Battlefield 4 gets a major update on PS4, Weapon tweaks and a lot of Fixes

Dice has just revealed on Battlelog that a new Battlefield 4 update started rolling out on PS4

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dcj0524873d ago

Good for us........ 4 months later.

MWong873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

While I agree a lot of this stuff should have been addressed a while ago, gotta say better late than never. WB said they know Arkham City Origins is buggy they aren't going to fix it ... hey purchase our DLC.

Love these fixes:
•Fix for an exploit that would allow players to shoot two tank shells with not enough delay between shots - sounds like the Staff Shell tweak
•Improved boat physics and handling, including implementation of a system that lets players push stuck boats back in the water - I hate when this happens

I just hope they continue working on the NetCode and we have a better NetCode soon, something like we saw in BC2/BF3. Back then at least it felt like I was killing somebody, now it just feels like the luck of the draw.

AgentSmithPS4873d ago

Maybe a class action lawsuit is in order. There should be minimum standards for lag, rubber banding, etc. At the very least force greedy companies to put "ALPHA/BETA multiplayer" on the cover of the game they're selling if they can't meet the standards yet. Until people work together to change this they'll continue taking advantage of their enablers that throw money at them.

It's too bad that dice doesn't have any real competition to 'inspire' them to make a 'finished' high quality game. Obviously they don't respect their customers, they have no shame, and they'll do whatever they can get away with...

The game can be fun but there are still those "battlefield moments" where you'll say to yourself "@#$@ you dice, you lazy #%^#$%#$, after all this time it's not fixed yet?"
It's too bad they're too cheap to hire people smarter than them to fix their game.

plumber15873d ago

great a lot of stuff that won't change the experience . let's try fixing the net code first

asmith2306873d ago

Exactly. The rubber banding is still chronic, especially on the largest maps. Last time I buy an EA game on release. BF4 and FIFA 14 for PS4 are buggy as hell online. I'll be waiting a couple of months after release before I buy their next iterations.

DavidMacDougall872d ago

You shouldnt trust that, i read that the netcode was better in bf4 before release.

csreynolds872d ago


We all did. It was all hype. However, this is the first time DICE has been REALLY honest about BF4's problems since launch. It'd be easy to immediately doubt their intentions and dismiss them as BS, but it could be a sign of something. Have a little faith - just a little - until they're proven to be full of it.

RandomDude655873d ago

Unacceptable that this game was broken for so long. Still trading it in

whitefang1988873d ago

Its great fixing things but pointless tweaking weapons when the net code is the worst I've ever seen on a fps

angelsx873d ago

Net code and rubber banding must be fixed first.So many useless patches.

MWong873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

DICE is still working on those issues.

RandomDude655873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Why'd they release the game then?

chaldo873d ago


Because EA rushed them.

AgentSmithPS4873d ago

It would be fun to have a device that could read the minds of the scum leading ea and dice.

BattleTorn872d ago

Can someone please explain 'rubber banding' to me?

It's not when people spin in circles AFK to boost is it?

JoGam872d ago

Look it up on youtube. Maybe someone posted a video.

T2872d ago

its when your character runs forward then snaps back to a previous position, and keeps going forward, then back forward then back... you do get where you are going but it's lame as hell and ruins the immersion... and unfortunately it happens a lot.

One thing I will say about Battlefield is that it is one of the longest lasting experiences with added weapons, vehicles, etc... they need to fix the issues but I'm mostly just waiting, I would still play it in August when nothing else is out. However, anyone who doesn't own already I would hold off...

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