Six New Watch Dogs HD Photos Shows True Next Gen Open World Visuals

Straight from the press conference, Ubisoft have released 6 new breathtaking screenshots of Watch Dogs running on next gen hardware.

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Neonridr1474d ago

Are these in-game shots? Or just during a cinematic cutscene? Makes a difference..

Sammy7771474d ago

Ubisoft have a bad habit of releasing doctored screens which are often not indicative of the final game

inveni01474d ago

Even the most recent trailer disagrees with these screenshots.

Palitera1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Even if it is in-game, it is true CROSS gen, not next.

Also even their first gameplay debut was heavily modified.

RyanShutup1474d ago

As much as I want them to be true... I'm calling BULLSHOT.

hollabox1474d ago

Talk about a visual downgrade since 2012!

deSSy27241473d ago

This game will look good but dont except that visuals. We need to wait for the real next gen titles (PS4/X1/PC only), cross gen wont show the real next gen graphics.

Its not only about graphics, its about AI and physics too.... we dont see big differences because games are made with 7th and 8th gen consoles in mind. So, they are not using the CPU fully.

vigilante_man1473d ago

Great point. Only true next gen games built with latest console CPU/GPU/8GB Ram will show what can be achieved.

This is why Sony have told all their studios that any new PS4 games will only be for PS4/Vita and not PS3!

Let's hope for more from the Division...

Dee_911473d ago

well I think its pretty obvious its not in-game.. and its not meant to look like in-game

Christopher1473d ago

These are from the PC version.

omnimodis781473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Absolutely unequivocally self-evident that these are not screenshots of real-time, in-game play, but of prerendered images. We've been dealt this shenanigan before, remember Aliens: Colonial Marines?

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Meltic1474d ago

Its from a freaking cinematic Movie. Big diffrent

1nsomniac1474d ago


What a disaster this game has turned out to be. went from being a breath-taking game to a pile of garbage in the space of an hour.

so disappointed!

starchild1474d ago

Give me a freaking break. Even if there has been a visual downgrade, which isn't proven yet, it wouldn't suddenly make the game shit. Some of you are ridiculous.

1nsomniac1474d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Ok, ignore the fact that it has been confirmed as PS4 gameplay & the fact that if it wasn't they would of released press statements to clear up this disaster.

Also, every screen shot up to this point that has been released from Ubisoft today has been from in-game cutscenes.

Also, ignore the fact that the game is now completely lifeless with environments striped right back along with dynamic weather & lighting & NPS not just reduced but dramatically almost none exist. - This even though they've already shown us a real-time 14 minute live PS4 demo months ago with all these feature in place & looking great.

Stupid me the gameplay must be great because of these new reductions.

Well done sir, you've enlightened me!

You must really enjoy companies lying to you with false advertising to sell you their products, please teach me!

porkChop1474d ago

These are so fake. They're all bullshots. No aliasing whatsoever. Either cutscenes or completely doctored.

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The story is too old to be commented.