Ubisoft "Extremely Confident" That Watch_Dogs' Delay is Worth the Wait; Sony Touts Exclusive Content

With a press release officially announcing the release date of Watch_Dogs Ubisoft EMEA Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Geoffroy Sardin mentioned that the company is confident that the delay has been worth the wait.

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sinncross1571d ago

it would be cool if the exclusive content included the ability to dress up the character as the Delsin from Infamous, beanie would be a cool little touch for fans of both games

GraveLord1571d ago

What's wrong with you? Did your parents not teach you any manners?

OpieWinston1571d ago

No my dad taught me that anyone who wears a beanie and walks around like he's cool is a dirty hippy.

Now that would just make the PS4 the WORST place to play Watch Dogs if that was even an option. This game isn't designed to be a "Joke".

Internet doesn't have manners.

minimur121571d ago

it's just Driveclubs turn now....

aLucidMind1571d ago

Sounds like your father doesn't know what he's talking about. What you wear doesn't determine whether or not you should be disliked, your general attitude does. Only an idiot would base their opinion on a hat.

MetaReapre1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

The internet doesn't have manners because its not an living thing.

The people using the internet to communicate can very well have manners, and you should learn some.

Scum of the earth like yourself shouldn't have a voice though, it would save those that have common decency and well behavior a head ache.

As for Sinncross's thoughts I agree it would be pretty cool. Ultimately, I probably wouldn't use it but it's an interesting idea.

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1nsomniac1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

If you intend on playing this game you should be old enough that you don't dress dolls anymore, the rest of us grew out of that many decades ago.....

Although some weird folk still like to occasionally slip on the odd dress or 2 on the weekend...

On a serious note though, no. I don't want to dress people up in video games - that's what caused the creation of paid DLC in the first place & the reason for the collapse of gaming. If you want to dress someone up go buy 'Barbies Fashion Catwalk' or something...

MetaReapre1571d ago

Actually what caused the creation of paid dlc was greedy companies. Alternative costumes used to be something you could unlock through playing the game.

Greedy companies saw that rich people would pay to unlock everything in the game if they could so that's why alternative costumes and the like became paid dlc.

zeuanimals1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Really? I dressed up my guy in Dark Souls like a badass motherfucker. I did that in Skyrim too, with mods. I also did that in MGS2-4 to blend in and all of the Hitman games too.

I'm also pretty sure this big game from last year let you dress up your character(s) too. I think it was called GTAV.

"Dressing up" your characters didn't create DLC. DLC's been around for a long time, back then they were called expansion packs because you had to buy them on disc but they weren't new games, they only added to old ones. Diablo II without the expansion packs was nowhere near the phenomena it is with the expansion packs. Shivering Isles, one of the earlier DLCs is also highly regarded as one of the best DLCs/expansion packs ever.

Don't complain about DLC because not all DLC are bad. Complain about bad DLC or better yet, don't spend money on bad DLC.

SonyNGP1571d ago

You mean the same exclusive content that were also in other Ubisoft games, but were in PC anyway? That's rad.

theshredded1571d ago

Watch Dogs is Beast!Ubi are the best 3rd party publishers no contest

quenomamen1571d ago

Respawn might take issue with that, lol
Old engine using, COD rehashing hacks.

trikster401571d ago

Publisher, not developer. There's a difference. I'd probably have to agree, I've bought a lot of Ubi games lately. Smart move picking up South Park, loving that game.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1571d ago

Is it me or does visually it doesn't look as good as it did in that 15 minutes of PS4 footage from a while back ? Oh well the game will still be amazing and still day 1 for me. Now to decide if I will get the standard edition or limited edition for 130 dollars.

curtis921571d ago

I think it's probably more so that you're getting used to next gen graphics. What was impressive a year or so ago is slowly becoming more the norm than it was

Agent20091571d ago

The recent leaked footage is most probably from the Xbox 360 version.

psman0121571d ago

I think that's partially it. I am still amazed by next gen (or should I say, current gen) visuals. It will only get better as developers continue to squeeze the power out of these systems. For example, Heavenly Sword vs. The Last of Us.

dontbhatin1571d ago

I think they changed the lighting system. Just the lighting alone can make a game look completely different.

Harmy6661570d ago

I've been hearing that the recent trailer was using last gen consoles. That my be the reason, either that or Ubi have downgraded the game since we last saw it, hope not tho.

heisenberguk1571d ago

there's a few mins of PS4 gameplay at gamespot that didn't look much better

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