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PC Exclusive Star Citizen To Receive “State-of-the-Art” Facial Animation From The Studio Behind Ryse

GearNuke: "Ryse: Son of Rome is always regarded as having one of the best facial animation in a video game. It seems like the studio who helped create this facial animation is going to work with Chris Roberts to bring "State-of-the-Art" facial animation to Star Citizen, the crowd-funded space trading and combat simulator." (PC, Star Citizen)

ATi_Elite  +   514d ago
Ummm sounds good but PLEASE make sure all other gaming aspects are TOP NOTCH before spending a billion dollars on facial animation.

YES facial animation makes games better but doesn't really add much to GAME PLAY!

sure in story driven games facial animation is key but I'm gonna be seeing more enemy ships exploding than seeing facial animation.

(once you get sucked out of your exploded ship into the sub-zero temperatures of space your face isn't gonna animate but only freeze and implode)

so lets put more effort on Physics and Control and THEN worry about facial animation.

If I hear a story about TressFX and Breast Physics being added to StarCitizen then I'm gonna start worrying about my investment, lol
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MRMagoo123  +   514d ago
I really hope after all this time hearing about every single thing this game has and how amazing it looks, that it plays well, kinda reminds me of a remake make of macrocosmica which i used to play on the amstrad.
webeblazing  +   514d ago
He said they have different branches working on different aspects of the game. Different branches working different gameplay elements . So each team is handling different gameplay elements, so its like each team is work on their own game. This game is gonna be too huge to be compared to how games normal get made. Its a shame it took crowd funding for a dev to create a game on this scale, seeing how publishers push out so much money on other dev and you wonder where the money went.

Plus your gonna see facial animation during missions, negotiations between players NPC. Your chars actually does besides sitting in a space all day
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mysteryraz11  +   514d ago
looks ok
starchild  +   514d ago
Lol no other game looks better, so I don't know on what scale Star Citizen would look merely "ok".
mysteryraz11  +   514d ago
thats your opninion but it looks alright I not that much into space games though
imt558  +   514d ago
Well, game use CryEngine 3.
MaxwellBuddha  +   509d ago
Holy ****, this is awesome news. Ryse looks AMAZING!

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