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Submitted by pakua 707d ago | news

Xbox One and Wii U European sales surprise

With both consoles coming under scrutiny for sales performance in recent times, it may come as a surprise that they are virtually neck and neck for weekly sales in Europe. The Xbox One has seen a huge drop off in sales globally, and a territory Microsoft were once strong in is currently shunning them in favor of the PS4. (Microsoft, Nintendo, Wii U, Xbox One)

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Muffins1223  +   708d ago
Ha wow in other words xbox one is selling horrible in Europe and soon to be in Asia when or if it ever even trys over there,15,000 a week is meh
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GamersHeaven  +   707d ago
That's with a price cut Microsoft hurt what popularity the Xbox brand had in Europe this will be a big uphill battle all generation for them.
Manic2014  +   707d ago
The price cut just came late last week, the numbers are of the week prior.
TomShoe   707d ago | Trolling | show
Kingthrash360  +   707d ago
the big question is, did the cut help?
BX81  +   707d ago
Tomshoe= fail
corvusmd  +   707d ago
That's actually NOT with a price cut, conveniently the article ended the comparison on the day the XB1 announced the price cut and Titanfall bundle...which then sold out in the UK immediately. Till then XB1 was only in a handful of European countries, and didn't have an abundance of stock there. I think PS4 will lead for a while, but by next Christmas/Halo release things will start to even up and the gap will shrink. Titanfall will help with that, and if all the rumors are true about DX 11.2 and E3 announcements, the gap will start to shrink then too. It's still not even a half a year old, counting it out would be too presumptuous at this point...the fact is that it's actually selling rather well, PS4 is just selling better and in more than twice as many countries...
JokesOnYou  +   707d ago
Where are these official WW numbers you speak of for X1? No, doubt sony is ahead but X1 is doing fine. Or is this more talk like last gen when supposedly according tons of blog fan site 360 was getting crushed WW and was behind ps3 in total sales for over a year prior to this gen, then in Oct-Nov we found out through official numbers from both that 360 hit 80mil before ps3 did in Nov 2013?

Also these numbers don't account for the new Titanfall bundle and price drop in Euro.

Yes both consoles will experience sales drops:

Japanese sales charts – Wii U holds steady, PS4 falls off a cliff
"Last week the console managed to sell 309k units during its first week, but this week its down to just 65k. That’s an 80% drop in sales week over week."

"The interesting news comes from the PS4, which sold about 65,000 units in its second week. The Wii U, by contrast, sold nearly double that amount in its second week on the Japanese market: 127,000."

-Where's the 10 regurgitated reports of that on n4g? oh, my bad ssssshhhhh.

So what we see is basicly ps4 had a great launch but it's doubtful ps4 is ever going to see big numbers from Japan this gen, they are just not buying into consoles like the good old ps2 days.
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scott182  +   707d ago
PS4 been at no. 1 on Amazon US since restocked, I don't think that thing will ever slow down when it has stock...
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BABYLEG  +   707d ago | Funny
I got one question.
is the sales 1080p 60fps?
GTgamer  +   707d ago
@babyleg that is the dumbest question ever dufaq :/.
GTgamer  +   707d ago | Well said
And to the people who think titanfall will help Xboxone get 3 million more consoles sold to catch up to the PS4 then your in for a Rude awakening :).
Prophet-Gamer  +   707d ago

You have to keep in mind it's supplied constrained in Japan, just like everywhere else. Famitsu themselves said that Sony sold pretty much all their stock.
-Superman-  +   707d ago
to MMEHTA, Price cut did not come in. Its still in my country store 590 dollars.
PS4 is released in 48 countries, Xbox One in 13 countries.
STOP LYING ABOUT PRICE CUT. It was only UK and in few store that was sold out.
Skips  +   707d ago | Well said

"and didn't have an abundance of stock there."

Compared to PS4? lol Dude, you could walk into ANY store and find piles of Xbox's sitting on store shelves. I think you're mistaking "hard to find" for PS4's bud.

"I think PS4 will lead for a while, but by next Christmas/Halo release things will start to even up and the gap will shrink. Titanfall will help with that, and if all the rumors are true about DX 11.2 and E3 announcements"

Infamous SS, PS+, and the release of MGSV will pretty much completely counteract that, if not push the PS4 ahead even more. lol Not to mention the release of Uncharted and other HUGE announcements Sony have in store for GDC and E3.

It's kinda cute that you think 2 games, will actually make a difference in this massacre though. :/
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SniperControl  +   707d ago | Well said

Yet another fanboy who thinks Sony are doing nothing to improve the PS4, you say games like Titan fall and Halo will shrink the gap, I say games like Uncharted 4, The Order, Second Son and Drive club will just increase the gap further.

You also seem to think that MS have sole use of E3, man you are in for a rude awakening come E3.
Magicite  +   707d ago
u still dont understand that PS4 sells all it has, its outsold almost everywhere, while all other consoles are sitting on the shelves.
vigilante_man  +   707d ago
XB1 = 13 Countries
PS4 = 48 Countires

Fact: MS said they were making the same amount of Units as PS4 prior to release. MS decided to concentrate on 13 countries to gain market share in those 13. Sony decided to spread the load.

Despite making the same amount of units PS4 has sold many more. And have outsold XB1 in ALL countries.

Question: Where are all the unsold units of XB1? If they are 3 million behind in customer sales then where are they? Sure 300k-500k may be in stores/warehouses but what about the other 2.5 million units?

Are they making less XB1 consoles at the moment?
abzdine  +   707d ago
"Also these numbers don't account for the new Titanfall bundle and price drop in Euro."

Let's see what happens when MGSV and inFamous bundle hit the shelves :)
xxBiG_BoSSxx  +   707d ago | Well said

"according tons of blog fan site 360 was getting crushed WW and was behind ps3 in total sales for over a year prior to this gen, then in Oct-Nov we found out through official numbers from both that 360 hit 80mil before ps3 did in Nov 2013?"

