn't sound planned at all. More like he was pushed out.

Oh well, it isn't like Jack will suffer financially or anything.

I liked Jack the least from the Sony crew, and Kaz Hirai was way better. At least it ain't Ken Kutaragi!!! ah!

NarooN1536d ago


That has to be the absolute most ridiculous comment I've seen in a while. From Polygon's (yeah) article about him, Jack's departure was a completely mutual agreement between him and SCEA/Sony. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever about him being "pushed out".

Also I dunno what you mean by 'at least it ain't Ken Kutaragi', as he was "pushed out" ages ago. Notice how you literally never hear anything about him anymore? He got "promoted" to Honorary Chairman or something, which really meant he got put in a worthless position which was more polite than outright firing him. The statements he was making at the time (he was openly shit-talking other management) and the fact that he was an insane visionary were the main causes of his being ousted in a coup.

IanVanCheese1536d ago

Maybe he didn't jump. The wording of it sounds to me like it wasn't entirely his choice.


Don't do it Jack...don't do it!!!

assdan1536d ago

Knew this was going to be the first comment...
The bigger question. Why did Ballner leave MS???

Pogmathoin1536d ago

He is going to MS.... Remember that big story rumour from MS?

Ginesis1536d ago

It may at first seem far fetched but when you add in Phil at MS, it seems like this could be a possibility.

3-4-51536d ago

I would guess that he's had an opportunity in the works somewhere else for a while now.

They kept him on to make sure the PS4 launch went smoothly, and it did.

They had already groomed or found his replacement and didn't want to have that guys first task be the success or failure of the PS4....that is a bit much for your first year.

* Things went smoothly and thus he was able to go on to his next venture, while still leaving Sony in capable hands.

MAULxx1535d ago

Dude, your making a lot of sense.
I agree.

ITPython1536d ago

Makes you wonder what the real reason behind this is. From the PS blog it doesn't sound like this was something he planned on, but possibly had to do it because of some kind of incident.

Could be anything really, perhaps he got frisky with a teenage intern and got caught. Either way it seems like it is about something that he did that the company wants to keep under wraps. A lot of the time it is sex-related when you see somebody standing down with absolutely no warning.

Veneno1536d ago

I was thinking the same thing. It's all too suspicious when someone as high up just suddenly leaves with no reason given or where they're headed to next. Usually there is scandal or wrong-doing involved.

I hope it isn't because I love Jack and if he pulled a Michael Jackson that would break my heart.

Baccra171536d ago

He couldn't take it anymore, all that blood on his hands and all...

Veneno1536d ago

lololololololololololololololo l

gamer20131535d ago

There always has to be one troll.

Baccra171535d ago Show
UnholyLight1536d ago

I feel like since he's been there from the beginning pretty much..he's done his duty. He's set a course for Sony where they really are in a good position as of late...and he really was pivotal in getting to this point.

Like he said it's time for the next chapter in his career, something new after all those years of working for Sony and it's fans!

Dannycr1536d ago

Perhaps this is something similar as to what the Nintendo guys did by cutting their salaries in half.

gameon19851536d ago

The titanic was also a perfectly sailing ship. I'm telling you people this is the beginning of the end for PlayStation. people are losing jobs left and right at Sony. Yet, people are insist on saying Microsoft will sell their games division. I think people will be surprised at how low sony will be in a year or so.

incredibleMULK1536d ago

london bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, my fair lady!

bye bye playstation and bye by xbox....a suicide love triangle.

incredibleMULK1536d ago

Good one! I'm sad to see him go now we gotta listen to that squirrely little english guy at e3. I would much rather watch Jack Denton do the hemorhoid walk.

I suppose he got fired for that horrible game MAG or the psn outage during the socom 4 release. Or that Starhawk crap.

Or they are just getting rid of big salaries and bringing in newer cheaper people to make up for all the sony d'ohs like the bravias, laptops, experias, toasters and other overpriced junk they sell.

I gotta tell ya though ps3 and ps4 are solid though. Ps2 not so much...i had a bunch of screen tears on that and the control plug was faulty.

busytoad1536d ago

well at his age and so many years with the company id retire too, specially if i wanna hang out with my kids more.

showtimefolks1536d ago

people will create a story where there is none, sometimes people leave and that's the end of it. Jack has worked hard for a long time so maybe now he wants to enjoy the time with his family

Best of luck to you, we as PlayStation family grew together. You were one of my Favorite Executives because you were actually on the level of consumers and what we want. MS sure could use some people like you(please don't go there lol)

Best of luck in whatever you do, here is hoping you stay connected to sony in some way and close to PlayStation brand

llMurcielagoll1536d ago

From context, contract expiring, Sony would not renew in order to have a new CEO take over and that's normal... I think.

Ulf1536d ago

He didn't jump off, he was pushed off.

PS1-PS3 were Jack's legacy, and they were amazing.

PS4 is nice hardware. We'll see what the "new" SCE has in store for us. They're already charging us to play online, and are making controllers with low-grade rubber covers on the sticks, and tiny batteries, after all.

idontcare1536d ago

Because he finally played on Xbox One;)

gedden71535d ago

That perfect ship, anit really "sailing" to good...

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alb18991536d ago

Something must be wrong in SONY, they close 20 stores this month and a lot of news of people living.
This is not good.

Sammy7771536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Just a usual shakeup. They have console war firmly in their bag .


5/8 years? Console war is done in europe and asia if you look at the charts . Maybe MS could launch another xbox but that might never happen. 20 stores closure means nothing. MS are in talks to sell off Xbox Division and will downsize pc division due to the emergence of tablets, doesnt mean that MS are done .

Forbes talking about bankruptcy ? yes a 150 billion dollar company will go bankrupt just like that