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Submitted by Abriael 708d ago | news

Ubisoft "Extremely Confident" That Watch_Dogs' Delay is Worth the Wait; Sony Touts Exclusive Content

With a press release officially announcing the release date of Watch_Dogs Ubisoft EMEA Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Geoffroy Sardin mentioned that the company is confident that the delay has been worth the wait. (PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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sinncross  +   708d ago
it would be cool if the exclusive content included the ability to dress up the character as the Delsin from Infamous, beanie would be a cool little touch for fans of both games
OpieWinston  +   708d ago
Please...SHUT UP....
GraveLord  +   708d ago
What's wrong with you? Did your parents not teach you any manners?
OpieWinston  +   708d ago
No my dad taught me that anyone who wears a beanie and walks around like he's cool is a dirty hippy.

Now that would just make the PS4 the WORST place to play Watch Dogs if that was even an option. This game isn't designed to be a "Joke".

Internet doesn't have manners.
minimur12  +   708d ago
it's just Driveclubs turn now....
aLucidMind  +   707d ago
Sounds like your father doesn't know what he's talking about. What you wear doesn't determine whether or not you should be disliked, your general attitude does. Only an idiot would base their opinion on a hat.
MetaReapre  +   707d ago
The internet doesn't have manners because its not an living thing.

The people using the internet to communicate can very well have manners, and you should learn some.

Scum of the earth like yourself shouldn't have a voice though, it would save those that have common decency and well behavior a head ache.

As for Sinncross's thoughts I agree it would be pretty cool. Ultimately, I probably wouldn't use it but it's an interesting idea.
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1nsomniac  +   707d ago
If you intend on playing this game you should be old enough that you don't dress dolls anymore, the rest of us grew out of that many decades ago.....

Although some weird folk still like to occasionally slip on the odd dress or 2 on the weekend...

On a serious note though, no. I don't want to dress people up in video games - that's what caused the creation of paid DLC in the first place & the reason for the collapse of gaming. If you want to dress someone up go buy 'Barbies Fashion Catwalk' or something...
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MetaReapre  +   707d ago
Actually what caused the creation of paid dlc was greedy companies. Alternative costumes used to be something you could unlock through playing the game.

Greedy companies saw that rich people would pay to unlock everything in the game if they could so that's why alternative costumes and the like became paid dlc.
1nsomniac  +   707d ago
touché @metaReapre
zeuanimals  +   707d ago
Really? I dressed up my guy in Dark Souls like a badass motherfucker. I did that in Skyrim too, with mods. I also did that in MGS2-4 to blend in and all of the Hitman games too.

I'm also pretty sure this big game from last year let you dress up your character(s) too. I think it was called GTAV.

"Dressing up" your characters didn't create DLC. DLC's been around for a long time, back then they were called expansion packs because you had to buy them on disc but they weren't new games, they only added to old ones. Diablo II without the expansion packs was nowhere near the phenomena it is with the expansion packs. Shivering Isles, one of the earlier DLCs is also highly regarded as one of the best DLCs/expansion packs ever.

Don't complain about DLC because not all DLC are bad. Complain about bad DLC or better yet, don't spend money on bad DLC.
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SonyNGP  +   708d ago
You mean the same exclusive content that were also in other Ubisoft games, but were in PC anyway? That's rad.
theshredded  +   708d ago
Watch Dogs is Beast!Ubi are the best 3rd party publishers no contest
quenomamen  +   708d ago
Respawn might take issue with that, lol
Old engine using, COD rehashing hacks.
trikster40  +   707d ago
Publisher, not developer. There's a difference. I'd probably have to agree, I've bought a lot of Ubi games lately. Smart move picking up South Park, loving that game.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   708d ago
Is it me or does visually it doesn't look as good as it did in that 15 minutes of PS4 footage from a while back ? Oh well the game will still be amazing and still day 1 for me. Now to decide if I will get the standard edition or limited edition for 130 dollars.
curtis92  +   708d ago
I think it's probably more so that you're getting used to next gen graphics. What was impressive a year or so ago is slowly becoming more the norm than it was
Agent2009  +   708d ago
The recent leaked footage is most probably from the Xbox 360 version.
psman012  +   708d ago
I think that's partially it. I am still amazed by next gen (or should I say, current gen) visuals. It will only get better as developers continue to squeeze the power out of these systems. For example, Heavenly Sword vs. The Last of Us.
dontbhatin  +   707d ago
I think they changed the lighting system. Just the lighting alone can make a game look completely different.
Harmy666  +   707d ago
I've been hearing that the recent trailer was using last gen consoles. That my be the reason, either that or Ubi have downgraded the game since we last saw it, hope not tho.
ThichQuangDuck  +   708d ago
Show Gameplay then........
heisenberguk  +   708d ago
there's a few mins of PS4 gameplay at gamespot that didn't look much better
jjonez18  +   708d ago
Playstation 4 Bundle?
WeAreLegion  +   708d ago
Should have jumped on the Brack Friday Bunderer.
GW212  +   708d ago
* Bunduru

... unless Bunderer is now the new term and I'm just not that cool anymore. Whatever, I'm old school (yes, I know the South Park episode is only a few months old).
jackanderson1985  +   708d ago
supposedly the EU ps blog has confirmed bundles
pornflakes  +   708d ago
This game will be a flop
WeAreLegion  +   708d ago
Not according to pre-orders.
ThichQuangDuck  +   708d ago
Preorders who barely know what they are buying since they have barely released gameplay other than a 17 minute very controlled demos
GearSkiN  +   708d ago
Pre orders doesn't mean the game is good.