Um, the 360 had a year head start which equaled nearly 6 million consoles, yet ps3 reached 80 million sold very shortly after it. I thought that was a clear indicator of which was selling more. But I guess not.

Let's make it easier for you then. If you and I are going to the same destination, starting from the same point, and you leave an hour before I do, but I arrive just a few minutes after you, who do you think is travelling faster?
JOEgolferG  +   707d ago
The limited edition MGS5 PS4 console sold out within two hours of it being released in Japan, not sure how many it was exactly.
morganfell  +   707d ago

Remember the 3rd grade math problem? "One train leaves Chicago..."

Well, such rudimentary reasoning is beyond people when they have their hope goggles attached to their head with a nail gun.
MazzingerZ  +   707d ago
People talk about MSFT pricecuts and bombs at E3 as if SONY hasn't planned that as well, they do also have more stuff to announce and will probably announce a pricecut for X-mas
JokesOnYou  +   707d ago
lol, I never said anything about 360 selling FASTER, I said very specifically it hit 80mil sold before ps3 did, prior to next gen launch, DESPITE for over 18+ months on n4g daily ps folks swearing ps3 had SURPASSED 360 WW sales, I could link you tons of posts from me asking ps folks who said that where we're they getting these WW sales numbers, none responded with links of proof just regurgitated what they "heard", that's how ps fans are, if they hear it and it's pro ps it must be true, keep repeating as if its fact (so many examples of this behavior)= Now ps folks are pretending they once again know X1 WW sales is at #mil, all we know for sure is ps4 is at 6+mil whatever sony announced, its ahead of X1 but X1 surely isn't sitting at 3mil since Dec.

In summary ps4 is having amazing sales but the ps diehards try to twist that as X1 is selling poorly, when in fact we know it's ahead of 360 sales for the same timeframe and will likely easily exceeded 360 1st year sales. That's all.
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S2Killinit  +   707d ago
How are you giving us reports of Sony's second week sales when it has not been released for more than a week yet?
JokesOnYou  +   707d ago
-Damm the info is in my 1st post above, try reading before asking a dumb's not like I arbitrarily made it up, I'm simply restating the data from media create which is a well known source that tracks sales in Japan:

"Media Create Sales (2/24-3/2) — Harvest Moon on Top, Week 2 PS4 Lower than Wii U"

-See opinions are great but when talking numbers I usually give links not just spew nonsense like some folks. Again when I make statements like X1 for same timeframe sold more than 360 its because I can prove it with a link from a industry accepted source, not just "blog A said".

13th February 2014
"Xbox One selling more than twice as fast as Xbox 360 – Microsoft on NPD data"

It's weird because ps faithful get mad as if anything I said is negative towards ps4, NO, actually I've clearly acknowledged like the data proves ps4 is doing amazing but simply because I look at the FACTS and refuse to accept the status quo of X1 negativity on this site it hurts some people's feelings. Oh well, such is life.
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Boody-Bandit  +   707d ago
"Japanese sales charts – Wii U holds steady, PS4 falls off a cliff.

Last week the console managed to sell 309k units during its first week, but this week its down to just 65k. That’s an 80% drop in sales week over week."

Wow JOY that's very selective reasoning on your part.

Let's look at a few facts here.
The Wii U launched in Japan during the holidays.

The PS4 a couple months after the holidays.

Sony is having seriously allocation issues because of very high global demand. Yet the PS4 sold more in Japan in the 2nd week than the XBOX ONE or Wii U sold globally for that week.

In it's second week in Japan the PS4 sold over 65k. The Wii U during that same week barely sold over 8k.

8k is the Wii U holding steady?
Now I know you're referring to the Wii U's 2nd week of sales in Japan but again that was during the holidays and they weren't in 52 other regions at the same time with allocation issues.

You should really consider treading lightly because I don't see the PS4 slowing down any time soon. Sony will most likely sell as many PS4's as they can manufacture for the next several months if not year. The PS4 is the new must have device for gamers. It's out pacing any other gaming console in history.

Even if they hit a bit of a lull in Japan once they can exceed the demand with enough stock. Japan is one of those areas that line up around the block to purchase a console just for one game more so than most any other country. Wait and see what happens when MGSV, a JRPG or GT7 hits retail.

No matter how you spin it Sony will own Japan when it comes to gaming "console" of choice.
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cell989  +   707d ago
People that think Titanfall is gonna help xbone catch up are in for a rude awakening, you forget Infamous bundles are a top sale right now and MGS V GZ is on the horizon. MGS being more of a classic PS franchise, people will be getting that superior version over the 720p xbone. Rude awakening is the order of the day for xbone fans
BG11579  +   707d ago
People should understand that the xbone's sales will tank until there is a price cut.
The UK price cut is hurting sales overall.

When the price cut happens, Xbone's sales will increase...
JokesOnYou  +   707d ago
"Wow JOY that's very selective reasoning on your part."

-None of those words you quoted above your statement were mine they were from the link, (please read carefully if youre going to have an intelligent conversation) however it's not selective, its a FACT only to make a comparison between launches and 2nd weeks sales of wii u vs ps4.

"Sony is having seriously allocation issues because of very high global demand. Yet the PS4 sold more in Japan in the 2nd week than the XBOX ONE or Wii U sold globally for that week."

-Check this out:

PS4 Week 2 Japan Sales Worst in Recent History for New System

March 5, 2014 Written by Heath Hindman

"The PS4′s second-week sales numbers are in, with Media Create reporting Sony’s fourth console to have sold 65,685 units in its second week. You’ll probably see a lot of people online claiming supply constraints, but from my own experience here in Japan, that does not seem very true. I’m just one guy, but every game shop I see seems to have PS4s readily available, and it’s been that way since day 1." --from which is hardly a xbox fanboy site, doesn't mean it's fact but neither is your assumptions.--

-So yes ps4 has high global demand but whether that affected 2nd week sales IN JAPAN is questionable since IT CAN NOT BE VERIFIED, also YOU DO NOT KNOW CURRENT SALES DATA WW FOR X1, since micro, nor a reliable source has given latest sales but as usual on n4g folks continue making assumptions claiming things like shortages in Japan as fact.

