Skywind - Morrowind Mod For Skyrim - 'The Road Most Travelled' Trailer

The Skywind team has released a new trailer for its mod, featuring clips from the very first quest to travel to the town of Balmora from Seyda Neen, and all the exploration to be had on your way there.

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Jackhass1416d ago

The things people with too much time on their hands can achieve.

Mr_cheese1416d ago

Bit of an ignorant point of view there. These guys are fantastic at what they do and it is most likely done in spare time...

GarrusVakarian1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

You can never have "too much time on your hands" when it comes to creativity, especially when creating something for others. What an ignorant view. What do you suggest they do with all THEIR time?

On topic - What they have achieved there is amazing. Bravo.

TM3331416d ago

Looks so awesome. Hats off to the creators! Makes me wanna' play it now!

HexxedAvenger1416d ago

Wow that looks awesome! I have to try this!
I hope Bethesda recognizes the people that do these mods! People work hard on them.
O_O I wonder what they'll do for ES:6.....

RiPPn1415d ago

Would be great if Bethesda made this official and released it on consoles. I have yet to play Morrowind and would love to do so with the Skyrim engine.

ninjahunter1415d ago

Thats nice, But I remember there was a problem with morroblivion, in that the quests and NPC didnt transfer over. Im all for morrowinds badass world, but if its empty, well, your better off just playing morrowind.

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