Should Kingdom Hearts 3 be released on Wii U?

Wii U Daily: "Today we’ll be talking about the Kingdom Hearts series history with Nintendo, and whether or not I think it will come to Wii U!"

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jc485731544d ago

maybe, but they need to release the ones that never came out on the system.

hulk_bash19871543d ago

Since it is coming to the Xbox One and other Kingdom Hearts games have appeared on Nintendo Platforms already, I don't see why not.

Eonjay1543d ago

The producer has already explained why its not coming to Wii U. Everyone is ignoring Nomura. He said that the Wii U is not compatible with the version of DirectX that is used in this game.

Reported by NintendoEverything:

"The Wii U’s inability to properly support DirectX 11 is apparently one of the major reasons third-parties pointed to when asked why their PlayStation 4/Xbox One games aren't planned for Wii U."


This was announced back at E3.

ZainreFang1543d ago

Eonjay, that's wrong. He never even mentioned Wii U. The media blew it out of proportion to get more clicks.

ChickeyCantor1543d ago

" He said that the Wii U is not compatible with the version of DirectX that is used in this game.

Eh, shaders can be implemented. Sounds like their engine isn't set for capability.

TheGrimReaper1543d ago

"Eh, shaders can be implemented. Sounds like their engine isn't set for capability."

Well, they don't want do the extra work just for one console. It's a publishers decision. Maybe they think a Wii U Version isn't worth (read: making them enough money) the extra work.

Maybe Nintendo should reach out to them asking if they could help them developing a Wii U version (with knowledge/developers/money).

KH seems like a natural fit for a Nintendo console. Iconic characters, vivid and colorful worlds, enjoyable by players of different age...

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lilbroRx1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

This logic has never made sense...

It has been on Nintendo hardware many times. The Xbox hardwrae is the only one it hasn't and its being released on it.

Something I really wonder if people who hat Nintendo live in another dimension.

BLuTheSecond1543d ago

Of course it should be released.

The more systems the better.

The question is will it sell well and be worth the effort to bring over?

Magicite1543d ago

TBH Kingdom Hearts must always be on Playstation (or at least main series).

wonderfulmonkeyman1543d ago

Dream Drop Distance, believe it or not, is a part of the main line of the series.
It's the events leading into KH3, so that theory is gone.

princejb1341543d ago

I say no
I rather them use the power of next gen
8gb ram can do a lot of great things for this game

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Spurg1543d ago

I don't see any reason why they shouldn't

vishmarx1543d ago ShowReplies(1)
linkenski1543d ago

I do. Either it would be too noticable that it was a ported job or the porting would hinder the next-gen versions of it graphically, and from that teaser it looks to truly utilize what PS4 and XB1 can do. I think porting to Wii U would be hard.

iplay1up21543d ago

Kingdom Hearts, is hardly the type of game that is in need of powerhouse hardware to look good. The Wii U is quite capable of having the game look amazing and then some. So no it would not be hard to port it.

Wii U do not forget runs the latest game engines, and that says allot.

higgins781543d ago

You really think? Ok, in that case I cant wait to see the final build when its officially released and gasp in amazement, standing in the presence of the first "next gen" game in existence. I seriously, seriously doubt the Wii U's hardware could ever hold back a game of this type. I really cant wait to see what ONLY PS4 or Xbox one offer in its advantage.

wonderfulmonkeyman1543d ago

They aren't going for photo-realism, so the Wii U could easily handle the graphical quality.
Outside of that, I see no other reason why it couldn't handle the game if it were optimized correctly.

Tito081543d ago

@GotHDGame- Latest engines? Ok, when I see a Frostbite 3, UE4 and Pantha Rei on Wii U, then we talk.

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-Foxtrot1543d ago

...because you'd want them to take advantage of next gen hardware

Not it being held back because of the Wii U

Snookies121543d ago

I really like the Wii U, but that is my worry as well. I want it to take full advantage of the hardware of PS4/X1. I don't mind it being on Wii U as a port or something, but fans of the series have been waiting on this game for so freaking long. I don't want anything holding it back from being as grand as it should be.

ChickeyCantor1543d ago

Yeah, because the gameplay is so much different from their PS2 counterparts. This game is so complex in everyway that the Wii U will hold it back


maniacmayhem1543d ago

Yes, how will the WiiU hold back Kingdom Hearts?

Please explain Foxtrot, what sort of design and new features is this game using that cannot be done when porting it over to the WiiU?

Is there a new combat feature that the X1/PS4 exclusively has over the WiiU?

Are there another set of buttons and controls that the WiiU can't handle and the X1/PS4 can?

Is the game so big that it can't fit on the proprietary Nintendo WiiU disc?

You have enough bubbles to reply and fully explain what you meant in your original comment.

TheGrimReaper1543d ago

So, you've played the final game and are able to tell us the memory/cpu/gpu usage of the game?

If they are using the resources only for the visuals, yes they could port (downgrade) it easily to Wii U BUT you don't know how they are using them (neither do I)

ChickeyCantor1543d ago

"So, you've played the final game and are able to tell us the memory/cpu/gpu usage of the game? "

Have you?

Your point is pointless.

The third game WILL hold up to it's prequels. Changing the gameplay would be terrible blow to the fans. You're just talking about cosmetics. Nothing more nothing less.

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Yes! I can almost gaurantee it would sell better than on Xbox. When people say that third party games don;t sell well on Nintendo they aren't taking into account what type of games. We could care less about COD or Madden. But KH is an awesome fun creative colorful game. It fits well with the fanbase. I love Kingdom Hearts(I bought a ps2 just to play it)

lilbroRx1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

And is there any logic to this no besides fanboyish bias against Nintendo?

ZainreFang1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

The only reason is that they want to see the game take advantage of PS4/XBO power but what will they do to this Kingdom Hearts game that isn't impossible on Wii U? These people need to accept that console tech got to a point of diminishing returns and the only stuff they will get from these consoles is more polished versions of last-gen games. Third parties aren't that creative. The specs give them space to have sloppier programming. Just drop the graphic quality, and optimize for the CPU/GPGPU/eDRAM/DSP.

DryBoneKoopa851543d ago

I would LOVE for this to come to the Wii U. Either way PS4 or Wii U I will be picking KH3 up day 1.