"You should really consider treading lightly because I don't see the PS4 slowing down any time soon."

-So what?


-And I don't see X1 dead anytime soon like if you read carefully many hear try to imply, which was the basis of my first post. Iam still going to play Titanfall on my X1 in less than a week, ps fans gonna enjoy infamous SS, I'm still gonna get Quantum Break and the rest of X1 exclusives plus multiplats in 2014 and so on, no different than ps fans will get what they like on ps4. lol, bro, I know wassup.
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Pricey  +   707d ago
@ Jokes

Does the truth make you upset, .... pats his head.... it'll be ok. One day you'll learn to not let a brand rule your life.
k3rn3ll  +   706d ago
No it is a price cut for UK not Europe .

This article is filled with bias. Must not be much debating going on at actually from what I can tell their site is nothing but click bait.

Europe is lost cause for Xbox. Hah. They are gonna try to a sell there product in every country that has electricity.

Also its still not available in all countries in Europe either
lolCHILLbro  +   707d ago
VGChartz tracks Europe and UK separately, Xbox One is barely available in the UK which is where these numbers are comin from, PS4 is outselling Xbox and im not debating this, its just that everyone seems to skew these numbers

Edit: Meant for @Agent-86
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BitbyDeath  +   707d ago
No it doesn't.

"Europe - UK + Germany + France"
djplonker  +   707d ago
Dont lie I can disprove you with many links to sites that have the day one edition in stock in the uk!
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SniperControl  +   707d ago
BS, My local Game store has X1's readily available, they also still have a backlog of PS4 orders to fulfil.
Same as a lot of shops in my city, the PS4 is like gold dust.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   707d ago
Barely available?
Dude, I live in London and there is plenty of Xbox in every stores(Tesco, asda, Sainsbury, game, hmv...)
Now ps4 on the other end is barely available.
Get your facts straight next time
liquidhalos  +   707d ago
Game in cheltenham had a whole load of Xbox Ones last week. So does argos, game gloucester, argos gloucester so on so forth.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   707d ago
HAHA the thing has been in constant stock everywhere since before Christmas! what are you talking about!
vigilante_man  +   707d ago
You must live outside the UK.

They have been in stock all over since the release day! I would stick to what I know if I was you. Take it from someone who has seen many, many XB1s in stores.

It would be great if both PS4 and XB1 sold out but only the PS4 has been sold out in the UK.

MS had massive advertising, many price cuts and more floor space in gaming shops during the 360 era in the UK. I do not think the 360 has ever been sold at normal price here.

That is why the first place to get a XB1 price cut is the UK!
JOEgolferG  +   707d ago
Its the same here in Manchester, Xbox One's left, right and centre but absolutely no PS4's
Baka-akaB  +   707d ago
"You must live outside the UK"

I think it gets worse outside the uk . I dont think the xb1 have been sold out loclaly , after the initial launch surge .

I see steady sales for it , but no supply issues . It's just that the ps4 frenzy is obliterating it . People come asking daily for a ps4 .. those that want a xb1 just get one .

And lucky for MS , some people were so impatient they got a XB1 instead , while still eyballing a ps4 someday
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irepbtown  +   707d ago
Xbox one is in stock on Amazon UK:

PS4 is not in stock and wont be until the 25th of March:

Proof that the X1 is in stock, PS4 is not.
captain_slow82  +   707d ago
dude go to argos online pop ur psotcode in for both the x1 an ps4 see what ones you can pick up in store....

x1 every single store around me ps4 out of stock pretty much everywhere
T2  +   706d ago
I think the biggest question is what happens to MS profit on each system that everyone reported on. Bad sales and a loss on each system? Even if sales pick up, at what cost.? It truly is ps3 launch all over.
Curse of the 3rd console! #Xbox3
fermcr  +   707d ago
"Xbox One and Wii U European sales surprise"

Not really. Microsoft and Nintendo really screwed up with their consoles... Now they are paying the price, with low sales.

Nintendo will have a tough job saving the WiiU. I don't think it can be saved... but Microsoft can still improve X1's sales if they just abandoned Kinect, and release a Kinectless X1 cheaper then the PS4. They probably won't reach PS4 numbers (PS4 numbers at this moment are out of their reach), but they will definitely improve X1 sales. One other thing for Microsoft, improve XBLA Gold's offerings. There is not competition compared to PSN+ offerings.
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Why o why  +   707d ago
Agreed 100 percent. Didn't you used to be a......arr, never mind

The lack of last gen advantages has hurt microsoft. No headstart and being more expensive than its more powerful and cheaper competitor has really made a significant difference. Remember there was even a freebie fifa game for the uk and it hardly made a dent to sonys momentum.

Another factor I feel is overlooked is that many potential and former xbox customers have witnessed microsofts ethos towards gaming. The ardent fans will defend getting nickle n dimed but others are obviously saying no thanks. The so called cash rich microsoft has for 2 straight gens fallen off producing games. Their minimalistic approach was there for all to see. The ardent will make excuses but those not so fanatical seem to of had enough. Others just weren't happy with the post natal switch to appeasing the casual more than their core gamers.

Just think for a second. For a whole gen xbox fans heard xbox fans bragging about sales and the money microsoft had whilst ridiculing sony for not being as rich, fighting bankruptcy and losing market share YET sony continued to pump the lifeblood of consoles all the way through the gen. Some of the ardent must think some of their own kinsmen didn't take note of this paradox/irony. Some must feel that others didnt see the value in ps+ over xbl. Maybe the ardent should ask the those returning to playstation why they're doing so. Its not just 1 factor, trust me.
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Realplaya  +   707d ago
So The Wii U which is about so many units from outselling the Xbox One will not do good while the Xbox One which has one big game in the foreseeable futures will be alright?

