The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2 - A House Divided Review | Entertainium

"True to its name, A House Divided features some of the most divisive moments in any of the series’ episodes yet." - Eduardo Reboucas,

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Sketchy_Galore1321d ago

I'm sure it does but I probably should have guessed yet another release by Telltale would be bungled before planning to play it in the UK tonight. Man I wish the artistic talent at Telltale would get headhunter by a good studio.

edureboucas1321d ago

I loved that screenshot in particular. They are really stepping up their game in the art department.

djplonker1321d ago

Its delayed in europe on ps3 I have a fun week + ahead of trying to aviod spoilers...

edureboucas1321d ago

I tried to make the review as spoiler free as possible, so hopefully the wait won't be too painful. It is indeed a great one. ;)