Battlefield 4 Second Assault Available Now - Xbox 360 And PS4 Update

Second Assault is now available for all players as of today. Dice is also rolling out a new update for the Xbox 360 and PS4 which includes weapon tweaks, stability improvements and more. Dice is also planning doing a follow up with what is next for platoons. So stay tuned for upcoming news.

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SWayne1540d ago

This will be interesting to see how Second Assault works out along with the PS4 update

GreenGamers1540d ago

Yeah i hope it works out for the console gamers. I am very excited for naval strike btw.

alexkoepp1540d ago

Lol been playing second assault for over 3 months now, some people are just getting it?

Stapleface1540d ago

I like the remade BF3 stages. But why Metro? It's as bad as Operation Locker. Those two stages belong in a COD game. Unless they added vehicles to Metro. IDK I haven't tried Metro 2014, as I have always avoided that stage like the plague.

GearSkiN1540d ago

Metro is one of the most played map, and i love the remake.

Stapleface1540d ago

That's good. I just don't prefer those maps. I understand a lot of people do. I do think they work well for the other game modes. I'm just a conquest player, and they are not your normal conquest maps, I'm sure you can agree to that. As BF never had a confined, straight line map like Metro, before BF3. At least not that I remember, if they did, I probably avoided that too. lol

jmc88881540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Operation Locker is an awesome map.

Belong in a CoD game? SMH.

You do realize that not all maps in BF4 have to be the same right?

Some are geared for vehicles...some aren't. Some are big ranging and good for snipers...some aren't. Some are good for close quarters...some aren't.

Rather then say 'map belongs in COD', perhaps you should try playing different maps, with different loadouts.

One of the great things about BF3 and BF4 is that the maps have a wide ranging play style. They have a variety of maps and you just aren't doing the same thing all the time.

No doubt the reason they kept Metro was because a lot of people loved metro.

There's a reason why people quit other maps and join Operation Locker when a spot is open and why it's harder to find an open spot on Locker compared to other maps.

It's funny because some maps routinely have a mass exodus of players where everytime I get to them, most people bail out of the game.

BF4 isn't about one way, it's about variety. If you don't like Locker/Metro, fine by me, to each their own, but the reason they are there is because BF3 and 4 are about variety. I'll take Operation Locker or Metro over any CoD game, and I like CoD.