Mario Kart 8, Smash, Bayonetta 2, X, Yarn Yoshi and so on and so on vs Titanfall and you name the first party exclucsives. I'm sorry but the X Box One is in trouble because why would I buy a over priced under powerd system when I can get a Ps4 and Wii U for the same price?
avengers1978  +   707d ago
If you combine Wii U sales with XB1 sales from the charts PS4 is still beating both
kenshiro100  +   707d ago
I don't think a pricecut will save the XB1. Microsoft started out wrong, they will end wrong. You don't screw with costumers like that.
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Bernlock  +   707d ago
whats a costumer
kenshiro100  +   707d ago
customer. Stupid phone.
darren_poolies  +   707d ago

The joke => ---------

Your head => -----------
elsuperamigo   707d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Pogmathoin  +   707d ago
Is the war already over?

And that is the problem. Rather than great gaming, people are more obsessed with WW3.
I remember the Amiga/ST days where people made great tech demos and so on, and pushed the machine.... Now its Vgchartz.... Pachter..... Halo 12,Unchartered 7.......BS......
staticdash22  +   708d ago
Wow. Worldwide sales have really dropped off for Xbox One, what the heck is going on?
Agent-86  +   707d ago
What's even more remarkable is that Xbox One is being outsold by the PS3 (a 7+ year old system). According to VGChartz, the PS3 has outsold the the Xbox One every week except one since the beginning of the year. That is not a good position to be in. MS really needs to rethink their strategy and pricing.

Note: I know VGChartz should be read with a skeptical eye, but their estimates are usually not too way off base.
IIZANGETSUII  +   707d ago
Honestly idk why people say VGChartz its not a reliable source, their numbers are always close to reality
Prophet-Gamer  +   707d ago

It's not a reliable source, but it's a good gauge of what's going on. Given their history, just assume their undertracking Playstation and over tracking Xbox, and you'll get a good picture of things.

So in this case, it's likely the PS4 is doing even better than they say
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Prime157  +   707d ago

It's like listening to the two of you argue about if the glass is half full or half empty, lol.

I guess I'm a half empty guy on this topic.
JuleyJules  +   707d ago
It's just as Wii U gamers said over the last year would happen after Xbox One and PS4 released - the market is different but nobody believed us. Sure PS4 is selling like crazy but the market is different now. Microsoft turned people off focusing on TV features and policies they later had to go back on. Sony is focusing on games with PS4; MS is releasing big games on XB1, PC and 360 thus dividing gamers by taking away incentives to upgrade. Titanfall is a test to see what happens. They've also had issues since release as well as games on PS4 and Xbox One that were better graphically on PS4. Like Wii U time will tell what happens. Pus with PS4 2nd week sales in Japan dropped by 80%.
#2.2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
zerog  +   707d ago
I'm thinking that ps4 japan sales dropped off because they dropped the knack bundle and the limited edition mgsv bundle comes out soon and people are probably waiting on that. Let's see how sales look when it drops.
Prime157  +   707d ago
I mean, yeah... one could argue that the second week in north America (after the initial one million) dipped off even more...
LeCreuset  +   707d ago
The casual market that those two systems heavily relied on changed, which is why the system that courted them the least suffered the least.

"Sony is focusing on games with PS4; MS is releasing big games on XB1, PC and 360 thus dividing gamers by taking away incentives to upgrade."

Are you serious? I don't even know where to begin to address that absurdity.
MannGamer  +   707d ago
Ps4 US second week drop by almost 90% and in Europe close to 75%. So don't read too much in the drop
JuleyJules  +   707d ago
Next week we'll see if releasing Titanfall on PC, 360 and Xbox One gives Xbox One the huge boost everyone seems to think it will. Obviously it IS going to improve Xbox One sales with the bundle and everything BUT my point is that there will be lots of people buying it on PC/360 who could have been persuaded to upgrade to Xbox One if it was only released on the new system. When Microsoft starts releasing games only on Xbox One sales are going to spike. Why divide your own fans?
#2.2.5 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
styferion  +   707d ago
Xbox never really strong worldwide even since the previous gen, just go outside major countries and you'll know it.
They'll get even more unpopular outside now that they chose to focus on local features that won't be supported on the rest of the world(that tv thingy and one-in-all something2 won't work outside major country, that's why it sold like shit outside US/UK).
#2.3 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Austacker  +   707d ago
Don't forget the weak Azure server support.

If you played the Titanfall beta, you'll know if you're not in the core US/UK demographic, you're pretty much SOL on getting access to local cloud servers.

MS put the chicken before the egg going global to markets launching the X1 without putting local Azure servers there for them to use.
Volkama  +   707d ago
10 agrees that Azure availability was bad, presumably from 10 fellow Australians.

Titanfall beta servers were fantastic pretty much everywhere except Australasia. And that is only temporary, as there are 2 Azure datacentres being built in Australia.

Doesn't help you right now of course, but it wont be long.
vigilante_man  +   707d ago
With the PS3 even selling more than XB1 worldwide these past few weeks it is a bad state for XB1 to be in so early.

The past week or so I have commented many times on the fact XB1 will be in a royal battle with WiiU for second place in terms of sales this year. It is over 2 million behind and slowing down.
Flyingdog670  +   707d ago
Oh man, seems that Xbox One sales have dropped from the cliff. Maybe Titanfall can boost some sales, but i don't see it happening by a large amount.
Kingthrash360  +   707d ago
agreed tf not gunna put much of a boost or close a gap..iss will move some ps4s this month too
Rustynail  +   707d ago
The same could be said about Smash bros and Mario kart, they aren't gonna boost Wii U sales either.
Kingthrash360  +   707d ago
lol two known system sellers...ok
the wiiu isnt pulling much but those 2 games are indeed proven system sellers. i'd rather not compare tf a new ip, to them games. pikman 3 sold systems, but ssb and mk are proven.
Metallox  +   707d ago
@Rustynail, I could understand if those games were already released, they are not. Like Kinghtrash says, they are proven systems sellers, but still we don't know if they are going to move. Let's just wait, claiming something lke that it's really pointless.

