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You Won't Believe How Good The Elder Scrolls Online Looks

"These screenshots from the Elder Scrolls Online beta compare very favorably to the graphics in Skyrim." (PC, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Abriael  +   578d ago
No. I won't, because it really doesn't.
ATi_Elite  +   578d ago
1. Do not brag about how good a game looks but then only show a bunch of Night time photos.

2. Do not brag about how good a game looks but fail to add video

3. TERA Rising still looks better
MRMagoo123  +   578d ago
I tried the beta and was very very disappointed, all it did was confirm my thoughts when i heard about it for the first time and that was, leave elder scrolls as a single player game, because that is where it shines imo.
AndrewLB  +   574d ago
I'm not paying $60 for a game that I then have to pay another $15/mo to play.

And FYI, these graphics don't come close to modded skyrim. Here's what it looks like on my PC. http://i1248.photobucket.co...
Agent2009  +   578d ago
You won't believe how much ship I don't give for this game.
jamstorr86  +   578d ago
agreed. played beta, fell asleep, won't be buying.
JoGam  +   578d ago
Bonkerz  +   578d ago
It blows my mind to think that WOW a game that is over 10 years old cannot be beaten in the MMORPG world. Only thing that is gonna beat WOW is time im sorry, there has been so many games come up and just get destroyed by WOW and sucks to say i really dont see it being any different for this.
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WeAreLegion  +   578d ago
A lot of WOW users are on LOL now though. It's obviously a MOBA and not an MMO, but still. They lost a lot of people to LOL.
ATi_Elite  +   578d ago
I prefer Guild wars 2 over WoW. I have NEVER liked WoW.

WoW just appealed to so many gamers and those gamers have put in way too much time to just STOP playing it especially with the great support and updates it recieves.

The problem is there are a lot of other great MMo's out there and they ALL can coexist without taking away from one another.

WoW no longer enjoys 12 million subscribers so those other MMO's are doing something right.

No need for a WoW killer when you have 250 million PC gamers. Plenty of Gamers to spread around.

Also Eve online is 10 years old and still going STRONGER than ever.
Saurian  +   578d ago
"You Won't Believe How Good The Elder Scrolls Online Looks"

No. You won't believe how fucking terribly it plays.
Ultr  +   578d ago
Seems like the trolls are out today.
Maybe there are people that care about thevgame? How about you leave these articles to them?
Saurian  +   578d ago
No. I do actually care about the game, I'm a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls universe. Caring about something doesn't mean blind loyalty, this is something the gaming audience seems to have major problems with. If you truly care about something, you want it to be the best it can be.

I have been involved in all Beta weekends so far and right up to the latest build, The Elder Scrolls Online plays like shit, with the biggest problem being the overly simplistic combat. There is talk of a massive overhaul being worked on, if this is true you can expect to see me giving a complete breakdown of the new system and singing its praises. But until that happens, I can only tell it like it is.

You may be happy to accept whatever shit is served up in front of you, but most of us are not. We want the games we buy to be the best they can be, not a glorified beta to be tested by the public. Skyrim was a complete fucking mess on release, I would argue that it always will be without mods, yet the gaming press completely ignored the issues and gave it perfect scores regardless.

This is a travesty. If developers like Bethesda can put out poorly realised and buggy shit and have the audience lap it up, then what is the point of striving for something better?

The saddest thing is, that there ARE developers out there who DO push the boundaries of game design and always strive to give the player completely new systems with very high skill ceilings with a complete lack of bugs and game-breaking exploits. But these games are almost always ignored or purposely beaten down by the gaming audience and the press alike, simply because they challenge the norms you have accepted.

It's a disgusting situation, and it's a situation which stems from your attitude of blind acceptance of absolute shit.
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Ultr  +   578d ago
Nothing in my post screams that I have an attitude of blind acceptance of absolute shit :P

To me it just seems like since the game was announced everybody bashed it for NO REASON!
now you bring me a reason, a constructive reason that I can understand why you don't like it.
thank you for that
leahcim  +   578d ago
so blocky and that --- wait is that an eagle made it with minecraft?
andrewer  +   578d ago
I liked this game, but not at the point I would actually buy it
_LarZen_  +   578d ago
Have played the beta and it just looks stunning on high settings. Allot of fun and I cant wait to dive deeper to see what the game have to offer in the time ahead.

I really hope we get a invite to beta test the PS4 version soon. I am really excited to see how it looks and plays.
WeAreLegion  +   578d ago
Playing it on full.

