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Submitted by Abriael 708d ago | news

Titanfall Wasn't Initially Supposed to be Exclusive; Titanfall 2 Possible, No Comment on Exclusivity

Respawn Entertainment Co-Founder Vince Zampella shed more light on Titanfall's exclusivity, on the possibility of a sequel and more (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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maniacmayhem  +   708d ago
So it turns out that they approached MS despite the rumors on N4G that MS made a deal with EA behind their back. I hope this settles this.

But now he's pretty quiet when asked again if Titanfall 2 will be multiplatform. If this game is a success as MS wants it to be you can bet that they'll shell out that "gears" money to keep the game on Xbox.

Or maybe Sony might step in with their checkbooks wide open and have at it. This gen is getting interesting.
Abriael  +   708d ago
A little bit of a correction there. The rumors is that EA made a deal for permanent exclusivity behind respawn's back. According to what zampella said earlier, it seems exclusivity was temporary for what they were concerned.
maniacmayhem  +   708d ago
So are you saying that Titanfall is officially a Xbox title?

Where did you hear this?
Abriael  +   708d ago
@maniacmayhem: The first titanfall is an Xbox exclusive officially, yes. It was in EA's last financial conference call.

Only the first one tho.
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nukeitall  +   708d ago
Well the more successful Titanfall is, the more likely it will motivate MS to keep it exclusive!

In short, MS has been good partners, has the cloud technology to support Titanfall, has the financial resources and the motivation to keep it exclusive.

Temporary or not, I think a port to PS4 would have been far down the line and getting the cloud infrastructure would be very costly and difficult since Sony doesn't have a comparable cloud. We all know how sh1tty EAs server where with BF4!!!
darthv72  +   708d ago
If it is. If it isnt. does one game really matter that much when there are so many upcoming titles of equal or greater complexity?

those who want to play it will find the means to do so. Those who have no interest...will play something else.
Eonjay  +   708d ago

Its a battle of interests. Of course its within Microsoft interests to keep it exclusive (as long as EA doesn't try to squeeze them dry for cash). Its probably EA's best interest to make it multiplatform. Depending on how successful the game is, EA may feel emboldened to demand more money. Its impossible to predict how this will end.

As far as the cloud, its not a hard as you think. Microsoft has the fastest cloud, but they are far from the only player. Still it would probably cost Sony more out of pocket to lease space. We know they have a deal with Rack Space and they have done business with Amazon before. If they want to make it happen, it will happen.
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KingDadXVI  +   708d ago
There is nothing new in this interview. It was only last fall that TitanFall became lifetime exclusive (just the first game). Respawn said as much. They also approached Sony after MS and Sony did not offer the Cloud support that MS did.

@Eonjay Yes, there are other players in the server market but MS is the only company with a server network that ranks consistently in the top 3 and more often than not is number one and also has a game console and online gaming service. The leveraged resources Sony does not have. Sony could have rented servers from Amazon or RackSpace but they would have had to pay considerably more than MS would using their own servers.

I have said it before and will say it again. Sony is not stupid. I am sure that they would have liked to have had this game but it is unlikely they could justify the massive expense of renting out hundreds of thousands of servers. All on an up until last year unproven new IP.

This came down simply to who had the hardware and the money, nothing more. Whether Sony manages to stop their financial bleeding and come up with the money to get the next installment of this game in 2017 is unknown. I hope it happens for PS4 owners but ultimately it comes down to, "Will TitanFall 2 return enough money to Sony coffers to be worth fighting MS' bank account?". Who knows maybe MS will say screw it, we don't care if we get exclusive rights to the next game. 2017 is a long time away.
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Eonjay  +   708d ago

I completely agree but I will note that EA played their hand very well. They already knew what Sony could do having talked to them but they still got the paid for "exclusive" lifetime console access to the first game. Well played EA. Remember, Respawn had no intention of lifetime exclusivity. EA is a corporation and they seized on Sony's and Microsoft situation. Respawn benefits as well (for God's sake lets hope Respawn at least gets paid as part of the Microsoft deal too.)
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   708d ago
Why is it such a big deal its not on ps4? Plenty of PS games are exclusive to Sony so why is Titanfall getting special treatment? Is it because its been hyped so much, going to be a big hit, or that EA makes everything multiplatform and went with MS. Seems like a lot more PS fans want Titanfall then Xbox fans do infamous. I guess because Titanfall is a new game. Just saying each system has exclusives, leave it be and move on.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   708d ago
Agree with @nuketail

First of all a Titanfall 2 is very far away since this is a multiplayer only game. Leaving EA to,release as many DLCs as they want.