@Knighrash It's Pikmin, not Pikman, why this mistake is so common?
Kingthrash360  +   707d ago corrected
JuleyJules  +   707d ago
Titanfall will help especially with the bundle but certainly not like it would if it was ONLY on Xbox One and maybe PC. Putting it on 360 as well just divides MS's own fans and gives them one less reason to upgrade right now from 360.
DanManDantheMan  +   707d ago
Time for 3rd parties to start releasing half-assed ports to Xbox One and then abandon the platform when those ports fail to sell. Oh wait, they can't, because they have nowhere else to make money.
madjedi  +   707d ago
Well to be fair at least xbox gamers actually buy third party games, in very healthy numbers.

The ps4 could lead the xb1 3 to 1 worldwide in sales and it would still have great third party support. Main reasons microsoft actually gives a shit about having a good working relationship with 3rd party devs.

2nd and more importantly, unlike nintendo fans, xbox fans actually buy 3rd party games.

And don't pitch a shitfit crying liked entitled children because the game wasn't designed exclusively with the wii u in mind and then ported to other platforms.

Tldr Xb1 regardless of how badly it's outsold by the ps4 is still very much so important to 3rd party devs, and will not be deemed irrelevant and abandoned like the wii u.

It's adorable that a nintendo fan thinks ms is in anywhere near the same boat as nintendo is in.

Lets see when did the ps3, 360, ps4 and pc cease to exist, basically everyone but nintendo.
Justindark  +   707d ago
why does xbox one cost more then ps4 is it do to the kinect?
JBSleek  +   707d ago
BX81  +   707d ago
I would say yes. It has and will continue to have great looking games but kinect is a major to do on the pricing.
Rustynail  +   707d ago
It's the faster processor, Kinect which cost 75 bucks to build, the headset and the external charger.
zeuanimals  +   707d ago
Faster processor? You know it's the same exact processor in the PS4, right? They just clocked it faster, maybe, we don't even know what the PS4's is clocked at actually. We do know the ICE team made some significant improvements to it, though.

It's the Kinect and the eSRAM that cost a lot. The "external charger" is just a power brick and all systems have them, whether or not they're internal or external doesn't really do much to the price.
#5.3.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(3) | Report
G20WLY  +   707d ago
There's too much misinformation in your post for me to just move along. I mean, how can you be wrong so many times with so few words?!

^Zeuanimals is spot on, but I will add that the Kinect adds more than $75 to the price of XBone. "Build price" does not equal "retail price", in business, but particularly in Microsoft's case...
BG11579  +   707d ago
Why buy a xbone now if a price cut is unofficially coming?
Raider69  +   707d ago
The price needs to be lower than the PS4 for the Xboxone start selling decently,even with Titanfall the sales will not sky rocket like some might be thinking,and theres still lots of people wanting to eventually buy the Xboxone but the reality is that at the price tag its selling that same people will not pick the machine because its overpriced.This could actually end bad for Microsoft especially on third party support,there are many great small developers that could start going the way of releasing there games exclusive on the PS4 if the gap keeps getting wider,just in order to cut costs on development of games..and even some big publisher could also do the same thing if they start seeing there games selling two times more on the PS4 than on the Xboxone.
#7 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Boogieman401  +   707d ago
If you look at the last few years of the 360, ms has no gotta play games just on the 360. Look at the ps3, last year the best console games where on the 3. So what makes anyone think ms has the games to compete..... They don't have enough great games just on xbox. We all know this and the sales reflect it!!!!!
zeuanimals  +   707d ago
What's funny is MS stopped most 360 support back in 2011, this should mean they had a ton of time to work on X1 games to make its library a lot better. Sony fully supported the PS3 and they still are, yet they still have more 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party exclusives on the PS4 than the X1 does.

This leads me to ask the question, what the hell did MS do during the 2 years they were coastin on with the 360? I hope they didn't spend all of that time with the Kinect.
#8.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jessupj  +   707d ago
The thing is, because of the large graphical gap in multiplat titles, every multiplatform release can potentially be a system seller for the PS4.

I personally know someone that's whating for The Witcher 3.

I think the gap ratio is only going to get bigger.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   707d ago
The gap isn't as large as it was last generation, let alone the gen before that.
In fact these days, unless you've got a ginormous TV to see every individual pixel, the differences are so small as to be inconsequential, vastly outweighed by the gameplay and frame rate, in importance, in every way.
TheGrimReaper  +   707d ago
"The gap isn't as large as it was last generation"

You might want to check again or give examples.
I'd say the gap was closer last gen (just looking at the current perfomance differences between multiplatform games and comparing it to last gen)
#9.1.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(6) | Report
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   707d ago
I've done my checking, Grim, and from what I've seen, the graphical difference between all 3 major consoles this generation is a much smaller leap than it was the last gen, let alone the one before it.
Graphics on consoles have been out-stripped by PC's for ages now anyways, so its an inconsequential difference anyways, if what one cares about most is the graphics.

If there's any big differences in ports between systems, those gaps will steadily close as developers get better at using the machines.
It's foolish to think that they've already mastered any of the 3 next-gen consoles.
BitbyDeath  +   707d ago
@monkeyman, I agree. The difference between PS3 and Wii was larger than the difference between PS4 and Wii U.

