Gamigon Live: Top-5 Reasons as to why Final Fantasy VII Is Still A Great Game

Gamigon Live says:

"Some games age better then others, some age well in some part, and then there are those which might not look like much today, but have aged better than one might thing. Final Fantasy VII does not give a great first impression compared to other better looking titles today, but when you sit down and dig into it, there are plenty of reasons to see as to why this is still a great rpg. Here are my top-5 reasons as to why FFVII is still a great game."

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Fishermenofwar1377d ago

Breeding...That is all..LOL

Ultr1377d ago

Funny as I am playing the game right now :))
I'm on CD3 now (playing on vita)

BattleN1377d ago

Funny just bought myself a psp 3000 with FF tactics which features cloud in some way haha! If anyone knows of a top ten psp let me know..Oh also whats the best Gameboy emulator I can download for the system?

Ultr1375d ago

From the Top Of My Head:

FF7:Crisis Core
GOW: Ghost of sparta / Chains Of Olympus
MonsterHunter: FreedomUnite
MetalGearSolid: PeaceWalker

Some of them are also available on PS3 with HD graphics.
Iplayed them on both systems, great eitherway

WilliamH1377d ago

It's was, it's still & will always be amazing.

BattleN1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

The cast of FF 9 as well as the story are epic, 9 is the best in my opinion.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1377d ago

Considering I just did another play through a few weeks ago (No Materia AT ALL)I would say of course it's still great. I have no idea how many playthroughs I've gone through already.