Second of all with all the millions Microsoft is throwing at marketing campaigns I doubt this game will ever be released on PS4.

Third, this is not a problem since many people also game on PC.
maniacmayhem  +   708d ago
"The rumors is that EA made a deal for permanent exclusivity behind respawn's back."

Sorry, I totally read that statement wrong. I thought you meant that the Titanfall franchise was "now" exclusive to MS.
UncleGermrod  +   708d ago
Yes, some are confused. They did originally state that they wanted to focus in on one console due to limited resources, and that MS seemed like the best bet due to cheap servers etc. They also had a great history with them and xbox live is/was arguably the stronger online community in terms of MP shooters. Seems like a no brainer right? Problem is, I Respawn never wanted it to remain exclusive forever. That is where they kind of got screwed. Future deals will really depend more on EA and the type of relationship they want with Respawn when the contract is up...and of course money (will MS be willing to shell out that kind of cash)? Depends on how important this game proves to be for their platform.

All I know is, bring on March 11th!
JokesOnYou  +   708d ago
I really didn't learn anything new from this news.

Basicly its officially Microsoft exclusive for Titanfall= known for awhile now.

Titanfall will be a franchise= no sh*t.

Titanfall 2 exclusive, no comment.

No story, but I clicked.
Abriael  +   708d ago
@JokesOnYou: "no shit," what you think has a bit of a different weight compared to what Vince Zampella actually says.
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Highlife  +   708d ago
Let's just say there is 20+ million ps4's out there by time titanfall 2 rolls around. Let's say half of the 20 mil would buy it. 10 mil * $60= $600,000,000. That's allot of cash from customers not including all the possible dlc cash. I think EA should kick themselves for that one.
ShinMaster  +   708d ago
We've already known that the potential sequels may not be exclusive.
abzdine  +   708d ago
people keep talking about exclusivity but isn't the game only slipping PS4 and PS3? it's coming to 360 PC X1
Kingthrash360  +   708d ago

i scratched my head at the title and some of these comments...its like people really believe its an exclusive game when it never was and most likely never will be.
exclusive mean on one thing console exclusive means it may be on pc but only on one console..multiplatform is what titan fall is, its on 2 consoles 360 and x1 and on pc...good game? yes. exclusive? no.
VENOMACR1227  +   708d ago

If this was coming to PS3/4 and PC, every Sony fan would be saying it's an exclusive. Since when did we start adding PC into the mix? Game consoles, Xbox, PS, and Nintendo. This game is a console exclusive because if it wasn't you'd be able to get it for your PS3/4 or Nintendo. Stop trying to downplay it. The same company isn't even making it for the 360, someone else is and doesnt even launch at the same time. Someone says a game is multiplatform, they mean you can buy it on PS, Xbox, and/or Wii. Now people are getting desperate and reading between the lines.
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Utalkin2me  +   708d ago
Wow @ the comments about the cloud. Man you got to love this site.
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   708d ago

All the matters is you can play it on your Xbox One, 360, or PC, and it's not on the PS3 or PS4. There are a lot of upset Sony fans who will say/do whatever it takes to knock Titanfall or MS down. They love negative MS news but when it's negative towards Sony they have an answer/reasoning behind it. Sony could have opened the check book and gotten this game. Money talks, BS walks. Instead of being bitter, they should be bitter towards Sony for blowing it with this game, but Sony can do no wrong.
DragonKnight  +   708d ago
@Abriael: Dude, you really need to calm down. You have this massive problem with people making even the slightest criticisms against articles you posted, and what Jokes said was hardly even that. He literally said "this is stuff I already knew" because you don't magically have information that no one else does. Hell, your own article borrows the information from someone else's video, so don't act like you're sharing completely new information that no one else could have seen. To attack someone saying what they "think" is different from what someone else "knows" is pretty sad considering how you came to "know" what that developer knows.

@nukeitall: "has the cloud technology to support Titanfall."

Still being suckered by marketing are you? Cloud technology isn't needed for Titanfall. They may be using it, but it's DEFINITELY not needed. Titanfall isn't using technology that can't be done anywhere else, so the idea that it couldn't be on any other system is laughable. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

**EDIT** How many people here are naive enough to think that Zampella would come onto a video and say "yeah, EA screwed us over and we didn't want Titanfall to be exclusive to the Xbox" and get away with it? Looks to be a lot.
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scott182  +   707d ago
Titanfall 2 would look great on the PS4.