PS3 and Wii was a ridiculously large gap though.
kenshiro100  +   707d ago
Uh, the gap *IS* bigger. the PS4 is mopping the floor with the XB1.
#9.1.4 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   707d ago
I hope their fortunes turn around, even though I'll never buy one.
I'm waiting a couple of years to invest in a new Sony or Micro console, in fact. That should give them time to get more single-player games and a decent price drop.
pupa  +   707d ago
So you have no new gen system, a Nintendo fan? yet you try to post information like a pro? A confusing mumble jumble you post, really strange people out there.
Benjaminkno  +   707d ago
WiiU is the only system worth getting right now.
The free PS+ games are cool, but they are the only games to enjoy on Ps4 right now.

Maybe Thief is good, but I'm not interested in it personally. Titanfall is not worth doling out $700 dollars(console, game, Live membership, tax) to play.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   707d ago
#1 Learn what defines a generation before trying to claim I don't own a new-gen system.
#2 There was nothing confusing about my post; the other two are too expensive for what they are offering me, so I'm waiting until they have a more attractive price point and some games that I won't be forced to sign up for their paid services just to take full advantage of.
And if they never do a price drop within those two years, I'll just wait until it happens, or I won't get one of the two at all.
#3 If you want strange, try looking at how you come out of NOWHERE to try and insult me, using BAD GRAMMAR no less, and then actually get agrees for your trolling.
Now that's confusing, since no one sane would give you agrees for such absolute idiocy.
#10.1.2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
Whiskeyjacked87  +   707d ago
Xbox wanted to have what Nintendo Wii had but all those casual gamers are already on board with their company (Nintendo) and most of the Xbox fans are jumping ship because their company focused on a different crowd rather than staying loyal to their fans and making a competitive GAMING machine for them. Hardcore gamers want the hardcore gaming machine (PlayStation 4) and the casual gamers are sticking with Nintendo.
#11 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Agent_hitman  +   707d ago
It only means that PS4 is dominating Globally.
DEEBO  +   707d ago
The ps4 japan numbers drop because of the new foxhound metal gear ps4 that's going to hit japan later this month.

I mean if people are holding out for the titanfall x1 why can japan be holding out for the metal gear ps4?
Boogieman401  +   707d ago
I kinda hope ms gets there ship straight cause without them pushing Sony last gen, would the ps4 be this great????
LeCreuset  +   707d ago
Ask PS2.
Imalwaysright  +   707d ago
Indeed PS2 was great but lets not pretend that a lot of it didn't have anything to do with 3rd party devs who now make games for all platforms. Also, lets not pretend that at the start of last gen the PS3 wasn't lacking due to Sony's arrogance. MS forced Sony to step up their game last gen and now Sony will force MS to step up their game. Its how markets work and its how we consumers benefit from it.
LeCreuset  +   707d ago

Let's, also, not pretend that the PS1 didn't stomp a mudhole in the competition, selling over three times that of the nearest competitor, and bouncing a historic player out of the console hardware business. So, to the original question of whether PS4 would be this great without MS pushing Sony last gen, there is certainly precedent to suggest that it would.

As far as devs go, I think the PS3 showed you how Sony can get along without their exclusivity. In fact, the quality of the games some of those devs put out has taken a hit since going multiplat.


That's not to say that I am against competition. I am just against falsely propping up competition for the sake of competition. Let products compete on their merit.

I don't understand this recent narrative that Sony, or even gaming, needs MS, the newest player of the Big Three on the scene. Rarely, if ever, do you hear someone say that Sony/gaming needs Nintendo, though their resume is more impressive than Microsoft's.
#14.1.2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report
Imalwaysright  +   707d ago
Sony didn't kill Sega alone. They pretty much killed themselves with the help of a failure called Sega Saturn and of course when ->3rd party<- devs stopped making games for the Dreamcast. The same ->3rd party<- devs that helped the PS2 be the behemot that it was. Sony knows this and that is why the PS4 architecture is developer friendly while PS3's had their own interests in mind (blu-ray). I repeat PS2 success wasn't all Sony's doing.

Now the question is: would Sony make the effort they did with the PS4 if they had what was basically a monopoly of the market with the PS3 like they had with the PS2? No, I believe they wouldn't and their arrogance and lack of commitment at the start of last gen is an indication of that. MS made Sony realize that the PS2 fanbase wasn't going to buy their console just because it had the playstation name attached to it. MS forced them to improve their online service into something cohesive and robust, they forced them to start delivering the games, they prompted them to support indie devs, the HDD, the improvements on the controller which was the same for 3 generations, cross game chat... they even copied what imo is the only mistake they made with the PS4: online gaming being behind a paywall. All the changes and improvements stem from the competition between these companies.

This gen it will be the other way around. Sony will... hell they already forced MS to step up their game. Those ridiculous policies are on the trash where they belong, games with gold is a direct response to plus...

We gamers are the ones benefiting from the competition between these companies and one of them getting out of the industy will lead to stagnation and into something that benefits them, not us.
#14.1.3 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
gamertk421  +   707d ago
People are waiting for the Titanfall bundle. Who would buy the system in the last month knowing you could get it's biggest game and a month of Live for free?
Raider69  +   707d ago
Titanfall its not exclusive for the Xboxone,Microsoft can get some people to buy the Xboxone due to Titanfall but it will not be what they are expecting since the game is still avaiable on PC and Xbox 360.
Flamingweazel  +   707d ago
Oh please, titanfall is noy going to change much other then a small spike for 1-2 weeks, the ps4 is #1 on amazon right now, X1 titanfall bundle 6th.
Raider69  +   707d ago
The console gamer pack to get seems to be a PS4 and a WII U especially if Microsoft dont get the price down.
PsylentKiller  +   707d ago
Wii U is priced to high as well as the One. The PS4 is showing the most promise but the One is putting its money where it's mouth is with Titanfall. Like it or not, Titanfall is the game MS is looking at to sell consoles. If Titanfall is a flop so is the One. I highly doubt it will flop. The Beta was awesome. Titanfall provides change. Gamers want change. That's why PvZ is selling the way it is. And that is why the Wii U sales are low. The Wii U is mostly first party games that we've been playing for 20 years. I love all the classics but they need to provide something fresh.
Geekman  +   707d ago
I'm convinced that if Microsoft were to lower the price to a reasonable amount of money, considering it's less powerful than the PS4 (and get rid of the Kinect.), that it'd fare much better. I understand the Kinect boosted up the price, but the Kinect sold about 20 million units to 24 million units; somewhere in that area. That means that, out of the Xbox 360s 80 million install base, 60 million people did not want the Kinect, and those 60 million people weren't gonna want the Kinect 2.0 either. The original Kinect sold enough to make a profit, but not enough that it HAD to be packaged in with the console.

