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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 632d ago | opinion piece

PS4 Camera Sold Out, Shows Why an Xbox One Is a Better Deal

The PS4 Camera is sold out every where including Best Buy, Target and Amazon. About the only place users can still pick up one of the devices is GameStop, which has hiked up the price of the PS4 camera by an additional $10 to, presumably, make a bit extra on every sale. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Mr_cheese  +   632d ago | Well said
Mandatory purchase isn't a better deal, having the option to buy the accessory is. I haven't brought the ps eye, nor do I intend to yet because there isn't anything it is used for that truly makes me push to get one, but no doubt in the future I will end up with one, but I get a choice in that matter.
Sammy777   632d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(16)
3-4-5  +   632d ago
Go ask the people who bought an XB1.

How many of them bought an XB1 FOR Kinect ?

Probably like 12 people.

The potential games on each console is the appeal.

That and only that really.
Sammy777  +   632d ago

Those Xbox One games are all like indie games which might even run at 1080p on ps3/x360 . The next bf/cod/destiny will also be 720p/900p on Xbox One . Unless developers want to dumb down on games for parity's sake, xbox one won't have major games running at 1080p.

You can expect another 15/20 games on xbox one this year running at 720p or near 720p/900p. We are talking inferior hardware with a GPU having just 16 rops and sluggish DDR3 ram . As you seen with Titanfall preorders, sales of tr,thief,cod,bf people prefer 1080p games or games more powerful platform

that GG method is very taxing on the hardware . It was more like a rushed out method and wont be possible on Xbox One
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HaveAsandwich  +   632d ago
htf is having a forced kinect a better deal.
MysticStrummer  +   632d ago
It shows that an optional camera is more desirable than a mandatory camera.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt   632d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
il-JumperMT  +   632d ago
Facepalm Acsii....

For some reason ascii dont work here
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-EvoAnubis-  +   632d ago
Good; I hate that shit.
thejigisup  +   632d ago
No, no it does not show why xbox one is a better deal. Terrible article article here and there are so many factors into what makes a system a deal in the first place and more factors to consider when asking yourself which is the better deal. Every ps4 comes with a month of music unlimited, $10 psn credit, and one month of ps+. which if you have a ps3 our view as will that's a massive amount of games(for a month) for free and many games that are discounted, they've got some great ps+ sales right now. If you buy a ps4 you can use your Netflix account without paying monthly for a "live" really what is the better deal? That's up to reach individual consumer. This article was written with intent to slight the ps brand. That is all.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   631d ago
No one complains about the kinect, thats a fact. Only ps4 fans do and they dont even have it.
bobacdigital  +   632d ago
The whole streaming / share feature being core to the console was a pretty good idea because it allowed Sony to sell the eye toy separately with pretty much 0 games at launch.. Twitch streaming gave people a reason to buy the eye toy beyond just gaming...

genius move when paired with 399 price tag.
HRoach616  +   632d ago
I have both the PS4 and the X1. I will say I love them both. But let's be honest. After fiddling with both cameras I can say that there is almost no difference in functionality. Yes you can navigate the home on X1 but it's not nearly as smooth as people like to make it out to be. I never use it, the controller is way easier. Both detect who I am, both are used(poorly) for games. Now that I have them both I can say both are practically useless.
At least I had the option to waist my money with sony's.
jmc8888  +   632d ago

It's not about who does what, it's how and what they actually do.

Sony gives choices whereas Microsoft takes them away.

Sony has already said at one point they plan to allow microphones to control the voice command portion.

Microsoft? They continue to keep that needlessly isolated to only the Kinect after of course they needlessly force you to buy the console with it included.
HRoach616  +   632d ago
I'm not bashing anything your saying, some people take everything poorly. But actually the PS4 voice controls already work with a mic. I have my Pulse Elites already set up with it. It works. I rarely use it. But it's there.
BX81  +   632d ago | Well said
Please stop using the words "force you to buy".
ma1asiah  +   632d ago
I don't know how you have your Kinect calibrated, but I have 4 kids between 7 and 13 yelling and screaming through my house. I have the wife screaming at the kids to do this and that, yet I am still able to use Kinect to navigate the UI better than if I was to navigate it with just the controller. In fact I tend to disagree and find it really smooth.

