PS4 Camera Sold Out, Shows Why an Xbox One Is a Better Deal

The PS4 Camera is sold out every where including Best Buy, Target and Amazon. About the only place users can still pick up one of the devices is GameStop, which has hiked up the price of the PS4 camera by an additional $10 to, presumably, make a bit extra on every sale.

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Mr_cheese1505d ago

Mandatory purchase isn't a better deal, having the option to buy the accessory is. I haven't brought the ps eye, nor do I intend to yet because there isn't anything it is used for that truly makes me push to get one, but no doubt in the future I will end up with one, but I get a choice in that matter.

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3-4-51505d ago

Go ask the people who bought an XB1.

How many of them bought an XB1 FOR Kinect ?

Probably like 12 people.

The potential games on each console is the appeal.

That and only that really.

Sammy7771505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )


Those Xbox One games are all like indie games which might even run at 1080p on ps3/x360 . The next bf/cod/destiny will also be 720p/900p on Xbox One . Unless developers want to dumb down on games for parity's sake, xbox one won't have major games running at 1080p.

You can expect another 15/20 games on xbox one this year running at 720p or near 720p/900p. We are talking inferior hardware with a GPU having just 16 rops and sluggish DDR3 ram . As you seen with Titanfall preorders, sales of tr,thief,cod,bf people prefer 1080p games or games more powerful platform

that GG method is very taxing on the hardware . It was more like a rushed out method and wont be possible on Xbox One

HaveAsandwich1505d ago

htf is having a forced kinect a better deal.

MysticStrummer1505d ago

It shows that an optional camera is more desirable than a mandatory camera.

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il-JumperMT1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Facepalm Acsii....

For some reason ascii dont work here

thejigisup1505d ago

No, no it does not show why xbox one is a better deal. Terrible article article here and there are so many factors into what makes a system a deal in the first place and more factors to consider when asking yourself which is the better deal. Every ps4 comes with a month of music unlimited, $10 psn credit, and one month of ps+. which if you have a ps3 our view as will that's a massive amount of games(for a month) for free and many games that are discounted, they've got some great ps+ sales right now. If you buy a ps4 you can use your Netflix account without paying monthly for a "live" really what is the better deal? That's up to reach individual consumer. This article was written with intent to slight the ps brand. That is all.

mrpsychoticstalker1504d ago

No one complains about the kinect, thats a fact. Only ps4 fans do and they dont even have it.

bobacdigital1505d ago

The whole streaming / share feature being core to the console was a pretty good idea because it allowed Sony to sell the eye toy separately with pretty much 0 games at launch.. Twitch streaming gave people a reason to buy the eye toy beyond just gaming...

genius move when paired with 399 price tag.

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