DaGamingKing  +   707d ago
Wow, lets take 5 weeks of data and make some wild extrapolations of the life of a console. How is Sony outselling MS 3:1? 6 million in Sony sales would equate to just 2 million in Xbox sales, hmmm doesn't add up. Then again, were just talking about UK, which has always been a Sony stronghold and not for MS. I'm sorry, if you are going to present numbers, make it factual, have a proper sample size (ie all countries) and formulate an accurate analysis before making such outlandish statements.

A comparison proper comparison would be to show console sales on a month by month basis, ie with 4 months since XB1 and PS4 launched, take the first 4 months for Wii U, and compare how they all performed against each other. Further, limit your data to one region, and make your statements based on one region, not the world.

Just my 2 cents

Oh and I dont care about who actually is winning, please dont misinterpret me, I am looking at this as a statistician here, so I always want to know the full range of data, and all factors pertaining to it before ever making a judgement call.
#17 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(32) | Report | Reply
GribbleGrunger  +   707d ago | Well said
"Then again, were just talking about UK, which has always been a Sony stronghold and not for MS."

I stopped reading there. Clearly you don't follow console sales.


360: 8,783,064
PS3: 5,827,140

As you can clearly see, before the PS4 came along the UK was in fact MS land. Now before you get excited at those numbers for the 360, I just want to remind you that the UK is part of Europe and these are the European numbers:

360: 24,624,191
PS3: 31,945,109

Now just to give you some perspective, the PS3 outsold the 360 by 1.5 - 2/1 last generation, whilst this generation the PS4 is outselling the X1 by 4 - 5/1 AND the PS4 is outselling the X1 in America too. And just to give you perspective on that too:


360: 42,549,440
PS3: 25,979,207

Now Sony's console is outselling Microsoft's console in every single region which is why the number currently stands at (I'll add in this weeks PS4 numbers and average X1 numbers):

PS4: 6.1 million
X1: 3.6 million (I'm being generous here)

So you see, the gap was growing rapidly even WITHOUT Japan. I'm afraid the X1 is dying in Europe, dead on arrival in Japan and struggling to keep up with the PS4 in America. Does that mean it's doomed? Not at all, it's still selling very well ... It's just not nearly as popular as the PS4.
#17.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(39) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
chrisarsenalsavart  +   707d ago
Gribblegrunder ftw.
#17.1.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(1) | Report
DaGamingKing  +   707d ago
That's a good reply, and that's the sort of article that should be posted for X1/PS4 which breaks it down into regions and contains more data.

And I do follow console sales, I just don't have the time to research all the data, but seeing as you provided it, not disputing any numbers here, couldn't care less if Ford was on top lol, its about the article making statements based on one region, its far more informative to show all regions.

While your at it, for Last Gen, what was Worldwide sales for 360 vs PS3 out of curiosity, last I heard it was 81 million each or roundabout.

Spontogical  +   707d ago
Worldwide numbers to date.. PS3 is at 81 million and X360 is at 80 million.. give or take a few hundred K for each in the north.
mike32UK  +   707d ago
For the past few months (I'm not talking about total sales) In Europe on a week to week basis PS4 has been outselling the XB1 5:1...
fr3d0  +   707d ago
Flamingweazel  +   707d ago
Gribble showed how ignorant this was lol.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   707d ago
Xbone is being outsold by the PS3 a 7 year old console.

But but but Titanfall ! Lol.
#18 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(35) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Geekman  +   707d ago
Misleading title, but anyway, no the imaginary war is not over. Nobody can compete with the PS4, but both consoles are bound to make a decent profit for both companies with upcoming games. (Unless they screw up at E3.) To be fair, though, the Wii U has never fared well in Europe.

But to say NA is their last hope is ridiculous. What are we, 3 months into the console war?
DivineHand125  +   707d ago
If I was thinking of getting an xbox one
I would get it when the Titan Fall bundle is out because I would be getting the system plus a free game. Microsoft has made the mistake of announcing the Titan Fall bundle long before it is even available so I think we should not pay too much attention to the recent sales because I'm sure many people out there are waiting for that bundle.
Geobros  +   707d ago
Hmmm....this is an interesting comparison.
SliceOfTruth888  +   707d ago
Iam just happy I went with ps4 Sony really thought about me when this system launched. I mean they offered me two generic games for my hardcore tastes and made sure I had plenty of old PC games for me to keep busy until a single player only game comes out and keeps my attention for 8 hours. SHAME ON XBOX for giving people a next Gen fighting game, 2 3rd person next Gen action games, a next Gen racing game, an exclusive puzzle game, exclusive arcade golf game and an innovative platformer ALL on launch day. If only Xbox was for the fans they would know what people want and that is a next Gen system with nothing but multi platformers and crappy first party games
Gunstar75  +   707d ago
If I was planning on buying an xbox, I would be waiting for the Titanfall bundle.