And Sony could put their Rackspace servers and cloud structure to good use. If Titanfall 1 is good I'm sure EA wont pass up on the PS4 train.

Rackspace servers and great hardware will make the game top notch.
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Kingthrash360  +   707d ago
i gotta pc i'm not mad at all...but still the game isnt exclusive, nor is it good enough for all the hype imo.
xbox fans just need something to beat their chest to...enjoy it.
pro tip: the only people mad about tf not being on ps4/ps3 is respawn and ea...ps4 and ps3 has a larger install base than x1 and 360....they should have went full multiplat...they would have made much more.
lolCHILLbro  +   708d ago
Yep they approached Microsoft and wanted to work with them, Microsoft has always supported online gaming with Xbox LIVE, Sony? not so much, only makes sense to go with the more established online gaming service known as Xbox LIVE with the 300,000k servers and cloud support!

GG Microsoft
Mr_cheese  +   708d ago
Please read your comment back
bobtheimpaler  +   708d ago
not to mention services that you already pay for behind the gold pay wall. Want to use a browser to circumvent that. Tough luck, need gold for that too.

Seriously. They would be crazy not to put it on the PS4. EA sold a crap tonne of their games on the PS4 compared to the bone. They would be stupid not to. I also doubt that MS would want to purchase more exclusivity. They're ruining shareholder value as it is. Not good for a division that shareholders think the company could do well without.
Eonjay  +   708d ago
Actually it makes more sense to release on both and make it work to get your game to the most gamers possible. Its about us remember?
JohnnyBadfinger  +   708d ago

So basically what your saying is exclusives are corporate greed?

If the idea to make gamers is to get it to as many people as possible then by that logic Sony are the greediest of all. Denying 2/3 of the gaming population from some of their top franchises.... How dare they!

Fact is exclusives only exist to sell consoles. The only reason ms bought the exclusivity is because they saw great potential for them to sell more consoles with the game being on their machine. Ms and sony get very little from game sales in comparison to console sales. So anything to boost their number of sales the better
insomnium2  +   708d ago
Ummmm... I'm #25 on the list of people who has pushed *ignore* on you.

Trust me folks. This place is much better when you start using that wonderful ignore-button. I wish people didn't take direct quotes though when answering and feeding these trolls.
JeffGUNZ  +   708d ago
@ Bob

Come on, give it a rest with the whole gold nonsense. "want to use a browser...need gold for that too." That is such a moot point nowadays it's just gasping at straws. You really think their are all these people who have $500 xbox ones but have no computers, cellphones, tablets, smart tv's, and other devices to access an internet browser with? I NEVER use my console to browse the internet, that's why I have my tablet, my cellphone, and my macbook sitting right next to me.
Exactly, that crap about EA going behind his back was just to keep potential Sony fanboys buying the next iteration of the game. How can you not know what is happening with your intellectual property? EA never owned Titanfall and still don't, they are just publishers. Truth is this gen, Sony fanboys have set a bad precedent. Developers and Sony will get away with anything as long as they tell Sony fanboys what they want to hear and throw the competition under the bus. Disagree all you want but we will see in a few years when its tallied up. We had a chance to make this gen wonderful by constant interaction with these people and we blew it. Microsoft made mistakes but the constant bias against them and hatred has set them on the right course. Silver linings and all I suppose.
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PoSTedUP  +   708d ago
yes but its a different story this time around. "gears" money was worth it for both Epic and MS conidering the console sales of the ps3 at the time. now MS will have to dish out a Lot more money for it to be worth it for EA considering PS4 sales are taking off like a rocket ship, and ultamately may not be worth it for MS either depending on how well TF does. even if it does "well" im sure even then- the ammount of money to keep it off of PS4 would be crazy and may not be worth it for MS because EA knows money and this gen the ps4 is where the moneys 'at.
edonus   708d ago | Spam
come_bom  +   708d ago
Titanfall is exclusive to Xbox and PC, and according to EA, it will stay exclusive to those platforms.

As for Titanfall 2, it's still way to early to talk about it. It will probably take another 3 years to be released. Respawn Entertainment was founded in 2010, and this is their first game. It took them 3-4 years to make Titanfall.
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-Foxtrot  +   708d ago
Of course they approached MS, the Xbox One was going to have DRM and MS was going to try and standardize that along with horrible anti consumer policies that benefited EA.

