South Park: The Stick of Truth censored - Video shows what people will miss

A new video shows all the cuts in the Europe version of South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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djplonker1354d ago

Thanks this saves me time looking it up when I get my hands on the game tomorrow or friday I was too lazy to import it!

Soldierone1354d ago

This game is pretty funny, but 60 bucks for it.... I would rather pay 15-20 and get it digital.

majiebeast1354d ago

Finished it amazing game just wished it had some type of end game that i come to expect from jrpgs.

1nsomniac1354d ago

Finished it? That didn't take you long I'm guessing its not very long then?

Bathyj1354d ago

Or hes some kind of supergamer

majiebeast1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Thanks for the compliment ;) I was pretty addicted to it, so almost went non stop besides sleeping and eating. I finished at 14 hours(ingame time) all sidequests and main quests completed.

Still think its worth the pricetag cause its like your playing a entire season of South Park. All the references are so well done its a must have for any fan of South Park and even people who stopped watching the later seasons.

Biggest complaint were the minigames, i could have done without those.

Bathyj1354d ago

I want to see it, but I wont cos I think I will import it later.

Dark_Overlord1353d ago

Yeah, it does contain spoilers.

I'll prob import a 2nd hand copy if I ever decide to get it, I refuse to support this BS censorship.