It doesn't look that good.
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Volkama  +   578d ago
Played it on full on an AMD 6950, it looked OK. Now I have two R9 290s, but no option to make it look any better than OK.

I remember pre-SWTOR there was loads of talk that they were just holding back the good textures and assets to keep the beta download size down. I've heard the same thing here, and have no doubt it will be false again.

Having said that, I quite liked the game. It was a nice change of pace from WoW and it's many re-skins. It desperately needs collision detection to make combat feel better, but it's still better than other MMORPGs out at the moment imo.
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_LarZen_  +   578d ago
They have added collision detection :) http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Volkama  +   578d ago
Oh thanks Larzen. That's encouraging.

I read before the last beta that data miners had found collision detection enabled. I was quite enthusiastic to try it, but when I did I found no such good news.

Did it get enabled as the weekend went on, or does it just not apply until later in the game? It needs to be there from the beginning, it feels horrible without it.

They still need to enable a proper full screen mode so that I can play it in 3D. If they can do that it might just be a good starting point :)
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_LarZen_  +   578d ago
They had not implemented this in the beta weekend. I hope they will have it in the next one. Not long before it launches now and they said there will be more beta time.

I agree they really need to fix the first person mode. They need to widen the field of view. Crossing fingers that enough people point it out so they will comply.
Volkama  +   578d ago
It looks OK in the MMORPG space. Unfortunately that's a genre that always aims low these days.

I remember when Everquest 2 first came out, complete with warnings not to try pushing the settings too high because available hardware wouldn't be able to cope with that for at least a couple of years. Built for a long life.

Now instead of aiming 2 or 3 years into the future they aim 2 or 3 into the past, to catch a bigger audience. Logical, but sucks. Give me a powerhouse MMORPG for the PC enthusiast please.
pandehz  +   578d ago

swear i saw a triangle tree
Dynasty2021  +   578d ago
Beta is boring, gameplay overall is kind of limp, feels like a WoW/LoTR online clone.

Does nothing special.

AND it requires a monthly payment.

This will sit with the Star Wars online game in the free-to-play bin in a year or so.

Also, had this playing on max graphics at 1080p with the AA turned onto max. These shots are post-processed. The game doesn't look as good as it does in these shots.
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Tempest317  +   578d ago
I was thinking the same thing. But then again, it's pretty standard to butter up the screenshots and make the game look better than it actually is.
Emme  +   578d ago
Looks boring and flat.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   578d ago
Aside from people who tried it claiming it doesn't look too good for next gen, I myself am more worried because bethesda may possibly never make another epic "Single player campaign" just like arena, morrowind, daggerfall, oblivion and skyrim. That's right, push always online games, make everything always online because everyone has good internet connection even in the himalayas. -_-
gnomefighter3d  +   578d ago
I have played the beta, granted it is a beta and for reason I understand that, but come one, they couldn't do any better than this? Really!?! The enemy respawn's are generic and will not interact until acted upon. Then you find yourself Kiting enemies while hacking and slashing at them in circles.
Then there is the lack to questing realism, granted this is just a game, but cmon one bucket of water from a well that puts out three different house fires. Really!?!? Make it some what creditable...
The game itself may look beautiful but Elder Scrolls was not made for MMO style, just doesn't feel right. Ditch the MMO and focus on 1-4 CO OP that's all we wanted.... not another pay to play MMO that will live for a year before coming free to play then be saturated with in game market where they force you to pay to advance your character in ways that should be free.Again No thanks....
webeblazing  +   578d ago
i guess it ok since they use good instead of amazing. its still a cash grab
beatled  +   578d ago
it won't look anything like this on console

expect TONS of jaggies and low res textures like all console games

....and it looks even BETTER than this on a high end pc

this game is great fun and looks and plays great in 1600p
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Longshot28  +   578d ago
All the pretty graphics in the world don't make up for a boring game.
djplonker  +   578d ago
I spent 10+ hours downloading it and it took me less than an hour to get bored and jump back on ff14 :/

Hey atleast they might add multiplayer co-op to the next proper elder scrolls (I can dream....)
Tempest317  +   578d ago
Compare favorably to Skyrim? Unmodded Skyrim was hideous, and from the last beta this looks near identical. That's a pretty low bar to hit, especially 2+ years after it came out. It wasn't exactly pushing boundaries in 2011 as it was.

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