Ryse and DR3 when paired with voice were definitely quicker than using just a controller.

KS Rivals picks up even the smallest of movements, can tell the difference in voices when playing two player that everyone who sees it in action can't get over how responsive it is.

Full 1080p HD Skype feed to any device not just the Xbox

Post TWITCH March 11th update

We will have 720p TWITCH streaming which is not really the same as 480p TWITCH streaming now is it.

Something else I will add is in NZ we don't have voice commands, we actually have to switch our region to Australia for voice to work. Now the Kiwi and Australian accent are not remotely the same with exception to the fact that we both speak english. Now with the exception to PINS that I have to pronounce PENS everything else works perfectly.

Still hey everybody to their own I guess.
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Allsystemgamer  +   632d ago
Thing is though, you don't need a kinect to do what you said. All the voice stuff is done with a mic and can be done with a mic.
ma1asiah  +   632d ago
@ Allsystemgamer

Walk into a room and see if your device boots up your profile without you needing to do anything, even if the room is in total darkness.

Not everything the Kinect does well requires a headset

Can a headset read your heart rate ummm I guess not.

I also find and this is just me not speaking for the genral populus at large but headsets become uncomfortable after a while and can even have me feeling like my ears are cooking.

Not having a headset glued to me head is pure bliss to me.

Now in reply to your response further up, just because your friends have their Kinect still boxed up doesn't prove it doesn't work or it is useless. It just proves that they have opted not to use it.
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MAULxx  +   632d ago
A glorified remote that can't even tell the difference between "Xbox One" and "Xbox On". Not to mention a gamepad that's worse than the previous 360 controller aside from the d-pad. At least the gamepad works though.
I don't know what people like this article writer have to gain by being a hardcore Xbone supporter. Maybe because the Bone is an underdog or maybe it's because there's so much hate (well deserved imo) for the Bone. "PS4 cameras sold out so the X-Bone is a better deal."
Fanboy logic? Ignorance? Both?
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mediate-this  +   632d ago
Honestly i dont use my xb1 as tv box, i dont use my kinect, when i first got it, i used kinect but its more annoying to me on then not. I use my xb1 to play games, been playing my ps4 more atm, double helix screwed killer instinct up for me, but im waiting on tf and second son.
jmc8888  +   632d ago
So if Ford is selling out of a limited exclusive vehicle it makes means that whatever bonehead decisions of GM on its entire line not boneheaded?

The author also uses fuzzy math. The PS4 is $399. If you decide you want a camera, you can buy one and it is still LESS MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKET then $499.

I mean Microsoft could offer a console with every game on the system for $2999, and you probably would save $1000 when you factor a bunch of crap in. But who is going to buy it?

The simple fact is, PS4 is $399 and Xbox One is $499.

Unlike Microsoft, which tried to dictate so much stuff to the gamer, they are now hated by a huge segment of what used to be their playerbase. Sony allows the customer to choose whether or not they want one.

Even if you buy it, YOU STILL SPENT LESS MONEY then on an XB1, with or without a game included.

Microsoft isn't selling well JUST because of the camera being included, and all it represent in how when anyone sees it they think Microsoft wanted to force that on me, force that to be plugged in, etc, etc.

Microsoft tried to force numerous policies which were anti-consumer. Then played the blame game on those that supported them driving a wedge between those that accepted the bent over rectal exam and those that didn't. Also known as a company playing both sides by obfuscating reality.

Microsoft did indeed also hurt themselves by charging $100 more.

Meanwhile having poorer components that are hampered even further with their use of 32 mb's of ESRAM (1/4th the size they needed) as a bandaid for their decision of using DDR3 and it's piss poor memory bandwidth.

