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Submitted by LaFleur 708d ago | opinion piece

Nintendo Wii and DS online services face shut down

Adam Koper discusses whether or not Nintendo’s recent decision to shut down severs for the Wii and DS is the right move from the company. (Nintendo DS, Wii)

josephayal  +   708d ago
I really hope they don't shut off the Wii U/ 3ds Shop
KonsoruMasuta  +   708d ago
Why would they?
erathaol  +   708d ago
As the article states that it could be an attempt to nudge players stuck on the Wii onto the Wii U.

Also could be the financial sector, writing it off as a waste of resources.
swice  +   708d ago
That makes no sense
3-4-5  +   708d ago
Your kidding right jose ?

* How can't you comprehend this ?

* Wii & DS are old, from 2004/06. Therefore they aren't being used as much.

* Why would they shut down 3DS/Wii U? It's making them money.
levian  +   708d ago
I'm just hoping the Wii Shop is still available. With the low sales of the Wii U I imagine a TON of people still own and use a Wii daily.

I haven't turned on my Wii U in months but last I checked, all the SNES and other games on the Wii Shop weren't available on the Wii U's Shop. It would be a horrible mistake to shut down that service, not just for current Wii users, but Wii U users who want some awesome older games that aren't on the Wii U shop for some reason.
WeAreLegion  +   708d ago
Though I realize it is not cost effective for them to do this, it may be a poor decision. Imagine if Sony or Microsoft shut off the PS3/360 online services! Riots would occur! I realize there is a massive difference, due to the Wii's limited online functionality, but they are all in the same generation.
Fishermenofwar  +   708d ago
There would be anarchy
imXify  +   708d ago
B-B-But... at least our online is free !
Aaaand it's gone.

You get what you pay for.
LeCreuset  +   708d ago
Like the PS3 online? If anything, this is a move that is more in line with the practices of MS, strong arming the customer base into upgrading.
contradictory  +   708d ago
yeah, those 3 people still using DS and Wii's online features will really go on a riot for this!
link2Dpast  +   708d ago
other than smash bro and mario kart wii, honestly what other game would be playable online for the wii , i honestly cant think of another game, so no big loss their. In doing this push consumers to buy the wiiU, gotta do it some way
saber23  +   708d ago
And yet PSN is still up on PS3 and PSP.
GDDR6_2014  +   708d ago
But for how much longer?
SilentNegotiator  +   708d ago
With several games' servers shutting down this month :S
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nikrel  +   708d ago
Steam is about the only thing I trust for digital market, even then it's a 50% chance it could close any day...
CEOSteveBallmer  +   708d ago
pft steam. Steam is good, but i wonder what happened to that Hyped up "Steambox"? that machine is a perfect fit for the Overhyped game of the year, Titanfall.
SilentNegotiator  +   708d ago
I feel secure on PC because I know that even if a game is removed from ALL services, someone will release a cracked version.

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