Football Manager Classic 2014 Coming to Vita this April

After months of uncertainty it has been revealed that the PlayStation Vita edition of Football Manager Classic 2014 will arrive sometime in April.

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Chaz30101745d ago

Cannot wait to get my hands on this!

3-4-51744d ago

Awesome. Haven't played one of these since 08 but good to know there is another game coming to vita.

Arctual1745d ago

I didn't expect it to come this soon.

yuuki1745d ago

nice for all fans of the series!

BrianSharon1745d ago

Agreed. It's amazing that they're able to get the extensive Classic mode working on Vita.

GoldenGamer1745d ago

So we get it when the season is over? Considering that, I would hope there is a roster update for the next season otherwise that is some straight up bullshit.

Th3o1745d ago

Relax and be happy it's coming. There is just no pleasing some people...

I don't even care if 2010 would be coming. It's about the game...:)

GoldenGamer1745d ago

I'm happy it's coming. But they announced it a long time ago and it is only the Classic mode of FM not the true mode so how hard could it realistically be to port it over?

Th3o1745d ago

i dunno if it's about "hard" I think it's about the market and the costs:)

DualWielding1744d ago

If the promise that you can play your pc save on your Vita is kept I think this is gonna be Vita's killer app for the UK