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The Business Update for GTA Online Is Now Available

The Business Update, the latest content addition to the world of Grand Theft Auto Online, is now available to download from PSN and Xbox Live. (Grand Theft Auto Online, PS3, Xbox 360)

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BattleTorn  +   446d ago
I'm ashamed to say I'll be downloading this... for no other reason that to have the items before they take them away, in hopes that I may also have them if they ever re-release this game on nextgen...

But as it stands, I still hate how this game's online has been handled.
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crusf  +   446d ago
Your still holding a grudge about that. Dude let it go
-Foxtrot  +   446d ago
Why...because it's "Rockstar"


If it was EA/Capcom/Activision we'd still be all over it...
BattleTorn  +   446d ago
I don't intend to anytime soon.

I literally have countless beefs with GTAO.

The largest probably being that they have never managed to get the Social Club leaderboards functional.

I've been gaming with my R* crew since Max Payne 3 - and the crews carrying over has meant next to nothing.
Audiggity  +   446d ago
Agreed. A ton of people still have a negative perception of GTA:O purely based on the issues shortly after launch.

It is seamless now.

The people out there still upset about microtransactions? Just play the missions every once in awhile and enjoy the game. The only stress that comes from MTs is the belief that you need to buy everything, get a tank, own a jet... you don't need any of that to enjoy the game.

I've told a few people to play GTA:O casually in free mode, pretend they're just messing around in single player. It's a lot of fun that way. The missions are just bonuses on top.
yezz  +   446d ago

Yeah, I got everything I want just because I've played races/missions for fun with my friends. I'm around 70lvl and haven't even played the game too much. It's really not that hard to earn levels and some serious cash in the game.

BUT I still think there could be IV type of free roam for those who would just want to mess around without owning anything, getting levels, losing money etc.
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Audiggity  +   445d ago

That would be a nice feature. The recent hack where people could bring Editor mode to Free mode was hilarious. Adding that as an option would be fun too.

Dropping huge ramps all over the place and spawning any vehicle you want.
lemoncake  +   446d ago
Chances are that if they release it on next gen it will be different servers with no character crossover. If for no other reason than to fix the online so they can attempt once again to milk it for as much money as possible
BattleTorn  +   446d ago
I realize that. Loading the game up just to get the items is silly, because I'm 99% sure that I'd buy it for PS4, and all my progress is on Xbox360.

That crossover DEFINITELY ain't happening.
Audiggity  +   446d ago
I'll be the first to say it. As a huge supporter of GTA:O... if* the crossover does not work, the entire platform will fail.

People spent time, and in some cases, money - building up their characters, the whole time knowing that there are tons of updates coming in the future.

If R* goes next gen and leaves the current gen behind. That would be far worse than the issues they've had to date.
porkChop  +   446d ago
They're not free. You'll need 2+ million if you plan on buying all the cars, plane, weapons, and clothes before they take it away in a week.

Rockstar sets these updates up in such a way that you have to buy the cash cards if you want to be able to keep the stuff. And the fact that our garages are limited to 10 vehicles means that eventually we'll have to sell these cars to get new ones, and then we'll never be able to use these cars again, meaning the cash card was a waste of money.
BattleTorn  +   446d ago
Sleazy bastards!!

I've changed my mind. I'm not downloading this shit!!

Make me PAY to "keep" free-DLC!!!?
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ArtificiallyYours  +   446d ago
Looks like Franklin and the Crew will be enjoying this a lot more than my online character.
Avernus  +   446d ago
Oh hey R*, where's the heists? ;)
BlackTar187  +   446d ago
its crazy to think they still aren't out yet.
ArtificiallyYours  +   446d ago
I noticed they made friendkilling a -faint- bit more difficult, a welcome addition that isn't a vehicle or gun at last.
Slothnut  +   446d ago
haha I bought this game for the Heists and now I've totally forgotten about GTA. I don't even break out the disc anymore, too little too late Rockstar!!!! Just like when you ruined Red Dead Online by never fixing the Posse website until it was too late and 6 months old and everyone had already moved on. Stop rushing shit!!! Either finish what you promise within an acceptable time frame or stop lying about it "coming soon". The single player campaign was good so that's a plus I guess.

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