See Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Weapons and Gadgets In Action

MP1st - With the help of Matt the Musketeer, Battlefield 4 YouTube personality Jack Frags shows you all the weapons and gadgets Battlefield 4′s upcoming Naval Strike expansion will have to offer.

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Majin-vegeta1357d ago

Guess the AA mine isn't OP as everyone thought.The helis can survive 2 and they blow up.Giving your repair man enough time to repair.

SITH1357d ago

They also give a threat warning tone to an aircraft. The good, it forces them to trigger a countermeasure while you ready your MANPAD to launch.

Tru_Blu1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I disagree, it's a stinger you can set on the ground and it fires automatically. The game need less no skill lock on weapons not more. Aircraft are pointless in this game it's a constant lock on as soon as you get in one.

spaceg0st1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Yes, 1 engineer's AA is manageable. But how many of these will be across the map?

ObiWanaTokie1356d ago

WOW thanks dice, we need more beep beep beep while were trying to merely fly in your god damn game

OutcastMosquito1356d ago

As a premium member on PS4 I am outraged that PC players have access to naval strike before anyone else.

Tru_Blu1356d ago

This guy gets paid by EA/Dice though. Kidding, I think, am I? Does he?

Detoxx1356d ago

They don't..

It's an unranked server (everything is unlocked on those).

OutcastMosquito1356d ago

It still would be pretty cool if the PS4 could use those unranked servers.