Game Informer: Watch Dogs Hands-On Preview – A Glimpse Into Making Your Own Mark On Chicago

Associate editor Kimberley Wallace chronicles the hour and a half she spent exploring Watch Dogs.

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OrangePowerz1539d ago

The trailer they released today didn't look that good visually, I hope that was PS3/360 footage because I think it looked a lot worse compared to all the previous videos.

_LarZen_1539d ago

It was?! Oh man...the visual have taken a turn for the worse then. I was sure that it was the PS3/X360 version in the trailer.

It was so bland and with bad textures.

This is disappointing.

serratos271539d ago

Ahhh :/ I don't want to believe that. It looked so great towards the end of last year, but watching the trailer showed a downgrade. After that delay you would think otherwise ..

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1539d ago


exactly im not believing it! this is sad if they downgraded the game i need answers

Farsendor11539d ago

Ubisoft tends to over hype the graphics of their games i bet division will disappoint some people.

OrangePowerz1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Let's hope the twitter account is wrong. The PS trailer was the same as the one with the 360 logo at the end just with different pack shots at the end and in the PS trailer they had the PS3 and PS4 packshot while the other trailer had only the 360 one.

S_C1539d ago

There is no verification tick next to that twitter profile so i wouldnt take that ps4 comment to be the truth unless an official statement is released by sony

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1nsomniac1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I havnt watched it yet but would assume that like usual it doesn't look close to the BS (officially claimed to be from all in game engine)they usually release.

Aswell as publically claiming a few months back that it now looked better than the initial PS4 gameplay footage.

The only industry that can get away with selling you something after telling & showing you something different & getting away with it no questions asked... It always amazes me how they're allowed to do it!

OrangePowerz1539d ago

The gameplay videos they showed last year had been in engine, what platform is a different question.

The new trailer doesn't look like next gen.

1nsomniac1539d ago

The very first one they released was PC but after that they publically said it was PS4 footage.

It clearly wasn't, the only one I would assume was actually real footage would of been the video that was released "by mistake" that looked like PS2 footage which I would imagine would of been early unoptimised PS4 footage.

porkChop1539d ago

The new Gamespot gameplay on Youtube is PS4, even shows the PS4 R1/L1 buttons in the UI. The graphics look worse than GTA V on PS3 which is a huge shock to me.

Zancruz1539d ago

I already made a mark on Chicago when I was a kid.... I tag a wall and it's still there 20 years later lol.

crusf1539d ago

Is that what your profile pic is? :D

Zancruz1538d ago

Lol I wish it was that cool, My dumbasses chipped my real name in some bricks.... smh

US8F1539d ago

In another impression, I read that you can't shoot while driving but you can only hack. Is anyone else bummed by that!?

Ipunchbabiesforfun1539d ago

Love the polished screens probably done in 4K resolution on an uber PC maxed out with max AA. That trailer today was a joke compared to this, they better show me some HD footage and it better look good otherwise they aren't getting any of my $$$$$

GiantFriendlyCrab1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

lifeless city, and hardly any pedestrians on the streets.

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