Price+Less Choice+Poorer Components+Shady business practices+Loss of trust = Xbox One

You pay more. You get less. Things are forced on you (but at least far less then what THEY tried). You can't trust Microsoft at all.
Allsystemgamer  +   632d ago
I'm willing to bet the x1 would have sold just as many if not more consoles had they released a kinect less SKU.
strifeblade  +   631d ago
how is it bony math? Titanfall bundle + kinect 499$
Ps4 399 + camera 59 + Game (40-60$)= 500-520$

How does that deal sound? very competitive with ps4 if you ask me.

No choice? This sounds reminiscent when ps3 launched with bluray and an outrageous price tag of 599$. Ask how many people back then were happy to pay 599$ for a format that was undecided when bluray and hd dvd were at war.

It all comes down to exclusives and games you like for which systems. All this tech bull , and i almost bought into it at one point and was scared about my purchase of x1 regarding resolution issues. And then i saw the ps4 at my friends house and was expecting to see a noticeable difference, and the fact is i could not even see the difference in tomb raider defintive edition, i struggled trying to tell the difference between ps3/360 tomb raider and ps4 tomb raider. If i had problems with that then imagine trying telling the differences between x1 and ps4 versions. Fact is resolution is not as important as most have you believe. at the distance i was sitting at i struggled to see the difference and i did not sit very far. Gamers especially on this site just want something to talk about- something to brag about,just want to make x1 purchasers feel insecure and thats wrong. The quality of the tv you own will make more of a difference than the output resolutions of each respective system as i have seen. another friend playing ps4 on a 4 year old hd plasma compared to my 8 series lg i bought last year does not come close to how my x1 looks on it.

Get a gamer and put on an x1 version of the game and ps4 without telling him which is which and i doubt he would tell which is which flawlessly. At the end of the day its the exclusives that will show the power of the systems. You want amazingly noticable difference in multiplats? Go pc.
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Gamer666  +   632d ago
I doubt I will ever buy a console based on either price or what's in the box...

I buy a console for games...
Groo  +   632d ago
if Xbox One was a better deal, people would have bought one rather then a PS4 in the first place...
kingdom18  +   632d ago
And then all the cameras wouldn't be sold out. *Its the same reason why the PS4 is still sold out.
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assdan  +   632d ago
Mandatory purchase is never a good thing. Even if a lot of people want it. Many PS4 owner don't own or want a pseye at this point. On top of this, the price including the camera is still less than the xbox one. So no, the xbox one is not a good deal. I personally don't consider a weaker system for 25% more money is a good deal.
GameSpawn  +   632d ago
The demand for the PS4 Camera is only so high because:
(1) [Very Low Supply] Sony didn't make a lot of them to begin with as people showed with the first Kinect and Sony's own PSEye on the PS3 that they (the majority) did not want camera based games and that the market for the camera is extremely niche.
(2) [Very High Demand] Unexpected by Sony, people actually want the camera for all the streaming and broadcasting. A VAST majority of the camera's demand is because of this SINGLE reason.

[Very Low Supply] + [Very High Demand] = [Large Shortages & Very High Prices]

It is true "like the one above me" has said that a majority of PS4 owners don't want the camera right now, but a large enough amount DO want it for the broadcasting -- larger so than Sony has made or has been making.
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CLOUD1983  +   632d ago
All those people who buy PS4 instead of Xbone don't do it because it's cheaper but because it's the superior console hardware wise & because SONY will have in the long run the best first party/exclusive games of the next generation & every1 knows that, that to clear the confusion of the author because it seems to believe what he said that PS4 is ahead in sales because it's cheaper...
Allsystemgamer  +   632d ago
I was an xbox fan the past 2 gens with 8 years on my love account. Rarely games online in my ps3 but used it for exclusives.

I'm not buying an x1 and currently lookin for a ps4
Ninver  +   632d ago
"PS4 Camera Sold Out, Shows Why an Xbox One Is a Better Deal"

That's a rediculous asumption. People interested in the camera have a choice to buy it instead of being forced to.
aerisbueller  +   632d ago
makes perfect sense. you can use it with anything:

good movie - tickets sold out

therefore tickets to a bad movie is a better deal
Hicken  +   632d ago
Damage control at its finest. There's really no way to logically come to the conclusion that the success of the PS4 camera proves the XB1 and Kinect is a better deal.

