Titanfall's Campaign Will Last Two Hours for Each Side; Paid DLC Confirmed but no Microtransactions

Interviewed during the Lobby videocast on GameSpot Respawn Entertainment Co-Founder Vince Zampella explained a few more details about the single player campaign and upcoming DLC.

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SourShoes1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Hopefully all 15 maps will available from the get-go. Sounds like Xb1 owners have a gem on their hands.

Edit: Yes I'm a PS4 owner and yes I'm jealous.

Abriael1418d ago

Zampella didn't confirm, but didn't deny either.

lolCHILLbro1418d ago

This Game is about MULTIPLAYER! yes multiplayer what a suprise, i dont want to see any complaining about a short campaign because even the campaign is multiplayer and it will probably do it better than COD or BF4, so yes the only ones complaining are the people who arent getting this game

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1417d ago

Not sure if serious. Campaign seems short for a game that is MP only? Lol.. I guess the haters need to find anything... ANYTHING they can to hate on TitanFall. I understand. Everything else coming out the same month as TitanFall is second... SON! ;)

Kingthrash3601417d ago

defense wall here we come!
still another flaw ignored, then the comparison to the top fps games and how it "might be better".
imo with tf for some reason alot is brushed under the rug...things that would destroy the cod and bf games of the world. short campaign...people destroyed the cod on vita for short campaign a 3gb sized handheld is how many gb? on consoles and pc no less. bad ai? destruction? uh-huh. only 6v6? yupp. exclusive? yes (no)..1080p no (dosent matter anymore?) suck..thats ok...i mean i know tf will be a fun great game...but dont compare it to the greats if you are gunna brush every flaw under the rug..but keep cod and bf under a microscope. fun is fun but when comparing to the best EVERYTHING counts.
i like tf and will get it for pc but it just kills me to see all the flaws ignored like this, then compared to the best..its like comparing glass and diamond and saying they are both shiny.

NewMonday1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

"Paid DLC Confirmed but no Microtransactions"

English is not my native language, but isn't this an oxymoron or a paradox ? please help me I'm confused.

avidgamer11417d ago


BF is trash I wouldnt consider it great anything. Also unless I'm mistaken, bf and cod couldnt get 1080p or have a decent campaign either. Also why does being an exclusive have anything to do with it being good or not?

lex-10201417d ago


No. Microtrasnactions are when you pay money for things already in the game. You are simply paying to unlock something early. DLC is things that,may or may not be, content released/made later that is not included in the base game. Things like additional maps are DLC. Microtransactions are paying so you can use (insert weapon here) before you reach the appropriate level and unlock it.

Nykamari1417d ago

Lolchillbro where was that excuse for StarHawk? That game was mainly designed for multiplayer. And got trashed for it.

r2oB1417d ago

@ midnighter

I'm not sure if you are serious. Do you realize being a multiplayer only game does not automatically negate a campaign. Just because the game is MP does not mean it cant have a campaign. Single player and multiplayer terms describe the amount of players, not whether its a campaign or not. So yes, a MP only game can have a campaign. And because of that, the campaign can be judged as such.

You should make better use of your bubble.

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Lboogieskells1418d ago

Have both, or get it on 360 or PC

SourShoes1418d ago

I can't. I'm a broke senior at the uni about to start years of grad school :( Maybe a slim model without Kinect will be available in 3 years.

AceBlazer131418d ago

Would you still care for the game by then.

PS4 owner and I'm not jealous.

Austacker1418d ago


Don't count on a Kinect-less model anytime in this lifecycle.

Kinect 2.0 is here to stay

UnHoly_One1418d ago

You can probably get a 360 really cheap and get it that way.

TrueJerseyDevil1417d ago


A new 360 is still around $285, if you are buying a system just to play Titanfall, why not get the Xbox one and get the full experience. If console is your platform of choice

UnHoly_One1417d ago

I already have an XB1 and a PS4, I was just throwing out ideas for a cheaper alternative.

Not "cheap", but "cheaper".

Bonkerz1418d ago ShowReplies(5)
Merrill1418d ago

$60 for a multiplayer only game is unacceptable.

Austacker1418d ago

You want worse?

Try being in Australia where this game retails for $99.95 and having ZERO local servers to play on.

Aussies pay nearly twice the price and have to connect to South East ASIA to play it!

killzone6191418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

What a stupid thing to criticize the game for...

BF4 is pretty much a MP only game and people have happily shelled out $60 for it.

Hate on titanfall all you want. Its the only FPS that has my attention right now.

