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Submitted by Broll 634d ago | opinion piece

Top 10 WTF?! Moments – Microsoft Edition

CCC Says: "I realize that this is a touchy subject and that I will most likely be getting death threats from some of my favorite Twitter users. But before you come after my head, know that I own all the major systems. These points are born of personal experience as well as experiences shared with me by other gamers and what we all saw broadcast from E3 and other conventions and press releases. All of these things are true and documented. Whether you choose to believe their validity or not is your prerogative. I am merely trying to generate thought concerning how much Microsoft has not done to show appreciation to its gamer base and how they continue to syphon your money as you smile while you throw it at them." (Microsoft, Xbox One)

Master-H  +   634d ago
Article has a lot of stupid parts, if you liked (basically the demo) of Killer Instinct why not buy the full game when it's priced properly for 20 bucks ? then the author proceeds to call it a "rip off" in another one of them slides.
Also i don't think that Forza qualifies as a "niche title" lol
PS: article is spread across 10 different pages, and is click bait and not worth the time, i advise you all to skip this shit.
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diehardmetallicafan  +   634d ago
Killer instinct is a rip off! also the internet in general is one big 'click-bait' so shut your pie hole and let people decide to read about something for themselves
Master-H  +   634d ago
20 Dollars for all the fighters isn't a rip off.
And this article is pretty ridiculous even tho i'm a Sony fan, Forza a multi mllion dollar franchise somehow is a niche title lol

Besides i only advised them not to read it, and who are you to tell me what not to do ? resorting to personal attacks only shows how immature and pathetic you really are.
diehardmetallicafan  +   634d ago
keep telling yourself that pal.
Dudebro90  +   634d ago
Half of the stuff in this list is not only wrong, such as Xbox One couldn't play used games, but sounds like a whiny gamer who feels like they are entitled to everything.

Your mad you had to pay for Killer Instinct characters??? It was never, not once, stated all the characters would be free, and it was only $20!

Where do people come up with this junk?
rusblackaz   634d ago | Spam
Grave  +   634d ago
I think I agree with the online service WTF. Last gen it was all MS, but now PlayStation is destroying Microsoft when it comes to online services. Plus has become the clear leader in value, service, and freedom of choice.
Shadow Flare  +   634d ago | Funny
Only 10?
MRMagoo123  +   634d ago
100% agree, it must have been hell on earth cutting it down to just 10, i would have a hard time making a list as small as 50 lol.
nevin1  +   634d ago
It says Top 10 so of course others will get left out.
DeadManMMX  +   634d ago
Man, seriously? I got both consoles on launch day and I was never even going to attempt to connect to PSN and download the day one update because I knew there would be problems. I installed it with a USB. After that the PSN was so jammed up with traffic it was not used to and couldn't handle that I couldn't even sign into my profile until the next morning. Highlights of the first week included many connection errors and hangs when doing things as simple as trying to view my trophys. One week later I took my xbox one home and it downloaded the update in like ten to fifteen minutes installed it and i was online in no time playing with friends. This was my experience maybe yours was different but to me it was very telling about PSN. Yes PS Plus is a good deal because its free games but the online infrastructure is still behind the ball. Those of you who cant see this are in heavy denial. Killer Instinct ...did this dude read anything about it before he played. He's online writing articles so obviously he would be able to see one of the many articles describing its F2p system that came out before launch. Was this somehow confusing? Did you somehow think the game was completely free? Those of us who wanted it paid the meager 30 dollars for the combo breaker edition and have enjoyed it since. *sigh* some of the stuff that passes for news these days.
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