Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Weapons And Assignments Leaked

The Naval Strike weapons and assignments are revealed in the PS4 update and you can test the new weapons out on the test range. We get 5 new weapons, 2 gadgets and 4 knives.

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Crazyglues1508d ago

Update for PS4 is already live too..

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Tapioca Cold1507d ago

Too bad. This game has not only been ruined by dice but the players who play it.

When have you ever said to yourself during any game (Basketball, hockey, volleyball) I'm going to not play with the team, go over here far away from the hoop and try to shoot only 3 ponters. I don't care if we win?

This game has been ruined because the players never play the objective. They are playing the several "mini games" which Dice and the new shooters have created. Example: long ranger headshots, weapon unlockes for killing people with repair tools etc.

Why was COD Modern Warfare so good? Because it was simple and winning mattered.

Now it's all about doing your own thing. it doesn't work. Why even have wins or loses.

I'm the only one trying to win and I always have a horrible score because you guys aren't doing your job.

if your looking for kills go play deathmatch. If you want to only snipe and get headshots from miles away then go play sniper elite.

its a game and it's only about winning!

Triggytrolls1507d ago

I thought it was about having fun.

theflyindutchman1507d ago

It is about having fun and to win imo.
Sometimes you get a shit server but i just backout and try another server......
problem solved.

Crazyglues1507d ago

an update for PS4 version of BF4... is live..what's with all the Disagrees..

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Zack_attack1508d ago

Thats a damn good selection. I want my paws on that 338 semi.

POR_QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )
It actually says "SEMIAUTO," which makes it a DMR. What is a SEMI rifle doing in the BOLT-ACTION section?

SirBradders1508d ago

Fix the Damn game first please.

venom061507d ago

game is being fixed and worlds better than it was on release.... this DLC is gonna be a nice change of pace.

Scroticus1507d ago

Not sure what you're playing on, but I'm playing on the PC servers and it's nothing but fluid sweetness.

IaMs121507d ago

Get off the hate band wagon already and actually play the game. Its been fixed for a while now.

SirBradders1507d ago

I'm not on the hate band wagon I only started playing it 2 weeks ago on ps4 and there are issues I've found everyday and me and my mates ain't imagining these things.

I love battlefield and hate to say it but the game has major issues still:
The sound always goes at the begginging of games.
My fire mode always resets to single fire at the begging of each match.
My bullets go straight through people every so often (like a whole clip sometimes)
I judder all the time in conquest.
I get hulk smashed of the map sometimes.
Opponents appear like they have teleporting.
It's not my Internet because mine is bad ass and everything else plays smooth.
Boosts disappearing.

FYI I am still playing the game.

Twiggyshrimp1507d ago

An anti air mine? How does that work?

OutcastMosquito1507d ago

Wouldn't we all like to know lol

Scroticus1507d ago

Maybe it's like a flak cannon in a mine?

theContortionist1507d ago

That is exactly what it is there are YouTube videos show how they work but that is the idea a flak mine with sensors

Skate-AK1507d ago

If you fly in its range, it seeks you out and blows up. I think it is a stupid idea.

dcj05241507d ago

Is it fast or can you lead it into a building like a missed or can you ECM or flare it? Many questions.

Jaybronee1507d ago

Just what we need...more ways to take down a helicopter. /s

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