BabyTownFrolics1418d ago

I loved mag and that game was mp only

PONTIAC08G8GT1418d ago

Right because $60 for cod with a couple hour campaign is worth it. Same game year after year. No one buys cod for the epic story and single player.

lsujester1418d ago

Austacker - I thought I remember reading about an Azure center in Australia late last year. That still in progress or was I just drunk that day?

lovethenoob1418d ago

I agree, I like to have the choice of playing single player or multiplayer ... Key word is CHOICE ... And this is the only reason why I hope Titan Fall fails ... $60 is to much for a multiplayer only game

PsylentKiller1418d ago

How quickly people forget. Battlefield used to be a multiplayer only game. The only reason they added a single player campaign was to compete with Call of Duty. People paid full price for mp only Battlefield before, why the hate toward Titanfall?
Metal Gear is a single player only game that has about a two hour campaign for $40. The campaign mode in Titanfall will be about four hours. $60 sounds about right

FanboyKilla1418d ago

60 bucks for a game without one is insanity. this coming from the more for less people. the irony. hmmph is it cuz of infamous, the order, deep down, dark souls stunt double demon souls ect ect? lol *sinister grin*

H0RSE1418d ago

Not this double standard again...

$60 for SP only is fine.
$60 for MP only is unacceptable.

Considering that the MP game will likely offer a much higher replay value, (seeing as how they are designed to be played over and over again) I'd say people who opt to buy it are getting their money's worth.

VENOMACR12271418d ago

Have you played the single player of COD or BF? You can beat both in 6-8 hours max. Once you beat that, its multiplayer. What do you think keeps games alive for multiple years? What do game companies release as DLC? Multiplayer. Do you think COD wouldn't sell as much if they went multiplayer only? No way.

xDHAV0K24x1417d ago

$60 for a campaign only game is unacceptable

mediate-this1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Ohhhhhhhh boooooo whoooooooo, so 60$ for a single player game you will play once or thrice is worth it?? Thats the great things about being an aware consumer, you buy it or you dont, but dont try and act like T.F is a scam of a game, M.P games are played for far longer and way longer than single player games.

Has four hours of multiplayer campaign which is as long as cod, and bf give or take a hour or so, but no one plays single player fps games like cod, bf, so what is it you're trying to say?

I will sink in crazy hours in T.F, ill play it and millions more will play it for years, then the T.F milking will commence. But regardless if its going to get milked, the first T.F will be great.

And i forgot what i was arguing about, so... Yeah just think about that for a bit, oh yeah, M.P only games rock, only the good ones though, i noticed sony has trouble with establishing a set franchise, like T.F will be this gens gears. The thing is S.P games only get you so far, you need M.P to sell crazy in yhis day and age. Or a really good S.P game like skyrim.

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hello121418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Its on PC too its not exclusive to just the x box.

The specs too to play it on PC are fairly low. Dual core was minimum those computers have been around since 2006

xDHAV0K24x1417d ago

this site is for the console wars. the pc crowd is just there

SourShoes1418d ago

Wow, just as many disagrees as agrees for appreciating a game on a console that I don't have. You guys are a bunch of f*cking dicks. Grow up fanboys.

kenshiro1001418d ago

Don't worry. It's just N4G.

Bdub20001418d ago

Post anything positive for x1 and you'll lose bubbles and many disagrees... No matter what system you play.

T21417d ago

You posted an opinion and therefore you get agrees and disagrees based on that opinion, which are about 50-50 right now. Half people agree with you, half don't. Not sure why this is shocking it's literally the whole point

reaperofsouls1418d ago

@ Sourshoes

i'm a genuine ps4 owner i'm not jealous

xDHAV0K24x1417d ago

I'm a genuine xb1 owner i'm not jealous about inFamous

dontbhatin1418d ago

Get it on pc. if you have a computer from the past couple years, im sure you can run it. I built a gaming rig so i know im in the clear. :) I have a ps4 as well.

CJDUNCAN1417d ago

I can understand the direction of a short campaign in this game. Since it was first revealed we knew it was going to be MP focused. I'm still awaiting a killer FPS campaign that has length, action, and an epic story to go with it.

geddesmond1417d ago

Jealous lol you get jealous over a woman you love, not a game on a different consol. Yeah the game would be nice to have on PS4 but I wouldn't go that far.

I take Titanfall like this. If it was on the PS4 I would buy it after I finish playing what I want that's out now for the PS4 but it's a game I see nothing special in that separates it from any other first person shooter that's out now.

The truth is if this game was multiplat then it wouldn't have gained all this hype that's surrounding it. Both EA and MS knew this. You have all these Xbox fans putting blind faith into a new IP because it's exclusive to them and a one up over the PS4 but really what exactly is so special about this game when you take that away???

solidt121417d ago

get the PC version. no need to be jealous.

Simco8761417d ago

I'm a PS4 owner also, that's why I'm getting the PC version.

Master Race get in here!

BallsEye1417d ago

Too many games to play man...loving Ryse multiplayer...still didnt finish Dead Rising 3...just bought PVZ...Titanfall coming in less than a week and yesterday Project Spark came out. Not sure if I'll find time for titanfall :o...project spark blew me away! Creating our own dream game with togther with my wife :D

My ps4 collecting dust from the moment I've finished kz campaign. Yep, got both consoles, got a pic ready if anyone wants a proof (unfortunately that's what it takes to get some credibility around here..)

razrye1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

So you haven't been playing out last or resogun? How about any multi platform games? Since multi platform games run better on ps4. Honest question.

