Grand Theft Auto 5 Patch 1.11 Could Add Multiple Apartments and Garages

New heists to come through your printer with extra gestures, cars, and tire smoke added to the game.

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Mistry1542d ago

I hope so i need more space for the new cars comin in the business update.

3-4-51541d ago

yea......too late guys

Derekvinyard131541d ago

Haven't played this game in about a month, Just went on yesterday, it feels fixed a lot better then release. Rooms are packed to. I'm gonna get back into it had a lot of fun

ddgaming8201541d ago

I hope so...have all this money.

andrewsqual1541d ago

Does it also add a ............. get working on Bully 2 please Rockstar.

ZombieKiller1541d ago

Disagree trolls are out again. Here you go, fresh comment for you to disagree without a reply or real reason! Come git it!


I need more space in my garage too. I have 10 cars and keep having to sell one to buy another. I was hoping they would do that, I have too many off roading vehicles that I use with my friends on Mt Chiliad and wouldn't want to get rid of any of them. Lets hope they do something like this!

Audiggity1541d ago

I'm confused. Didn't the 1.11 patch hit yesterday? Or was the Business Pack related to 1.10?

Either way. I noticed that the quick-nav option listed the street address as well, multiple properties seems to be the only logical conclusion.

The printer/heist details was already reported a few weeks back. I am still looking forward to the casinos too.

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