It makes sense that they approached MS.

They bet on the wrong horse...and lost
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k3rn3ll  +   708d ago
I wouldn't be suprised if sony wasn't going to standardize as well. The pubs stood the most to make off drm. They most likely pulledthe plug after all the backlash ms recieved the dah before their press conference. Ea and ubi were probably the main pushers.
BakPAin  +   708d ago
They havent lost yet! The game hasnt even come out yet. Lets see what impact it has before we come to that conclusion. Also that DRM crap is getting old!
DragonKnight  +   708d ago
@k3rn3llL There is a truckload of information, as well as common sense, that Sony didn't suddenly change their minds about DRM after MS received the backlash they did, and yet still people keep trying to put that out there.

Sony said from February of 2013 that the PS4 would have no DRM. February 2013. The Xbox One reveal was in May. Are Sony psychic? Plus, how the hell do you think the business world works? Sony can't make immediate decisions like that. It's illegal due to shareholder interests. So again, no Sony wasn't going to standardize it.
killzone619  +   708d ago
If titanfall is a huge success, MS will most likely secure it.

The FPS genre is huge and MS know it. Just look at how much CoD and Halo has sold compared to every other game on the market.
#1.8 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Akuma07  +   708d ago
Will Titanfall be successful? Yes.

Will it be as successful as COD? Never EVER. Not until it goes to Playstation.

Same thing with Halo, sure Halo is big, one of the biggest, but it would be a HUGE franchise if it was multiplat. Maybe even as big as COD.

It doesn't make financial sense for EA to make TF a lifetime exclusive franchise. Microsoft would need to pay them more money then what they would get profit from the PS4 sales, which if the sales trend continues will be HUGE amounts of cash.

I can't see Microsofts new management going for that.

There were rumors not long ago that Microsoft is seeking exclusive DLC rights with EA on any future Titanfall games, rather than a complete exclusive. This not only makes financial sense, but would still benefit the Xbox One sales.
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ger2396  +   708d ago
Define success, also it will never do cod numbers. Which is what ea would like. The only way it will accomplish that is if it is multi platform. We'll know more in a few months.
Akuma07  +   708d ago
I see this as more PR work by Zampella. EA has probably told them to say this because the original announcement didn't sound too good, made EA look really bad.
k3rn3ll  +   708d ago
Respawn is a partner of ea not a subsidiary. I don't think zampella gains anything buy doing what they say as deals are already set. They don't own the ip like battlefield or madden
KwietStorm  +   708d ago
Getting interesting? Because of this?
AceBlazer13  +   708d ago
So titanfall stays on Xbox then what? Gamers feel remorse or something ?Lived without Halo think i can handle no titanfall.
BingBongGuy  +   708d ago
Sony will find some cheaper option and hype it. And the sheep will follow it. Too bad because the X1 does alot more than the ps4.
Skankinruby  +   708d ago
Lol Microsoft learned NOTHING from last gen as they are once again putting all their stock into one game. Titanfall is becoming the most hyped game since the halo nonsense and you wanna call Sony loyalists sheep? Take a seat kid Xbox one doesn't do anything 'more' than ps4. Its overhyped, overpriced, and gets outperformed by its competitors
DragonKnight  +   708d ago
"Too bad because the X1 does alot more than the ps4."

Besides spying on people and creating a useless way to watch tv, no it doesn't.
dansdooz  +   708d ago
Sony dont have any check books....
MrZweistein  +   708d ago
After reading the first comment it is clear that the poster has not read the article itself but the headline. If he would have read the whole article it was clearly stated that Respawn talked to MS first, not the other way around. It's a shame that most of commenters just jump on the train in an uninformed state.
Oh_Yeah  +   708d ago
Why would sony pay for this...when they could just beef up killzone. Add back in the mechs and jet packs from kz3 with some improvements, add some wall running and kicking. There you go a better version of Titanfall right there.
sYRes  +   708d ago
Sony doesn't have the money. they Lost 1.08 billion dollars this year and are in crisis mode.
frostypants  +   707d ago
It'll take a lot more than "Gears" money if the PS4 keeps outselling the One like this.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   707d ago
The Sony boys like to spin stories to sound extreme. MS didn't go behind their backs. But of course it's big bad MS.. they did it! They bad boys!


