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Submitted by lreyna 705d ago | news

'Tomb Raider' reboot celebrates first anniversary; set to pass 6 million units

Publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics celebrated Thursday the one-year anniversary of the 2013 reboot of "Tomb Raider" with news of game sales set to pass 6 million units. (PC, PS3, PS4, Square Enix, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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gillri  +   705d ago
Good to see that its finally making money, I hope for a sequel that evokes the feelings of TR1 and TR2 for the next one
Army_of_Darkness  +   705d ago
Glad it was successful because it was the first tomb raider that I actually enjoyed and Completed for the very first time ever.
All the previous ones were okay, but not interesting enough for me to go all the way with... lol
Applejack  +   705d ago | Well said
Those are amazing numbers! I hope Square Enix realizes the same and makes a sequel but please DON'T add on unnecessary multiplayer this time!
famoussasjohn  +   705d ago
I'd be completely fine if they stripped the MP. I went on there a few days after it launched, complete ghost town. Makes those MP achievements rather impossible to get if there's no one playing it!
princejb134  +   705d ago
This is why I'm against multiplayer achievements
Usually the single player is great but the multiplayer is either boring or a ghost town ( I'm looking at you assasin creed)
curtis92  +   705d ago
Congrats to all involved... I had a blast with this game!
Tdmd  +   705d ago
Accordingly to your disagree'er, you're mistaken. I'm sorry to inform you, but you didn't really had a blast with this game. Be more attentive on your next playthrough with other games, so you won't post misinformation here again. Thank you.
Matt666  +   705d ago
inform who the disagree, yea it called an opinion I fount this Tomb Raider rubbish compared to the originals but that my opinion
barb_wire  +   705d ago
Still haven't played it - have such a large backlog of games (having multiple systems doesn't help)

I'll get to it, hopefully around the summer.
Braid  +   705d ago
Congrats to the Square, the game was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm hoping to get my hands on the ultimate edition as well soon.
Crazay  +   705d ago
Anyone who opted to pass on this game did themselves a GREAT injustice. Can't wait for the inevitable sequel.
SoapShoes  +   705d ago
I got it for PS4 and it was a solid game that I enjoyed but it was no where near as good as Uncharted and they completely stole its style. They did give it some unique qualities to make it not a complete rip off which was nice. Glad I finally played it and it has amazing graphics(at least on PS4).
MightyNoX  +   705d ago
All it took was re-releasing the game. Well, congrats either way.
Matt666  +   705d ago
what why its a rubbish Tomb Raider the only decent ones are on PS1 (now I wait for the younger gen gamers to get upset for my own opinion)
Tdmd  +   705d ago
Well deserved. That game was breathtaking from the beginning to the very end! I will get it again as soon as I get my ps4!
azshorty2003  +   705d ago
6 Million? Ppssshhh!! Still a Failure! Isn't that right Square? /s

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