Gearbox Details Homeworld Remastered, Lets Fans Vote for Collector's Edition

Hardcore Gamer: The classic PC strategy game Homeworld and its sequel are getting HD updating this year courtesy of Gearbox, who have just revealed more details about the intriguing release.

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ChaosKnight1296d ago

I'm so stoked for this. Ya'll better vote for the 12 inch mothership!

LogicLee1296d ago

I really, really want it.

rdgneoz31296d ago

Can't wait for it as well. Hopefully Gearbox does a good job, still nervous after Colonial Marines.

p.s. voted for 12"

FarEastOrient1296d ago

I hope some of the mods are embedded into the code. Like the point defense systems

Nicaragua1296d ago

This is awesome news - 12" all the way :)