So, it will be interesting to see sales in 2 weeks time.
idontcare  +   707d ago
All my friends bought a xb1 ... 2 out of 3 people already sold their ps4s. Justin Bieber sells many records too. I think ps4 is for the masses and not the hardcore
chrisarsenalsavart  +   707d ago
All my imaginary friends have bought a ps4 and sold it for a xbox360.
Justin bieber sells many records(whats got to do with videogames?)
I think ps4 is for the masses(cause tv and Kinect are such s hardcore thing, right?)
mike32UK  +   707d ago
I'm 24 and any gamer that I know in the same age range has a ps4. The only 1 person I know who wants an XB1 is my 13 year old nephew...
KingKevo  +   707d ago
PS4 is for the masses and X1 for the hardcore?! WHAT??!!

I don't want to look like a di**, but that's just funny. Maybe for the hardcore Halo and Gears fans, but just look at how many exclusives (quality and quantity) Sony put out in the past few years. Then look at the games coming for PS4 and X1, first and third party console exclusives. Trust me, as a gamer who cares about exclusives and variety PS4 is the place to go if you want a next gen console.

But well, what I just said is obvious and people know that which makes me think that your comment might just have been a troll. Hmmm..
MasterCornholio  +   707d ago
The masses of hardcore gamers are choosing the PS4 over the XB1 hence the massive sales lead.
dansdooz  +   707d ago
if you read only n4g you would think the xbox one is in bad shape, however you should know that the xbox one has the number one preordered game on both and vgc...go figure, oh and amazon uk.
#25 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
LeCreuset  +   707d ago
If I read only N4G...
Or looked at sales charts...
Or considered that Xbox had a price drop 3 months after releasing and is pretty much including Titanfall for free in their bundles.
KingDadXVI  +   707d ago
Well, that is 4 posts I have read in under 1 minute that are trolling Xbox. Still counting.
#25.1.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(10) | Report
LeCreuset  +   707d ago

If you want an indication of trolling, look at your bubbles. Dansdooz is trying to make it like this is all some conjuration on the part of that biased N4G. That's funny, seeing as how N4G doesn't actually report any news; it's only an aggregate which pulls its stories from all over the web. But yeah, N4G, and trolls, or whatever you all have to tell yourselves.
KingKevo  +   707d ago
Well, I do own a PS4 and dislike MS with a passion, but to me it's like this. Europe has always been a PS market, except for the UK since the 360 era. Probably because it's an English-speaking country. So it's not that surprising that the PS4 dominates. Also, the X1 did not launch in as many countries as the PS4 did in Europe, so in a country where the only choice is PS4 it is likely that you're going to pick that one up.

That being said, of course the price and all the negative press did not help them so the PS4 sales are boosted up by that as well and also because Sony has done a great job with it. To me it will be interesting to see how the ales are going to be in the Netherlands or Scandinavia or Poland once the X1 will be released there. I'm sure quite a few people are waiting for an X1 there, but I guess most people will that don't have either of them yet will favor the PS4 there as well, maybe because it's likely that they know somebody that already has it (that is what helped the 360 dominate for a long time even when the PS3 was finally out in early 2007 in Europe, along with the price) or because they favor it for whatever reason.

My point is. Just comparing these numbers does not tell the entire story and some other things need to be taken into account, but the trend in favor of the PS4 is still very obvious even when doing so.
UncleGermrod   707d ago | Offensive
Spontogical  +   707d ago
If a PS3 that released 12 months later than the 360 in the US.. and 16~ months later in EU, can STILL outsell it, year after year.. what do you think a PS4 that releases at the same time frame and in more countries will do?

People who say 5-9 weeks is too early to tell where things are heading are misguided. It's not early at all.. if anything it is late.

Why do I say this? Sony has Japan on LOCK!.. MS's ONLY strongholds in the entire world (US+UK) is being snatched from them.

This "war" is over. MS killed themselves in May 2013.. thanks to that MS employee hahaha - and all the BS that occurred during the lead up to E3.

This is done. The people I feel sorry for are Nintendo.. but it's their own fault really.
NeloAnjelo  +   707d ago
I find it strange how many are stating the PS4 sales in Japan dropped of by 80%...

The launch numbers included pre-orders... nothing is "dropping off". The 1 million that each console sold at launch wasn't a drop off in other weeks... but i guess that can be said for PS4 and Japan?

50K a week in Japan (given population) is a strong number. Similar to 340K vs 1 million PS4s in NA at launch.

Nothing is droppinbg off...
#29 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
S2Killinit  +   707d ago
It hasnt even been two full weeks since it was released has it?
NeloAnjelo  +   707d ago
Correct. Not even two weeks. And the JRPGs are still to come.

When comparing sales, people also say the PS4 is in more countries. But in every country, including MS's home market, the PS4 is outselling the XBONE.

TitanFall and exclusives will give it a temporary boost. The same for PS4 and Sony's exclusives. However, Sony has more studios, and even without this, will maintain and expand their lead.
#29.1.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
midget_gem  +   707d ago
Wow xbone is really struggling. Just as predicted, it is going to be fighting with WiiU for 2nd place this gen. It's even struggling to beat the PS3 wtf.

And as usual, the M$ apologists are out in full force, it's only temporary. LMFAO.

Get used to it. No one wants an xbone, Titanfall wont do jack-sh1t.

You were all warned and it's only gonna get worse.

Austacker  +   707d ago
It's too early and highly presumptuous to assume the end when we're 3 months into the cycle.

Yes, initial PS4 sales are record breaking, even for their own platform. Sony are clearly cashing in on a situation where there's a lack of strong competition in the market (and good on them)

But people are naive if they honestly believe that this is 'good' for them or the industry.

True competition is what sparks innovation and consumers will always win when two competing companies are going head to head in a close race to win consumer dollars.

Monopolies have always been proven to be bad for the consumer.

It's great to see Sony get a strong push and headset on this next gen, but it's far too early in the cycle to make the wild preditions that are already out there thrown around like a foregone conclusion.

No doubt Microsoft will be on the backfoot this generation based simply on inferior hardware, but to say the race is over before it's really begun would be a very naive assumption.
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