And another TitanFall story. All other games coming out this month are secondary. No wonder it's called "second son" BOOM!
Oh_Yeah  +   707d ago
Son...Titanfall is on pc @ 1080p 60fps with no online paywall. Boooooom. Hilarious someone would pay 500 for a console, that has no actual AAA exclusives other than halo Forza gears, and makes you pay to play while offering you no incentives like ps plus.
XboxFun  +   707d ago

check out all the official sony front page warriors coming out of hiding from the last two days. I guess now the coast is clear and it's business as usual, time to troll Titanfall and tell everyone its overhyped, MS paid EA for whatever, magical PC's that they all suddenly own, its a CoD with mechs or the new excuse, MS is placing all their eggs with this title.

Thank god N4G buried the other "certain" stories so they could let you guys get back to what you were doing.
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Xsilver  +   707d ago
Lmao 6million and counting don't give a crap what you say :)
Bonkerz  +   708d ago
Everyone knows, if Titanfall does well (which it will) MS will buy exclusive rights to it. The amount of advertising and money they are just putting into Titanfall do you really think they are gonna let it slide through their fingers?
BitbyDeath  +   708d ago
Will all depend on Xbone's install base.
If MS doesn't fix the situation they are in now then EA would be unlikely to accept any new deals from MS in future.
And your comment shows that you did not read the article. EA did not make any deals behind Zampella's back. He approached MS according to him, his words. Read the article and stop being that bandwagon guy.

Before you say he tweeted like he was shocked when it was announced, ask yourself this question. Would it have been smart for him to confirm to the mob that he collected money from the big bad Empire(Microsoft)? or was it smarter to act surprised and try to win over the mob? The latter would be my choice and the fact that said mob is already waiting for Titanfall 2 proves that fact.
porkChop  +   708d ago

Clearly you didn't understand the article at all. He approached Microsoft for the original TIMED-exclusive deal, a fact which was already known. That's the "exclusivity" the article is talking about. The permanent exclusive deal was done by EA behind Respawn's back.
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Kayant  +   708d ago

It would seem people are forgetting this tweet.

"Always MS exclusive at launch, great partner and focus is good for a startup."

"EA made a deal for the rest, we only found out recently =("

This post here explains could have gone down by -->

It was always a timed exclusive. There is a reason they picked source engine specifically -->

"The ironic thing is that we wanted an engine that would work on PS3, because that’s the riskiest platform in current gen. When Portal 2 came out and it seemed to be a pretty decent PS3 game, that was the point when we decided to go with Source. And then we stopped supporting PS3."

And they were also paying for azure servers until not too recently -->

"Most importantly to us, Microsoft priced it so that it’s far more affordable than other hosting options – their goal here is to get more awesome games, not to nickel-and-dime developers"

Given the positive hype and praise behind TF MS will obviously try and make the sequel exclusive but will PS4 leading/growing and the install base of PS3 to think about again it won't be as easy for them to get it again IMO expect if they buy respawn.
JeffGUNZ  +   708d ago

EA doesn't own Titanfall, they are just publishing the first installment. Respawn can go somewhere else if they want to after this game. EA will listen to respawn and do whatever respawn wants, as long as Titanfall is a blockbuster since they don't want to lose their publishing rights to the series.

Hence, if MS dumps a truck of money for exclusive rights, it's not up to EA, it's up to respawn. EA has no rights to any sequels at this time.
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Lucreto  +   708d ago
I have yet to see any Titanfall advertising in the UK. Nothing on TV but in shop windows and very little at that.

I don't see the US advertising campaign.
Fireseed  +   708d ago
Yeah, you usually don't put this much money into advertising a game that may someday be on your rivals platform...
frostypants  +   707d ago
Bonkerz, it's all about money. Exclusivity is going to get more and more expensive if the PS4 lead continues to widen. MS investors won't be thrilled with the idea.
Bdub2000  +   708d ago
Titanfall 1 is still not released, so let's speculate on TF2 and exclusive rights...
crusf  +   708d ago
$$$ Clicketh Bateth $$$
No_Limit  +   708d ago all along it was Respawn that went to MS and an exclusive deal was made, so they knew all along. Now, can we stop with the MS and EA got an under the table deal behind Respawn's back?

