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Looking back: PlayStation 1 demo discs

In this entry of 'looking back' Level Complete's Sam Hewitt decides to go down a different route. Rather than looking back at an old game, he looks back the legendary PlayStation 1 demo discs. (Retro)

pedrof93  +   517d ago
Ps1 demo discs, Ps2 demo discs and even Ps3 has demo discs !

Those were the DAYS ! I remember only getting the Portuguese official PlayStation magazine only to get the demos . I kept those magazines even today ! It's super funny to read them now ! Like The Getaway being announced, A boss guide for FFX, Metal Gear Solid 2 walkthrough.

Mr_cheese  +   517d ago
The cheat books were brilliant as well. I remember there being a cheat code for crash bandicoot which allowed you to play a demo of crash racers!!!
ChipChipperson  +   517d ago
I was just playing a ton of my old OPM demo disc, both PS1 and PS2, yesterday. Good times. Behind the scenes, cool moves and the PS2 save downloads sections. I remember constantly playing Tomba and Einhander on an old PS Underground demo I had when I firs got my PS1. I miss those times.
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blackblades  +   516d ago
I remember getting a couple in those magazine, also remember my mom paying like $7 for those jam packs demo discs, glad we get demo free now. Those discs got me into the disgaea, dynasty warriors series.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   517d ago
I still have tons of PS1 demo discs. From the Jam Packs to the discs that came with OPM, even the Pizza Hut discs. I never got rid of them. I still remember being a kid and going crazy when I got a new demo disc. Demo discs actually made me buy more games.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   517d ago
A huge part of my childhood was playing demo discs!
I couldn't afford to buy full games so ended up playing the same demos over and over again. Had a heck of a lot of fun though!


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RexFury  +   517d ago
Great videos. Thanks for posting :)
TheFallenAngel  +   517d ago
I miss those demo discs that came with the magazines!
Bathyj  +   517d ago
The t rex blew me away, and the mantaray was hypnotic. Back when we used to buy magazines for demos and to get our information.
tigertron  +   517d ago
PS1 demo discs were one of my main sources of gaming, because as a kid I couldn't afford a ton of games so this was a good substitute, and often demos would be quite long.

I would go down to a car boot sale every Sunday morning and buy demo discs for about a pound each.

Shame they hardly do demos anymore, because demos are a great way of trying a game before you buy, which is handy particularly as games are so expensive on consoles.
BattleReach  +   517d ago
Ah, I remember playing the Driver demo from a PS2 Demo Disc, over and over again. Great times.
TheEnigma313  +   517d ago
I remember I was subscribed to Playstation Underground. Those were the days.
goldwyncq  +   517d ago
We get to play a demo disc this month - It's called Ground Zeroes.
RexFury  +   517d ago
Hahaha. I had a feeling this type of comment would pop up :p
RavageX  +   517d ago
Getting demos in the mail was always a great thing, couldn't wait to pop them in the system.

Now all I ever get in the mail are bills....

And credit card offers...
wannabe gamer  +   517d ago
i loved this things back in the day. made my day when i got a new demo disc full of goodies.
curtis92  +   517d ago
Pizza Hut ps1 demo disc with MGS. Changed my gaming life.
pedrami91  +   517d ago
Ahhh the memories....

ANIALATOR136  +   517d ago
I remember those Net Yaroze games on demo discs. Rocks and Gems and the like
e-p-ayeaH  +   517d ago
Rocks and Gems was addictive
MightyNoX  +   517d ago
The MGS demo sold like crazy. Yes, that's right, I said sold. Bootlegged copies were being offered at full price in my country.
arkard  +   517d ago
I played mgs1 demo over and over. That game was so amazing!
e-p-ayeaH  +   517d ago
I remember when i played the Legend of the Dragoon demo thats what got me started on JRPGs! and i remember foundly that Digimon 2 and Pokemon season 3 were broadcasting on tv at the time.

Other great fun ones i remember:

- Tony Hawks 2 (it included the track editor)
- Hogs of War
- Spyro 3
- Metal Gear Solid
- Bloody Roar 2
- Micro Maniacs
- Rollcage
- Destruction Derby 2
- Tenchu 2
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Relientk77  +   516d ago
I love the demo discs and still have all of mine.

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