'Tomb Raider' reboot celebrates first anniversary; set to pass 6 million units

Publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics celebrated Thursday the one-year anniversary of the 2013 reboot of "Tomb Raider" with news of game sales set to pass 6 million units.

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gillri1477d ago

Good to see that its finally making money, I hope for a sequel that evokes the feelings of TR1 and TR2 for the next one

Army_of_Darkness1477d ago

Glad it was successful because it was the first tomb raider that I actually enjoyed and Completed for the very first time ever.
All the previous ones were okay, but not interesting enough for me to go all the way with... lol

Applejack1477d ago

Those are amazing numbers! I hope Square Enix realizes the same and makes a sequel but please DON'T add on unnecessary multiplayer this time!

famoussasjohn1477d ago

I'd be completely fine if they stripped the MP. I went on there a few days after it launched, complete ghost town. Makes those MP achievements rather impossible to get if there's no one playing it!

princejb1341477d ago

This is why I'm against multiplayer achievements
Usually the single player is great but the multiplayer is either boring or a ghost town ( I'm looking at you assasin creed)

curtis921477d ago

Congrats to all involved... I had a blast with this game!

Tdmd1477d ago

Accordingly to your disagree'er, you're mistaken. I'm sorry to inform you, but you didn't really had a blast with this game. Be more attentive on your next playthrough with other games, so you won't post misinformation here again. Thank you.

Matt6661477d ago

inform who the disagree, yea it called an opinion I fount this Tomb Raider rubbish compared to the originals but that my opinion

barb_wire1477d ago

Still haven't played it - have such a large backlog of games (having multiple systems doesn't help)

I'll get to it, hopefully around the summer.

Braid1477d ago

Congrats to the Square, the game was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm hoping to get my hands on the ultimate edition as well soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.