Just like Gears, if the first one is successful and it looks like it has blockbuster potential, you can bet big M will do anything to secure the sequel(s) just like they sis with Gears.
#4 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
lonelyplayer  +   708d ago
you know the Respawn people said it was a deal behind respawn's back.
iceman06  +   708d ago
Respawn reached out to MS for LAUNCH exclusivity! Not lifetime exclusivity. You the now traditional "timed" exclusives that we see. EA DID take it to the next level with the complete exclusivity for at least the first game, which Respawn found out later.
lonelyplayer  +   708d ago
titanfall won't be exclusive. This is EA we are talking about here (and microsoft for that matter). Remember mass effects, bioshock, ninja gaiden.... ? Hell they had to buy the whole gears of war franchise because they were gonna lose it too.
At this point EA knows they made a big mistake and the money microsoft gave them can't match the possible sells on ps4.

We will see titanfall on ps4 sooner than later.
not that I care though, I don't like FPS that much.
#5 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
jetlian  +   708d ago
yea but gears just got baught what happened all last gen? MS blocked gears from ps3. Mass effect, bioshock and ninja gaiden all sold less than or around 2 million which is why MS let them pass!

gears sold 6 million and MS paid to keep it
#5.1 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rockefellow  +   708d ago
Splitting up the same interview into multiple articles? For shame. I just saw Abriael criticizing someone else for doing the same thing, and he does it days later.
Volkama  +   708d ago
Abriel criticised multiple articles based on an interview from that blooper studio chap, because the entire content and relevence of the interview wasn't worth 1 article let alone several.

Vince Zampella and Titanfall are rather more interesting to the community at large.

I'd like to see the full interview put out too, but I don't think Abriel is any kind of hypocrite if he milks it.
Lucreto  +   708d ago
It might be just me but I still think it is coming to PS4 next year or late this year. Looking at all these so called exclusives Microsoft keeps buying and get released on the PS3 anyway. They have cried wolf on way more than one occasion so I won't believe them.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   708d ago
said it before and ill say it again:

i would not be surprised at all if the first titan fall eventually made its way to ps4, let alone titan fall 2. exclusivity is just an extremely finicky promise in this age of gaming. devs and publishers tend to make a lot of promises they dont intend to keep. and just for the record havent respawn devs already come out and said only the first game is to be exclusive? ive never even heard of a dev coming out before an "exclusive" game was even released and saying that "oh hey btw, the titan fall series isnt exclusive!!" well, wow thanks for the fyi there, respawn.

Mass Effect,
Lost Planet,
Ninja Gaiden.

every single one of these games carry an "ONLY ON XBOX" branding on them. im not at all convinced by respawn or EA's supposed commitment to exclusivity. this is not because i have anything against the xbox one. just going by what ive seen unfold over the years.
#8 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
JeffGUNZ  +   708d ago
It's not coming. A segment from an article;

"EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said that a deal has been made with Microsoft to ensure that Respawn Studio’s Titanfall will indeed not be released on PS4, ever."
Batnut00  +   708d ago
I'm sorry but for the people who say that this proves that the exclusivity deal wasn't done behind Respawns back is flat out wrong. Vince has already stated on his twitter feed that Titanfall was supposed to be exclusive at launch but it was EA who made it exclusive for life and they just found out recently. While it's true that EA doesn't own the IP itself, they are still the publisher and thus decide how it is to be published and they made that deal with Microsoft without Vance even realizing. They were a small company at the time, just starting out after leaving Activision and simply wanted to work on a few platforms and decided to go with Microsoft because of their good relationship. Speaking of, while it's no guarantee that Titanfall 2 will be fully multiplatform, I doubt EA will want to miss out on the chance of having a true COD killer by denying rights to the Playstation Fanbase.
Lawboy2  +   708d ago
Did u read the article....Vince just said they went to Microsoft.. So are u calling him a liar
BlackTar187  +   708d ago
Did you read the article? You obviously didn't understand it.
KNWS  +   708d ago
Vince said this months ago. Sony couldn't provide the service for the game to run like they wanted. The issue was dedicated servers.

The game is online focused and it was crucial for Titanfall to have dedicated servers.
Batnut00  +   708d ago
Yes, and did you read what I said? They were a small studio and had a good relationship with microsoft, and wanted to focus on singular platforms at first, while EA did the exclusivity deal for life behind his back. Titanfall wasn't meant to be completely exclusive for life and Vance's tweet from before when he commented on it all but confirmed it when he found out about the deal.
DarkZane  +   708d ago
I still believe this is coming to PS4. No way EA approached Microsoft to make a permanent exclusivity deal. EA are greedy and wants more money and making a deal like that would make them a lot less money than releasing it multiplatform.
Lawboy2  +   708d ago
Did u read the article....this is not about ea
WeaseL  +   708d ago
Watched the videocast when asked about the cloud compared to normal servers all he said was biggest difference was they did not have to pay for them.
51:30 mark
KNWS  +   708d ago
What Respawn actually believes from them.

