Steamworld Dig Heading to PS Vita & PS4 March 18th

Gem-mining platformer Steamworld Dig will be launching on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 on March 18th in North America complete with cross-buy.

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Ultr1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Its the perfect time for indies to jump to ps4/vita!

BrianSharon1544d ago

Agreed. I also believe that the Vita is the platform that indies feel most natural on. Though, obviously that's only my opinion.

rashada071544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

This game was so good on my 3DS! Will buy a second time for my ps4, gotta get them trophies lol

RosweeSon1544d ago

Haven't played this but have been interested for 3DS reckon I'll get it on ps4/vita ;) plenty to crack on with on my 3DS

BrianSharon1544d ago

Two for the price of one! Why not?

Morpheuzpr1543d ago

The game is great. Bought it on GOG but wouldn't mind having it on my Vita.