New Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC Screens, The Cruiser and The Hangar

MP1st - Now available to download free of charge, Guerrilla Games’ PS4-exclusive shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall get two brand new multiplayer maps: The Cruiser and the Hangar. Check out these new screens.

ColonelRex787d ago

Now this is the way DLC should be. "Free of charge". :)

RandomDude655787d ago

Or included in the game in the first place. Thanks Microsoft.

BABYLEG787d ago

Of course its free. Who in their right mind would pay for killzone dlc?

Kingthrash360787d ago

and he ^ wonders why 1 bub....smh

mike32UK786d ago

You seriously wasted your ONE bubble on that horrendous comment? Come on man try harder

CrossingEden787d ago

Saying that all dlc should be free is a very ignorant and disrespectful comment towards the developers who spend the extra time and money to produce said dlc.

dcj0524787d ago

True. But not if They cut it from the Game like CRYSIS 2 or BF4.

JohnathanACE787d ago

Not all DLC should be free there's some really good ones out there (like the Skyrim or Dishonored DLC)but I feel a lot of DLC nowdays is either overpriced or just not worth playing. Any free DLC is great because it shows that the company appreciates it fans (which is basically what Gorilla is doing)and plus this isn't the first free DLC SONY has given out for one of their exclusives.

Boogieman401787d ago

It's free it's for me!!! Woonyvillslugger, let's shoot something!!!!!