With the Xbox Live Cloud, we don’t have to worry about estimating how many servers we’ll need on launch day. We don’t have to find ISPs all over the globe and rent servers from each one. We don’t have to maintain the servers or copy new builds to every server. That lets us focus on things that make our game more fun. And best yet, Microsoft has datacenters all over the world, so everyone playing our game should have a consistent, low latency connection to their local datacenter.

Most importantly to us, Microsoft priced it so that it’s far more affordable than other hosting options – their goal here is to get more awesome games, not to nickel-and-dime developers. So because of this, dedicated servers are much more of a realistic option for developers who don’t want to make compromises on their player experience, and it opens up a lot more things that we can do in an online game.
-EvoAnubis-  +   708d ago
I honestly don't care either way. I guess Titanfall 2 being multiplatform would be cool, but I still wouldn't be buying it. FPSs just don't do it for me.
lonewolfjedi  +   708d ago
didn't we already know this and vince's twiiter reaction to titanfall exclusive deal felt staged anyway . i mean he wouldnt want potential customers to feel like he just fucked them over.
BlackTar187  +   708d ago
The Deal he is talking about is the initial one for timed exclusive release. Not the permanent one.
Lucreto  +   708d ago
I was thinking the same.

The CEO was not happy seeing people say it will release on PS4 I will wait after staking money on the deal created a narrative to get as much sales as possible. Then getting Vince to go along with it.
#13.2 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
LeCreuset  +   708d ago
For those questioning people's reading comprehension, this is talking about how the initial deal with MS came about, not the supposed alteration EA made to the deal for permanent exclusivity.
Lawboy2  +   708d ago
Says who...ppl will twist anything for there liking...if that's what u want to hear or read than good for u....
LeCreuset  +   708d ago
"Says who" what? Nothing is being twisted. It's reading comprehension. It's facts. You can't just look at facts and poo-poo them because they don't fit your narrative.
ALS365  +   708d ago
I thought Vince came across as a nice genuine guy. Can't wait for this!
Peternorth  +   708d ago
Really like the game and both systems. But one thing I can't understand is why the talk about gold being behind a paywall. Then turn around and praise all the free ps+ games we get and want an online only game on top of it.That just so happens to be behind a paywall too
UNIFIEDONE  +   708d ago
Playstation will never see Titanfall based on tweet I received today.
barb_wire  +   708d ago
So, post the link to that tweet and let everybody read it for themselves.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   708d ago
The fact that he doesnt confirm nor deny possible future exclusive deals or mention a multiplat release should be alarming. He wouldn't have such a neutral stance if there wasn't any possible negotiations happening right now between Respawn and Microsoft. Thuway also mentioned they are trying to secure the franchise all together.
alb1899  +   708d ago
if you want this game in a next gen console buy a freaking XBOXONE!!

The game wont work that well in PSN because PSN does not have the quantity of servers spread around in different countries.
Respawn said that without the help of those servers weren't be possible to give the cain of performance they want to give us.
TristanPR77  +   708d ago
Why buy an inferior console for such an amount of money when you can play it on PC at 1080p?

PSN currently have MMO games while Planetside 2 and Everqued Next is also coming while xbox live doesn't have MMO like PSN and yet you say PSN cannot handle Titanfall? Jajaja looks to me that you don't know what you're even saying.
alb1899  +   708d ago
First: is your choice what to play or where.
Second: I said if you want to play in a next gen console buy an XBOXONE
Third: was Respawn who said that because of the massive quantity of servers that Microsoft have in different countries and continents people from UK will have the same quality as USA.
Forth: don't be so angry, ps4 has some games them!
Flames76  +   708d ago
Titanfall will never be on the PS4 deal with it and stop with these pathetic articles.Respwan went with the right system to sell their games since they wanted high sales of course.With 550,000 already pre order by march 1st in the U.S alone Titanfall is going to be the biggest game this year so sony fanboy deal with it.
GamingNerd013  +   708d ago
Last time I checked PS3 outsold 360 worldwide and PS4 is beating X1 by 2millions consoles sold. So how u think it was the right system is complete fales plus can't u read respwan clearly went to MS for it to be time exclusives but the EA sh.t heads made it a life time exclusives behinds their back. And I really don't think it's going to be the biggest game of the year as that crown would go to destiny watch dogs new COD.
lunatic0001  +   708d ago
Why do gamers care about sales sooo much...let the companies worry about that shit...what's wrong with gamers these days...all they care about is sales and 1080p/60fps...let's go back to what matters....ENJOYING GAMES....titanfall,infamous and mgsv all come out this month....shouldn't we all be celebrating that there are amazing games on the horizon instead of bitching about sales and 1080p/60fps
TristanPR77  +   708d ago
The xbone desperately needs Titanfall to try to make some sales. The whole xbone console is fully dependant on a third party game. That shows you how weak the xbone is while on the other hand PS4 doesn’t need Titanfall, the success of the PS4 is not tied to a third party game, the PS4 is crushing the competition right know without any killer franchise.

