You Won't Believe How Good The Elder Scrolls Online Looks

"These screenshots from the Elder Scrolls Online beta compare very favorably to the graphics in Skyrim."

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Abriael1381d ago

No. I won't, because it really doesn't.

ATi_Elite1381d ago

1. Do not brag about how good a game looks but then only show a bunch of Night time photos.

2. Do not brag about how good a game looks but fail to add video

3. TERA Rising still looks better

MRMagoo1231380d ago

I tried the beta and was very very disappointed, all it did was confirm my thoughts when i heard about it for the first time and that was, leave elder scrolls as a single player game, because that is where it shines imo.

AndrewLB1377d ago

I'm not paying $60 for a game that I then have to pay another $15/mo to play.

And FYI, these graphics don't come close to modded skyrim. Here's what it looks like on my PC.

Agent20091381d ago

You won't believe how much ship I don't give for this game.

jamstorr861381d ago

agreed. played beta, fell asleep, won't be buying.

Bonkerz1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

It blows my mind to think that WOW a game that is over 10 years old cannot be beaten in the MMORPG world. Only thing that is gonna beat WOW is time im sorry, there has been so many games come up and just get destroyed by WOW and sucks to say i really dont see it being any different for this.

WeAreLegion1381d ago

A lot of WOW users are on LOL now though. It's obviously a MOBA and not an MMO, but still. They lost a lot of people to LOL.

ATi_Elite1381d ago

I prefer Guild wars 2 over WoW. I have NEVER liked WoW.

WoW just appealed to so many gamers and those gamers have put in way too much time to just STOP playing it especially with the great support and updates it recieves.

The problem is there are a lot of other great MMo's out there and they ALL can coexist without taking away from one another.

WoW no longer enjoys 12 million subscribers so those other MMO's are doing something right.

No need for a WoW killer when you have 250 million PC gamers. Plenty of Gamers to spread around.

Also Eve online is 10 years old and still going STRONGER than ever.

Saurian1381d ago

"You Won't Believe How Good The Elder Scrolls Online Looks"

No. You won't believe how fucking terribly it plays.

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The story is too old to be commented.