Imma get that ps4 bundle tho.
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Mikelarry  +   708d ago
your comment is based on what exactly
heisenberguk  +   708d ago
Sevir  +   708d ago
I think it'll be a big seller. 90% of Ubisoft's major AAA IP perform well critically and commercially...
Tatsuya  +   708d ago
your bubbles will be a flop
mrpsychoticstalker  +   704d ago
You dont make sense kid, lol
Dynasty2021  +   708d ago
Give us some gameplay, tell us what you've changed after you panicked when GTA came out, and give us a damn release date.
ThichQuangDuck  +   708d ago
May 27th,but I agree on gameplay.......
-Foxtrot  +   708d ago
Yeah they can't of polished for nearly 5-6 months
theshredded  +   708d ago
LOL!wasn't gameplay enough in that trailer?plus we've seen enough,I want this game to be a surprise and not to be spoiled like most
Panic?from what?that generic immature poor man's game GTAV?
There's around a 2 month difference,Watch Dogs was the most hyped launch game and FYI GTAV was also delayed to the worst possible release date for the majority of its obnoxious teen consumers.WATCH_DOGS is the big cheese now imo.People want something new and fresh.Watch Dogs reflects a major factor in our generation which is Technology and that alone makes it a huge hit...
But i do agree we need more details on the game
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ThichQuangDuck  +   708d ago
So you agree that we need more details and need more than "you can see everyone's information,but it has no affect on gameplay" gimmick
chrissx  +   708d ago
We shall see. I hope the game rly lives up to it
S2Killinit  +   708d ago
Sony and Ubisoft are in the same corner this generation .
Sevir  +   708d ago
The 60 minutes better not be in the vein of assassins creed's collect the flags, as those are pretty pointless, if you do DLC, it should be huge 3-7 story content. I'm getting Watch_Dogs but forget the DLC
air1  +   708d ago
Funny hoq they said the llaystation is the preferred destination.. lol they gave no fvcks about the xbox versions.. I wonder if he said that because it leaked on the 360? Cause they usualy dont take it that far its usualy just exclusive content and thats it..
Tatsuya  +   708d ago
so many typo errors... tell me, what's a llaystation?
Unreal01  +   708d ago
Some sort of dessert I believe.
jasonc1213  +   708d ago
It's pronounced "Yay-sta-shon" in certain parts of the world. It's a type of exotic bird.
air1  +   707d ago
It's a station you lay on... But yea I was posting with my phone sorry I confused you.

Lmfao @ jasonc
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-Foxtrot  +   708d ago
Person of Interest Skins please
akraven  +   708d ago
The wait is almost over. Did they ever say why there was a delay?
mochachino  +   708d ago
Most Ubisoft games have cool stories, solid gameplay, and well done graphics so I'll likely pick this up on May 27th, pending reviews.
mcarsehat  +   708d ago
i wonder if watch dogs and sniper elite 3's release dates are connected. just a month after eachother. did rebellion know?
troylazlow  +   708d ago
DLC Outfits, Character skins, or side missions. That is pretty much what I see the options are for the exclusive content. any other thoughts?
GW212  +   708d ago
I'm excited for this game, don't get me wrong. But I still have a little sour taste in my mouth from the delay. I'm sure it's all for the best and it'll be a good thing in terms of gameplay, graphics, etc. but they need to really wow me with this one.
quenomamen  +   708d ago
Does 1080p count as PS4 exclusive content ?
SilentNegotiator  +   707d ago
As a "console exclusive", sure. lol
llMurcielagoll  +   708d ago
I am not really fussed about the delay. However I wish that they'd release comparisons between the original watch dogs and the "polished" version to prove to us that it was worth the wait.
Harmy666  +   707d ago
I read that it wasn't just "polishing" that had to be done.

Apparently a lot of the core gameplay mechanics were "not fun for everybody, all of the time" and some parts of the game became repetitive. So they had to fix that as well, hence the 5-6 month delay
lulumink  +   707d ago
Ubisoft is extremely confident to make money. Me as player isn't so sure.
The graphics looks degraded from the past E3. Well, it's a multi platform. can't expect too much.
Geekman  +   707d ago
Ugh. The release date is way too close to MK8. I'd better keep 120 bucks in a safe place for May.
Harmy666  +   707d ago
Hype for this game has completely gone out of the window. It looks great, but that delay made me lose all excitement for it.

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