Titanfall needs the PS4, without it they will not be able to compete against Destiny or current shooters like COD or BF
#21 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
lovethenoob  +   708d ago
Am I the only one concerned about the fact that a single player campaign is absent from this game and they are charging $60 for it?
madjedi  +   708d ago
It's going to get less sales because it's a competitive online only game and because it's $60 with no sp campaign. It will have to justify it's price tag to potential buyers, i think people are vastly overestimating titanfalls appeal.

This isn't a snub against the xb1 or xbox gamers, it is a online only fps game and it's 60 bucks. It will sell to the people needing their newest online fix, but i don't see it doing the massive sales like people expect it to.

Dropping it to $29 or 39 would likely be see a much broader market appeal, than 60. No sp campaign and 60 dollars is going to cause alot of people to pass.

This was tried twice last gen mag and shadowrun, and neither are still up and running anymore last i knew. 3 if you count warhawk but it was 39 i believe or 60 bundled with the headset.
#22.1 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
urwifeminder  +   708d ago
Squabble all you like will crush you with my Titan in a matter of days.
feraldrgn  +   708d ago
Which is why so many have an issue with the game.
It's not very industry friendly that EA sold off the rights to Respawn's game behind their backs for exclusivity, when it was originally planned to be multiplatform.
I consider it anti-gamer when a 3rd party multiplat becomes exclusive because of money, no matter which company.
RosweeSon  +   708d ago
For now, sales talk. don't think EA or Microsoft expected the sheer dominance of ps4 as both EA and Microsoft thought they could continue to rinse their customers for every penny/dollar they have for not a lot in return, not any more, Step Yo Game Up!!
worldwidegaming  +   708d ago
Come on! Plenty of games coming out on the PS4.
There is no reason to keep going back to this. It just sounds like desperation...
Like a rich guy drooling over some poor folk who have some gravy on the side...
Want Titanfall? Play on PC.
Hate PC and xb1? oh well, get on line and wish upon a star!
Troll,or write the same ol lame story!

I personally will not pick it up but for people getting into it "have fun!"
mochachino  +   708d ago
But I thought it could only be done with the cloud...

Guess that was total BS
Thunderhawkxbox  +   708d ago
The company I support they got bilions of money wat Sony got left maybe £100 million in their bank so if Microsoft want to keep any games exclusive to Xbox they can if titanfall be successful that means second one will be exclusive too
LeCreuset  +   708d ago
They also had billions when they stopped supporting Zune. Learn how business works.
llMurcielagoll  +   708d ago
Opinion comment
If the first Titanfall generates a lot of profit, pretty sure already did with pre-orders, Titanfall 2 will come; Afterall, it is still EA and they will want the gold coming from Respawn.

I just hope Titanfall 2 doesn't go only on Xbox though.
Vanfernal  +   708d ago
With the install base of the PS4 it would be a horrible business idea to keep that series exclusive. Money for exclusivity is one thing, but 6 million potential customers is a damn big number to ignore.
Hicken  +   707d ago
If titanfall is successful, expect Microsoft to want the second as exclusive. And expect EA and Respawn to want a much larger check, likely larger than Microsoft will be willing to pay, in order to keep it off the console with the largest install base.

People talk about all the money Microsoft has, but they tend to forget that Microsoft doesn't just make their massive reserves available to xbox unconditionally; xbox doesn't have billions at their disposal like water in the ocean.
dcbronco  +   707d ago
People also talk about Xbox losing money. But those people have no idea how the industry works. Xbox makes plenty of money and gaming is a growing industry. MSs E&D division hasn't grown by billions over the last few years because everyone owns a Zune. Contrarty to rumors MS will continue to grow Xbox and if titanfall helps that they will spend a reasonable amount of money to do it.
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