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Top Ten Women in the Final Fantasy Series

MWS writes: "Here is a list of ten of the best female characters in the Final Fantasy series. They're compelling, they're nuanced, and they give their male counterparts a run for their money in a number of ways." (Final Fantasy, PC, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PSP, Retro, Xbox 360)

Spacemagic  +   363d ago
List needs some Fran, Freya, Yuna, and AGRIAS!
Simco876  +   363d ago
Yeah I mean, Tactics had some awesome female characters.
Dmd  +   363d ago
Used to looove Fran's accent back in XII!
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TricksterArrow  +   363d ago
Here's a better list:

1. Tifa Lockhart
2. Celes Chere
3. Terra Branford
4. Rydia of Mist
5. Agrias Oaks
6. Aerith Gainsborough
7. Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
8. Yuna
9. Faris Scherwiz
10. General Beatrix
MasterCornholio  +   363d ago
Rikkus not even in that list.

I hate you.......
PS3Freak  +   363d ago
No Lulu?

TricksterArrow  +   362d ago
HEY! I said better, not perfect.
-Foxtrot  +   363d ago

She's a bland, boring, depressing character who acts like a complete b**** at times....not to mention she hardly has no character development or backstory to explain why she is like that.

Rinoa, Quistis, Tifa, Garnet, Yuna so on...all better choices
Hicken  +   363d ago
No Rikku means list fails. I don't give a damn who else is on the list if she's not there.
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Snookies12  +   363d ago
I don't know about her being a 'top woman of Final Fantasy', but she was always in my team lol. Her mixing abilities were just so freaking good. (Cannot wait for March 18th! FFX all over again.)

As a side note, that picture of Lulu from FFX HD looks so much better than the original model... Which is saying something, because the original looked great back in the day!
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MasterCornholio  +   363d ago
Dmd  +   363d ago
I really like Ashe's design. She should have been the main character in FFXII.
Ummmm...... Tifa?
moujahed  +   363d ago
I scanned for her name and was shocked that only one person mentioned her. Tifa is the best... Best body and all.
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Hicken  +   363d ago
Don't care. I've loved Rikku since day 1. Unless we're taking biggest breasts, I expect her on every good top 10 list.
Hozi89  +   363d ago
Lulu because I just can't resist a black magic woman!!!...with big hooters.
CLOUD1983  +   363d ago
If the article was for the most pretty, cute & HOT female FF characters then Tifa win that title hands down & no1 can deny that it's the most famous/popular FF char after all, if the author speak about the strongest most bad ass female character then Yuna must be at the TOP of the list because no1 else can summon crazy monsters like "Anima" & cast skills that do so crazy dmg like "Oblivion" w/o Yuna in the party there is no way to overcome the strongest bosses in the game, so in the end when I check the names & realize that there is no Tifa or Yuna in the list I could't help but ask my self "for what the fck this article was all about...?" ~__~
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