T21417d ago

No you lost credibility because you just listed a diverse set of games but then acted as though ps4 didn't have a diverse lineup or are not known for games and didn't even mention infamous, warfare, warthunder, resogun, etc.

TrueJerseyDevil1417d ago


Maybe that is the only game that he wanted on the PS4? Not everyone likes free crappy indie games like you Sony fanboys praise for some reason. Idn't it sad that the best games on your console are indie games?
Warframe = repetitive trash
Resogun = fun at first beat all levels delete
Warthunder = only interests certain crowd
Infamous = Not for everyone (I never enjoyed the series)
OutLast = Great scary game but could only play once

Some diverse lineup you have

Maybe he only play exclusives on PS4, because he prefers Xbox more or all his friends on are on the system? Who cares if multiplats run better? Can you tell the difference? Answer is no.

I don't understand why you Sony fanboys attack the people who prefer the other console and those who like certain games. Then ask questions like "Why don't you play the PS4?" The games on PS4 so far are trash except Uncharted which isn't coming out until 2015. Get a grip fanboys

ZombieKiller1417d ago

CAMPAIGN OR GTFO! Nah just kidding. I always see campaign as secondary in COD games every year. It's a nice little break from MP in your face all day if you need to chill out.
As for this game, I don't have a PC or Xbox One so I'm getting it on 360, but honestly, it looks great. As a PS4 owner I can see why people might be jealous....

Honestly, there are too many games coming out this year for me to be all hyped up about 1 game. Titanfall is last on my list compared to some of the monsters hitting in 2014. Hell, I'm still hyped about the Arkham announcement! Titanfall will be awesome though regardless. 2014 is going to kick ass.

thezeldadoth1417d ago

look at those angry disagrees

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Convas1418d ago

Just one more week. Just one more week.

crusf1418d ago

Why the hell did this comment get disagrees!? He is excited for a game for gods sake keep your hatred for Titanfall at bay geez

killzone6191418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I really do hope titanfall does well myself. Reminds me of district 9

ZombieKiller1417d ago

Dude what if those people that disagree KNOW it doesn't come out next week?!

You can ALWAYS argue with FACT. It's the winning part I'm not too sure about.

PsylentKiller1418d ago

6 more days. Monday night I'm going to e midnight opening to pick up my nephew's copy at GameStop. I'm buying the digital version. I'm hoping that if I download the disc to my Xbox(should take about a half hour) then buy he digital version, it won't need to download the game from the Xbox Store.
I want to play as soon as possible. I don't want to wait four hours to play. Well, worst comes to worse, I'll just use my nephews disc. He has school the next day and he'll be asleep anyway.

CJDUNCAN1417d ago

lol school wins again. enjoy. between this and infamous, i'm jonesing lol

PSNrandom151418d ago

We have come to a time to wait and see if a game has micro transactions. smh.

Shane Kim1418d ago

As all Xbox "exclusives" you can get this one on PC. If you care for it.

Convas1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Odd. I can't seem to find Ryse or Forza or Dead Rising 3 or ...

Oh, you. I see what's going on here.

CrossingEden1418d ago

1. Blacklight Retribution.........ON PC
2. Contrast...................... .......ON PC
3. DC Universe Online...........ON PC
4. DiveKick...................... ......ON PC
5. Minecraft..................... .......ON PC
6. Pinball Arcade....................ON PC
7. Super Motherload............ON PC
8. Tiny Brains.......................O N PC
9. Warframe...................... ...ON PC
10. War Thunder....................ON PC
11. Planetside 2…………….on PC
12 Octodad…………………….on PC
13. Don’t starve……………on PC
But you think these are ps4 exclusives right?
OT:Titanfall will be a fantastic fps that hopefully will eclipse COD

Utalkin2me1418d ago

As we know MS has more of a tendency to release their console exclusives on windows based PC too. I bet we could pick more Ms exclusives on PC then Sony exclusives.

GTgamer1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I'm sorry what Sony Fans boast those as exclusive's :/ that one bubble suits you.

Master-H1418d ago

No one ever mentions any of these games as a ps4 exclusive, minecraft ??? show me someone that bragged about Minecraft's supposed ps4 exclusivity lol you're just reaching.
However, can't say the same about Titanfall and xbox one..

GentlemenRUs1418d ago

14. Titanfall...........on PC


JustPlay41418d ago

3 and 11 are made by soe so those are more a exclusive then titanfall is. Ms didn't help make the game they just payed EA to keep it off ps3/ps4, if they wanted to spend more they might made a true exclusive is stead of what it is (x1, 360, PC)