Buy if the author was thinking logically, this article wouldn't exist.
Soldierone  +   632d ago
How? I couldn't afford the camera on launch, got it at a later date. Really haven't used it, and if I was "forced" to use it, I'd honestly hate it.

To top it off, there really isn't anything using either camera....
Freeball  +   632d ago
LMAO I think the millions of people who aren't looking to purchase the PS4 camera may disagree.
Batnut00  +   632d ago
No, it shows that if you give people a good reason, they will buy the accessory. There was never a need to force it on us, the PS Camera just proved that.
dodgefate  +   632d ago
it's is cool the camera is sold out lol I didn't get it I bought the PS Gold Wireless headset (Awsome!) I won't buy the cam... why so I can make sex tapes on live stream like everyone else lol or be watched by the man as some say I am good.

Glade it is selling well tho
Dlacy13g  +   632d ago
Its funny how circular gaming is...and the fanboy arguments that go with it. I can recall years back these "choices" arguments were flip flopped...

My personal opinion is the kinect integration into the system of the Xbox One absolutely makes it something unique and different. If you use kinect as intended its magical and really feels like an evolution of not just a gaming device but of your entire entertainment set up. If you get an Xbox One and turn off kinect you (in my opinion) are basically gimping your system.

On topic with the PS4 camera being sold out showing the Xbox One is a better value? I think that speaks more to how popular Twitch got on the PS4 vs the actual value of what the PS4 camera brings to the table.
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Mithan  +   632d ago
It's a better deal if you need it, but I would be curious as to how many do?
Section8   632d ago | Bad language | show
thebudgetgamer  +   632d ago
It's not a better deal, even if you buy the camera you still come out spending less than the Xbox and you can still afford one game.

Point being: Option of buying a camera > shoving one in the box when you don't care about it.
#22 (Edited 632d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
aerisbueller  +   632d ago
wow, with such an idiotic title, it's admirable the stupidity in the 'article' didn't disappoint
WeAreLegion  +   632d ago
It's $40 more. How could that possibly be a better deal?
aerisbueller  +   632d ago
more like 'better deal with it', amirite?
wizeonee   632d ago | Spam
N4GJD  +   632d ago
1. Sony is not forcing consumers to purchase their camera.

2. The bundled digital games do NOT add $60 in value! They are not physical and you can't resell them, etc.

And it's probably not costing Microsoft anything to include a bundled game. They were already profiting about $25 for every console sold and they're also cutting out the middle men with the bundled games being digital. They could have easily had a price drop instead, but this looks to be more of a value to stupid consumers.

Enough said.
Geekman   632d ago | Immature | show
meganick  +   632d ago
No, if you buy the PS4 camera along with the PS4, you still pay less than you would for an X1, plus you get the more powerful console. And if you don't want the camera, you save more money. It's always better to have options.
Ra3030  +   632d ago
Well, I hate myself now. I just spent 60 seconds reading that and that's 60 seconds I can never get back. I thought they were going ago tell us some new breaking news as to why the Xbox One was now a better buy than the PS4. But IMO it's just like all the other sneaky dishonest reports telling us to BUY XBox One! What this article, like all the others doesn't tell us is that Microsoft will continue to be Microsoft and that's the deal breaker on any product they sale. No matter what the cost, no matter the deal. As long as Mixrosoft is attached to it well, it's a no sell. Only a few that has a trust fund and money to throw away would buy the POS X1. And really those that do are just rich kids that don't know any better. Right now the great part about the Xbox One is Microsoft always being Microsoft and being totally clueless on what their doing. IMO, Soon their shareholders will say enough already! And sell their gaming hardware division. That will be a fantastic day and a great day for all gamers. The new owner will toss Spybox NSA Kinect and then remove the TV garbage and lower the price to $199.00 usd where the price belongs IMO. Then we all can get one to give to our family members we just don't like. I mean we gotta give them something at Xmas ...right?
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